Keep Termites Away From Your Home With Diatomaceous Earth


Termites infest most of the commonly inhabited regions of the world and feed on the frames of wood-frame houses, causing hundreds of millions of dollars worth of property damage every year. A particularly bad termite infestation can damage the structural integrity of a home, potentially leading to extensive renovations or even the demolition of the entire house.

Termite control generally requires fumigation of a home. Once termites have infested a home, the traditional method of removing theme requires a homeowner to engage the services of a professional pest control agency, who will then proceed to tent and fumigate the entire home with extremely poisonous gas.

This process can cost several thousand dollars and requires the inhabitants of the infested home to relocate for the duration of the treatment. As with any pest infestation, however, the best treatment is deterrent. By preventing termites from gaining a foothold in your home, they won’t ever be able to establish a colony.

Diatomaceous Earth For Keep Termites

Diatomaceous earth is an extremely effective deterrent that prevents termites from entering a home, and unlike traditional termite prevention methods is completely chemical-free. Termites usually infest homes during the swarming season, which takes place during the spring and summer. During this season swarms of termites will roam neighborhoods, looking for dry wood to infest and consume.

To prevent termites from colonizing your home during this period, it’s best to check online to find out what species of termites live in your geographic area, determine their swarming season and protect your home with diatomaceous earth for the duration.

In this article we’ll provide a comprehensive step by step process that details the best method of using diatomaceous earth to protect your home from termites.

Step 1: Eliminate Moisture

In order to colonize a house, a termite colony must have access to both dry wood and a source of moisture. Check inside your crawl space, beneath your house, and in any area that may harbor damp or moisture. Fix any leaks or sources of dripping water.

Step 2: Seal Your Home

Once you’ve eliminated any source of moisture, proceed to patch up as many holes, cracks or entrances you can find in your home. It’s important to check both above and below ground, focusing on dark regions such as the basement, to prevent termites from making an incursion into your home. Identify any regions in which you think termites may attempt to gain entrance.

Step 3: Apply Diatomaceous Earth

Once you’ve identified the main points of incursion, proceed to distribute diatomaceous earth. A specifically-designed diatomaceous earth duster or applicator will make this process easier, as the DE must be applied in a fine layer that termites will be able to traverse, while still covering all potential entrances.

Distributing DE by hand to achieve this effect is time consuming and wasteful. For information on the best applicators for this job, see our article on the Top 3 Diatomaceous Earth Applicators.

Apply diatomaceous earth to exposed wood and insulation in both your attic and crawl space, in your basement, and around any point of entrance. This will ensure that when any scouting termites enter your home, they will become coated in DE.

The diatomaceous earth will bind to their exoskeleton, drawing out the moisture and lipid oils from inside their bodies and fatally dehydrating them.

Although diatomaceous earth is completely non toxic and chemical free, the fine silica particles that it is composed from may irritate the eyes, sinuses and throat if inhaled.

When distributing large amounts of diatomaceous earth, especially in confined spaces like crawl spaces, always be sure to wear protective gear. A dust mask, gloves and safety goggles should keep you protected while you work with DE.

Step 4: Observe & Reapply

After distributing diatomaceous earth around your home, regularly check the DE to ensure it hasn’t been disturbed. If you notice any DE out of place, reapply it for the duration of the swarming season.

As an added bonus, diatomaceous earth will also protect your home from many other species of crawling insects, including cockroaches, lice, ticks, fleas and spiders.

Bonus Tips

If you’re in the process of building a house, you may want to consider applying diatomaceous earth as part of the construction process. Diatomaceous earth distributed beneath foundations, inside the hollow areas of walls and behind ceilings and floors before they are closed up will dramatically increase the pest resistance of a home.

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