Does Diatomaceous Earth Effectively Protect Your Cat From Fleas?


The fine, absorbent molecular structure of diatomaceous earth makes it a highly effective pest control tool not only for around the home, but also for treating feline friends for fleas. A common parasite that can significantly damage your cat’s health, fleas can be stubborn, worrying, and difficult to remove.

Treating pets for fleas often requires the use of harsh chemical baths that can risk the health of your furry friend, as well as give off fumes that are dangerous to inhale. Diatomaceous earth is a natural, chemical free insecticide that can be used safely around pets and children. This simple six step process will outline the best way to treat your cat for fleas with diatomaceous earth, or DE.

Step 1: Identify Infested Areas

The first step in treating your cat for fleas with DE is to identify the primary areas in which your cat likes to lounge. Places like cat beds, kennels, rugs, couches and cushions are usually the most frequented. These areas are the most likely to harbor fleas.

Step 2: Clean & Vacuum

Once you’ve identified the places where your cat spends the most time, vacuum and clean them thoroughly. Fleas will lay eggs in these regions, and by removing them before treating your animal with DE you will prevent re-infestation.

Step 4: Apply Diatomaceous Earth to Infested Area & Cat

After removing flea eggs from potential trouble spots, it’s time to apply DE to the affected areas. Ensure the region you’re applying DE to is damp and free from moisture, then apply the powder liberally. For bedding, cushions and couches it’s best to work the DE in with your hands, whereas lightly dusting your cat with DE while it naps is the best method for treating the animal itself. A DE applicator can help with this process, providing an even and consistent application.

Step 4: Clean Up

Leaving diatomaceous earth in the affected areas for several days will ensure all of the fleas, larvae, pupae and eggs are dead, effectively destroying the flea life cycle. It’s recommended to hire an industrial or high powered vacuum to clean DE, as the fine particulate can be tough on regular household vacuums. Vacuuming your cat is generally not advised.

Step 5: Give Your Cat a Bath

Although your feline friend may not agree, a bath is the best way to remove diatomaceous earth from the fur of your cat. Be sure to use a ph-balanced shampoo designed specifically for cats, as human shampoo can damage cat skin.

Diatomaceous earth is a desiccant and will sap moisture from the skin of your cat, causing irritation if left too long, so don’t leave your pet too long before completing this step. After bathing your cat, use a fine comb to remove dead fleas from the fur.

Step 7: Repeat Process

Although you won’t need to apply DE to your cat more than once, for best results it’s advisable to re-apply DE to your cat’s bedding every 3-4 days for one month after treatment. By treating your cat with diatomaceous earth, you’re ensuring the health of your feline friend without causing any potential side effects of health complications, as well as protecting your family from dangerous chemicals.

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