Useful Tips Going Green With Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth


Switching to using diatomaceous earth instead of the many different toxic chemicals in your home is a great way to help protect the environment and minimize your ecological footprint.

From household cleaners to pest control poisons, diatomaceous earth is an organic, natural and biodegradable option that helps to preserve your health.

Although diatomaceous earth helps to protect the environment, many diatomaceous earth users are unaware of one of the most important factors that contribute to environmental damage- product packaging.

Most of the diatomaceous earth brands that are commonly available provide diatomaceous earth packaged in plastic BPA bags that are non-biodegradable.

This means that while these DE users are helping to reduce their chemical footprint, they’re still contributing to landfill and environmental damage.

The diatomaceous earth we recommend is packaged in 100% recyclable paper bags that offer a number of significant advantages to environmentally-damaging BPA plastic packaging, as well as reducing the impact this kind of packaging has on your health.

In this article, we’ll explain the dangers of BPA plastic and why we recommend diatomaceous earth that has been packaged in biodegradable or recyclable packaging.

What Is BPA Plastic And Why Is It Bad For Your Health?

BPA plastics are plastics made from Bisphenol A. Bisphenol A, or BPA, is an industrial chemical that has been incorporated into plastic production methods since the late 1960’s.

Commonly found in the polycarbonate and epoxy resin plastics used in food and beverage containers and product packaging, BPA substances have come under scrutiny in recent years, as research has demonstrated a link between this dangerous chemical and a wide range of health conditions.

BPA plastics have been demonstrated in over 1000 animal studies to have a significant impact on health.

The primary argument against the use of BPA in packaging comes from a number of studies that link it to health disorders such as structural damage to the brain, hyperactivity, learning impairment, increased fat development and obesity.

More sinister symptoms of BPA exposure are altered immune function and even long-term damage to the hormonal system, acting as a xenoestrogen that mimics the effect of estrogen on the body.

Despite the large body of evidence pointing towards the negative health effects of BPA products, the FDA has yet to take any action to prevent the public from being exposed to this dangerous substance.

Over 10 billion pounds of BPA products are manufactured every year, with the market for BPA valued at over 13 billion in 2013.

These factors may contribute to the lack of legislative action against BPA, but for now this toxic chemical is endemic throughout the entire packaging industry.

BPA Products And The Environment

The negative effects of BPA aren’t limited to the human body. Every year, the United States alone generate over 31 million tonnes of waste plastic, much of which makes its way to the ocean.

The worldwide recycling rate for plastics is only 8%, with the vast majority either buried in landfill or contaminating the environment.

Most plastic takes more than 450 years to decompose naturally, meaning that all of the packaging used to deliver BPA-wrapped diatomaceous earth can contaminate the world for more than half a millennia.

Over 46,000 individual pieces of plastic float on each square mile of the ocean, meaning that unless drastic action is taken soon, the environment and your health may be dramatically and permanently altered by the use of these highly toxic compounds.

What Can You Do To Minimize BPA Usage?

The best way to minimize your impact on the environment is to actively avoid any product that uses BPA plastic for packaging.

Our recommended diatomaceous earth is packaged in entirely biodegradable paper that doesn’t create long-term environmental issues.

The larger bags of diatomaceous earth we recommend, such as the 1 lb bag of Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth, may look like BPA but is actually composed of a unique biodegradable rice paper that is completely biodegradable.

Additionally, all of our recommended diatomaceous earth is backed by the UPS “carbon neutral shipping” initiative, which balances the overall environmental delivery cost of the product by supporting projects such as reforestation, landfill gas destruction, wastewater treatment and methane destruction.

Overall, the issue of environmental damage caused by plastics and toxins may seem insurmountable, but the health risks presented by using these products serve as a clear motivating factor to cut them out of your life.

Reducing your reliance on both chemicals and BPA products has been conclusively demonstrated to offer a significant reduction in systemic disease and an overall improvement in quality of life.

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