Silica Teeth Care – Is Silica Vital For Teeth & Gums Health?


Tooth decay and loss is nothing new. Ever since the first American settlement (and obviously long before), it has been a major issue. In those days, it was often due to harsh diets and a lack of dental hygiene practices. While these issues are no longer a concern, we still have problems with tooth decay today due to our overly processed and sugar infested diets.

We have grown accustomed to highly processed fast food and junk food, which is often full of grease and stuffed with preservatives to prolong shelf life and improve taste. But our tasty and convenient diet is far from healthy for our teeth.

For many, good dental hygiene is enough, and brushing and flossing daily will keep the evils of tooth decay at bay. But others have issues despite following these daily practices stringently and notice that upon their visits to the dentist office there are almost always new cavities.

Why is this?

Some blame the dentist for being overly greedy, while others blame a lack of attention to detail, but the real issue is usually a lack of silica.

What Is Silica?

Silica is a mineral most commonly known as quartz. Quartz is most often found in sandstone and other rocks. Our bodies produce their own reserves of silica, but unfortunately, these reserves dwindle and we get older.

Silica is also found in many plant-based foods, but it’s often difficult to get enough silica in our diets to maintain the needed dosage. The simple answer to this dilemma is to take a silica supplement.

Why Take Silica?

Bones are made up mainly of calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium, but they also contain silica. Silica helps our bones with re-mineralization, which is an important process which helps us use extra calcium and other minerals to strengthen our bones.

Some people make the mistake of increasing their calcium intake when they see issues occurring with their bones or teeth, but they completely forget about silica.

This is dangerous because without extra silica our body can’t properly use the calcium to improve bone growth. This can create an extra buildup of calcium, causing brittleness in bones and resulting in tooth loss and other undesired side effects.

Professor Adolf Butenandt won a Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1939.

He managed to prove that without silica life could not exist. His research showed that this essential nutrient is needed in constant supply throughout your lifespan. The major reason for this is because of its unmatched ability to help the body absorb many different nutrients to help with vital functions.

The average amount of silica in the human body is roughly about 7 grams, which greatly exceeds any other important mineral, such as iron. In order to continue the metabolic process, silica has to be in constant supply for our bodies.

Silica Supplements

While you have been absorbing iron and other important nutrients and minerals, silica has been on the back burner. It’s a lot more scarce in common foods and even more scarce in what we label these days as “food”.

You know, those Cool Ranch Doritos made from some ingredients that only the best scientist can pronounce.

The solution is to increase the intake of silica through the means of supplements. While there are other methods, like using silica gel or by eating plants that can absorb silica into them, the supplement method is best for us because we are targeting our bones from within. It’s also the most inexpensive method as well.

While currently there is no FDA suggested daily intake of silica, research suggests that the best amount to focus on is about 55 mcg of silica per day. This has been tested to have the best results without any side effects or danger levels.

Keep in mind that this is based on personal research via many people who have studied the effects of silica and its properties, which means that the number is entirely opinion based.

Take it with a grain of salt and approach it from an experimental level. Try starting with a lower dose and see if the amount is enough for you. If after a few weeks you see very little change or no change at all, try increasing the daily dosage.

Sum Up

Can you imagine how much healthier our teeth and bones would be if we increased their calcium density by 30 percent? Your bones would become much stronger and less likely to break or crack. Your teeth would become far more resistant to cavities or deterioration due to acids and the processed foods we take in.

This is bad news for the doctors who get paid to fix all these issues, so as sneaky and stealthy as it seems, it’s in their best interest to keep you in the dark.

So there you have it. Next time you get a tooth-ache, remember silica and how it affects your teeth. Remember how amazing it is for your bones and what it can do or your dental health. Take dosage suggestions with a grain of salt and keep in mind that each body is different and unique in its own ways.

This means that for some people the effect of increased silica consumption might be more noticeable and better in the long run, while others might have to take the supplement for a longer amount of time before they see any significant results.

Also, keep in mind that the benefits of silica are not only tied to bone health and teeth health, there are plenty of other benefits. Healthier and long lasting skin with fewer blemishes is also a positive result of increased silica intake. Stronger hair and healthier nails can also be achieved with heightened consumption of this mineral.

Try it for yourself, you will see the results for yourself in no time and you will be glad that you decided to look into it.

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