12 DIY Ways to Combine Essential Oils With Diatomaceous Earth


Essential oils are extremely versatile substances with a wide variety of uses. Used in aromatherapy, essential oils can create a relaxing, stress free environment or deter insect pests. Essential oils can also be used to improve handmade soaps, provide an alternative to chemical cleaning products or even reduce skin inflammation.

One drawback to the use of essential oils, however, is the high cost. The complicated extraction processes involved in creating some essential oils leads to them being prohibitively expensive to use regularly. Diatomaceous earth provides a means of extending the life of essential oils and providing a more cost-effective method of use.

The absorbent qualities of diatomaceous earth soak up the scent from essential oils, allowing them to be used for longer. Diatomaceous earth also provides the ability to use essential oils in a number of creative ways.

In this article, we’ll outline 12 innovative uses of essential oil infused diatomaceous earth around the home, kitchen and garden:

1. Diatomaceous Earth & Essential Oil All Purpose Cleaner

One of the most cost-effective uses for diatomaceous earth combined with essential oils is as an all-purpose cleaner. Many of the cleaning products used around the home contain powerful chemical products that can have a dramatic negative impact on long term health.

Combine essential oils with our recipe for diatomaceous earth all-purpose cleaner to make a powerful, great-smelling all purpose scrub. You can view the recipe in our Diatomaceous Earth All Purpose Cleaner article.

2. Cleansing Face Scrub

Combine diatomaceous earth, essential oils and raw organic ingredients to make a luxurious face wash that will scrub away built up dirt and oil with no chemical irritation.

Tea tree oil and raw honey are both natural antibacterial agents, so by combining them with the rich natural scent of essential oil and the chemical free exfoliating properties of diatomaceous earth, it’s possible to make a healthy, organic and indulgent face scrub.

3. Improve Hair Growth, Reverse Hair Loss, and Reverse Skin Ageing

The primary element that composes diatomaceous earth is silica. Silica has been scientifically proven in multiple clinical trials to reverse the hair loss process and improve the quality, thickness, luster and shine of hair. Silica is also an integral precursor to the creation of collagen in the body. Crow's feet, fine lines and wrinkles are all caused by a deficiency of collagen.

When the skin is damaged, the body uses strands of collagen to replace broken strands at the site of the damage. If the body is deficient in collagen, the strands used as replacements are shorter than those they are replacing, which causes the skin to fold in upon itself after healing. This causes the wrinkling effect that is associated with aging. By increasing the silica content of the diet, it’s possible to increase collagen production and reverse this effect, leading to healthy, youthful skin.

The high silica content of diatomaceous earth makes it an excellent dietary supplement for promoting collagen synthesis and strong hair. Diatomaceous earth is currently regarded as GRAS, or generally regarded as safe, by the FDA, and is used by millions of people daily as a dietary supplement.

4. Organic Pest Control

The fine silica particles that make up diatomaceous earth also have pest control applications. While these particles are not harmful to large organisms such as humans or livestock, they play havoc with the small exoskeletons of insects. When insects encounter diatomaceous earth, the fine silica particles bind to their exoskeleton and abrade the waxy outer layer.

This action then allows the absorbent properties of diatomaceous earth to draw out the lipid oils and moisture inside the insect, fatally dehydrating it. Diatomaceous earth is one of the most effective insecticides in the world and is completely chemical free, food safe, animal safe, biodegradable and won’t harm the environment. Adding essential oils to diatomaceous earth can make it a highly effective deterrent to keep mosquitoes and flying insects away from your home, as well as prevent small mammals such as rodents from entering your home.

5. Natural Chemical-Free Teeth Whitener

Teeth whitening is a popular process that often involves the use of hydrogen peroxide or other highly toxic chemicals to artificially whiten the teeth. Diatomaceous earth mixed with essential oils, however, provides a highly effective alternative to these poisonous and dangerous treatments.

Most teeth discoloration is caused by excessive plaque building up on the outer layer of the teeth. The fine silica particles of diatomaceous earth are able to abrade away this built up plaque layer to leave teeth shiny and white, polishing them while removing stains. Combined with peppermint or mint essential oil, diatomaceous earth makes a great toothpaste replacer. Bear in mind that the highly abrasive properties of diatomaceous earth toothpaste should not be used excessively, as it is able to wear away the dentin layer that protects the teeth if used too much.

6. Insomnia Cure and Sleep Aid

Lavender essential oil is a popular and effective natural treatment that promotes healthy sleep. By creating a lavender essential oil diatomaceous earth infusion and allowing it to permeate a room at night time, it’s possible to promote better sleeping habits that translate into overall long term health improvements.

7. Chemical Free Odor Control

The highly absorbent properties of diatomaceous earth make it an incredibly effective deodorizer. Diatomaceous earth combined with essential oil creates a substance that will emit pleasant smells while absorbing any unwanted smells. Use this combination on odorous carpet, as a deodorizing agent in the fridge or bathroom, around smelly shoes, or even in kitty litter trays.

8. Digestive Health Enhancing Dietary Supplement

Tarragon, oregano, thyme, rose, cardamom, peppermint, clove, or tea tree essential oils are all highly effective at reducing bloating, irritation or other digestive issues.

Diatomaceous earth has recently become popular worldwide for its ability to flush out toxins from the digestive system and improve digestive health. Combining the two will result in an incredibly effective treatment that can improve energy levels, increase metabolic rates, help burn unwanted fat and improve long term health.

9. Minimize Food Cravings

One of the most difficult aspects of dieting with the goal of weight loss is the ensuing food cravings. Many diatomaceous earth users report a sharp drop in food cravings as the DE improves their digestive health, flushing away built up toxins and pathogens from their digestive tract and improving overall digestive efficiency. Peppermint, green tea and lemon essential oils all help to reduce food cravings.

Combine both of these substances with a glass of water to create a food-craving squashing beverage that will keep you on track with your dietary goals.

10. Reduce Joint Pain & Relieve Arthritis

Another application of the high silica content in diatomaceous earth is in joint health. The body uses silica to repair and maintain cartilage and ligaments, the two main areas in which inflammatory diseases such as arthritis cause pain. Cypress, lemongrass and wintergreen essential oils are all used extensively to treat joint pain and arthritis in a holistic fashion.

Combine these two ingredients to create a highly effective joint pain treatment that reduces the effects of inflammatory diseases quickly, efficiently and economically.

11. Boost Weight Loss & Burn Unwanted Fat

The metabolism is the primary weapon used in the war against unwanted fat. When the metabolism is functioning at peak performance, the body will convert food and fat stores to energy without creating additional fat deposits, making weight loss fast and easy. Grapefruit, ginger and cinnamon all contain natural thermogenic ingredients that boost the ability of the body to convert fat into energy.

Diatomaceous earth, when combined with these essential oils, will function as a metabolism booster that increases energy levels, making it easier to work out and burn energy. The essential oil ingredients in the mix will boost metabolic function, creating a dual-action fat burner that will help trim away unwanted body fat fast.

12. Boost Immune System Function

Over 70% of the immune system is dependent on the function of digestive system bacteria, or probiotics. If these bacterial agents are in conflict, constantly trying to fight off external pathogens and germs, the function of the immune system is compromised.

Detoxing the body with diatomaceous earth will improve digestive function, which in turn enhances immune system function and reduces inflammatory disease.

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