Review Guidelines

Supplement Police Review Guidelines

Supplement Police has some of the strictest review guidelines on the internet. Its review guidelines are stricter than any other product review website I’m aware of.

That’s good news for you, the consumer.

What Are The Goals For Supplement Police Reviews?

1) To help people identify trustworthy, high-quality products, companies, software, and services

2) To provide readers with useful information while highlighting important features

3) To report scams and identify fraudulent activity

4) To create a community

What Kinds Of Products Are Reviewed On Supplement Police?

— Online Services

— Online / Cloud-Based Software

— Online Education Programs

— Online Jobs / Work-at-home Income Opportunities

— Online Entertainment (Movie and TV Services; no adult websites)

— No X-Rated / Adult Content

— Supplement Police accepts reviews for virtually anything that’s sold or takes place online

What Qualities Make a Great Review?

— Telling your own story or personal experience about a product, service, or company

— Truthful accounts based on factual information

— Lots of detail about all aspects of your experience

— Specifically written with the goal of sharing relevant, helpful information to other potential customers

— Well-formatted without run-on sentences and overly long paragraphs – use multiple paragraphs to increase readability

— No spelling or grammatical errors (or as few errors as possible)

— A professional tone, with no foul language, excessive exclamation marks, or unnecessary all caps writing

What Qualities Make a Bad Review?

— Profanity, racism, hate speech, threats, or other nonsense. These will not be tolerated.

— Plagiarism from Supplement Police or other review websites

— Self-promotion, no matter how sneaky you think you’re being

— Exaggerating certain product qualities or stretching the truth. State the facts and your honest personal opinions.

— Paying companies or third parties to artificially alter a product’s reviews or overall ratings on Supplement Police

What If I’ve Had a Negative Experience?

Understandably, it can be difficult to follow all of the above guidelines when you’ve had a really bad experience with a product or company. In cases where you’ve had a bad experience, Supplement Police typically judges your review based on its relevancy.

Here’s how Supplement Police defines the relevancy of your review and comment:

— Reviews and Comments should be truthful and fact-based

— Reviews and Comments should add value for readers and offer practical knowledge to potential customers

— Reviews and Comments should share in-depth opinions reinforced by evidence

— Reviews and Comments should provide advice to other potential customers

— Reviews and Comments should ask topic-related questions to engage other readers in discussions

Does Supplement Police Ever Remove Reviews?

It’s rare for Supplement Police to remove a review. Supplement Police typically doesn’t do it because the site respects all opinions – good or bad – about the products and services listed on our site.

However, reviews may be removed if they violate some of the policies listed above. Supplement Police will almost certainly remove a review if it’s filled with hate speech and profanity, for example. Supplement Police will also remove a review if it’s proven to be untrue, plagiarized, or provides no relevant information on the topic.

In certain cases, Supplement Police also modifies existing reviews. This only occurs if a user who has had a negative experience contacts us saying that their problem was solved – either by the company or on their own.

Supplement Police always reserves the right to remove a review from our website – especially if that review is discovered to be fraudulent, untrue, or non-genuine.

Does Supplement Police Filter Every Single Review and Comment?

Surprisingly, yes. Supplement Police has a team of staffers which manually sift through each and every review or comment submitted to the site. This is one of the key concepts behind Supplement Police: a community where only the highest-quality reviews are published.

Supplement Police staff members proof-read all comments and reviews. In certain circumstances, Supplement Police staff will edit a review – but only to replace a profane word with a more family-friendly variant. At no point will Supplement Police ever change the opinion of the review or any other key characteristics of the review.

Will Certain Reviews and Comments Never Be Published?

Certain reviews and comments will never be published on Supplement Police will not publish reviews if they don’t comply with the review guidelines listed above. The reviews may be unethical, fraudulent, or inflammatory in nature.

Supplement Police appreciates all reviews and comments that go through its website, including the positive and negative reviews. As long as the reviews comply with the website’s guidelines, they will typically be published.

However, below, you’ll find some of the reasons why Supplement Police will never publish certain comments or reviews:

Reason One: Consumers Cannot Submit a Review for A Product They’ve Never Used

Supplement Police requires consumers to actually have used a product before they submit a review. This may seem like a basic concept, but on the internet, many people try to leave reviews for products they’ve never even come close to using.

Supplement Police will not publish a review if they suspect the reviewer has not actually used the product or company in question. Not all of these reviews are submitted with fraudulent intent: in some cases, a consumer simply submits a comment or review expressing gratitude to the other reviews on the page for helping them make an informed decision. Although we appreciate the comment, Supplement Police typically will not publish it.

One of the most important parts of Supplement Police’s review submission system is a little checkmark section at the bottom of each review submission form. That checkmark certifies that the reviewer has genuinely purchased the product or service and is not an employee of the company:

Reason Two: Review or Comment is Irellevant

Supplement Police gets plenty of irrelevant comments and reviews. Sometimes, these are spam comments submitted by automated online scripts. In other cases, somebody is attacking another review or reviewer on the product page. Finally, there are some reviews and comments that are just completely nonsensical.

Supplement Police disregards these reviews and do not publish them. If Supplement Police cannot identify the point of the review or comment, then it’s typically deleted. However, Supplement Police promises to work really hard to try to identify the point of your comment or review – so even if you’re not the most eloquent writer, your Supplement Police review may still be published.

Other reviews considered irrelevant are self-promotion reviews for your own business or company. You might submit a comment talking about how a certain product is bad, but your own product is good, for example.

Reason Three: Companies or Employees are Posing as Legitimate Consumers

It’s an unfortunate part of doing business online that many reviews are posted fraudulently. A single negative review on Supplement Police can have permanent impacts on the reputation of a company. It’s understandable that companies try so hard to remove Supplement Police reviews.

In many cases, they send employees to submit well-written reviews praising the product. In other cases, the company’s owner might do it, posing as a consumer. If the review is overly positive (to a ridiculous extent) and appears to be fraudulent, Supplement Police may remove it.

Some companies will even hire professional third parties to review their products on Supplement Police. Once again, Supplement Police works really hard to identify these fraudulent reviews and remove them before they impact potential customers.

Is There Anything I Can Do When My Company or Product Receives a Bad Review on Supplement Police?

Supplement Police has a general contact email at SupplementPolice [at] gmail. You can email Supplement Police if you feel a certain review is exaggerated, untruthful, or fraudulent.

However, Supplement Police maintains that if you offer a legitimately good product or service, a single negative review will not hurt your company’s reputation because that single review will be drowned out by many more positive reviews.

The Bottom Line

Supplement Police is constantly evolving. Reviews and comments are not an exact science. However, it’s in Supplement Police’s best interests to try to filter out fraudulent reviews and provide the most accurate information online.

If Supplement Police believes a review is fraudulent, non-genuine, or irrelevant to the product, then that review may be removed. That’s the bottom line.