Silica Nail Care – Is Silica Vital For Having Healthy Nails?


Many people, men and women, experience issues with weak, brittle, or unattractive nails.

Many seek help from expensive treatments or doctors, but what most do not know is that there is an alternative to these treatments that is not only inexpensive but also a more natural choice. Silica supplements have taken the nail world by storm, and you can find many of these supplements in your regular grocery store or online.

Natural Sources Of Silica

While Silica can be found in foods like cabbage, cucumbers, radishes, olives, and many others, the most effective way to get silica is in a supplement. One supplement that is growing in popularity is based on Horse Tail Herbs.

These are hairlike stems, and the stems are where you find the actual silica. Using products with this particular herb, you can see results in days to weeks instead of months or longer. There are multiple brands that contain the Horse Tail herb, and many of them are under $20 a bottle.

Benefits Of Taking Silica

Taking silica supplements not only helps with improving the appearance of your nails, it also helps to keep them looking their best. And for women, that means that they can skip expensive trips to the nail salon for acrylic nails and instead show off their own. It also helps to absorb calcium into the body, therefore preventing any calcium deficiency from appearing in the nails.

Since our daily activities can affect how weak our nails are, it is important to maintain a nail health care routine. Incorporate silica rich foods into your diet and remember to take the supplements to help you receive the right amount of silica for your needs. Silica helps balance magnesium and calcium in our bodies, which then helps with any hormonal imbalances that we may face.

When searching for a silica product to try, you want to make sure that you choose one that is plant based and not animal based. The plant based supplements have higher levels of silica than that found in animal based supplements. You need the higher amount in order to receive the most help from your supplement.

When looking for a silica supplement, research suggest that you stick with either a Horse Tail herb or bamboo extract. What you are going to find in these products is a higher level of silica, which will allow you the best results in repairing your nails. The bamboo extract contains a higher concentration of silica than the Horse Tail herb, and therefore is higher on the supplement list due to its rich nutrients.

Where Can I Buy Silica Supplements

Not sure where to find silica supplements? Not only can you find them online, but you can find them in your local grocery store or health market. While shopping online may give you more options as far as price range, shopping in a store will give you a chance to actually look at the products in person and decide which one might be best for you.

The following is a list of places that are known to carry silica nail supplements:

  • Walgreen
  • The Vitamin Shoppe
  • com
  • Walmart

These are just a few of the places you can browse to choose your perfect supplement.

When it comes to choosing your silica supplement, the most important thing is to be well informed.

You want to make sure that you are choosing the right supplement for you in terms of strength, intake, and price.

Make sure to ask for some help before you jump in and purchase the first supplement that you come across. It’s important that you choose one that isn’t going to add too much silica into your system as your body can only handle so much. We are born with large amounts of silica, which is why we women are envious of baby and toddle hair, but we lose a good bit of it as we age.

The older you are, the more silica you need to help repair and re-grow your nails, but too much could cause adverse effects.

This is the main reason why silica supplements are recommended to be taken in small doses. This is definitely something to keep in mind when choosing your nail supplements.

As with most supplements, there are certain side effects that users should be aware of.

This would also be something that should be discussed with your doctor in case any questions arise. Some of the side effects can be combated by improving the general care of your body, often by implementing a healthy diet and exercise regimen.

Frequent urination is one side effect, which can cause dehydration. However, if you maintain a healthy intake of water on a daily basis, dehydration should not be a factor.

You may also experience a vitamin deficiency in other areas after long-term usage of silica supplements. This is also something that you may talk with your doctor about.

This particular side effect is why it is important to choose your nail supplement carefully. Kidney stones have also been reported but are rare with silica usage. Choosing the correct dosage of a silica supplement will help keep you healthy and free of any kidney stones. Take the time to do some extra research and gain the knowledge necessary to make an informed decision on which supplement is right for you.

Developing silica supplements for nail care is a growing field and the research and success stories are enough for anyone to give it a try. There is no reason why we should have to live with weak and brittle nails that fall apart at the slightest touch. Everyone should have hard, strong, and healthy nails that are also beautiful. It pays to do some research on silica supplements and give them a try to see if they can work for you.

Not only does research show that the silica supplements are effective, they are also available in a budget friendly way that gives many people an alternative to expensive treatments that may or may not work.

In summary, do some extra research on the products you are interested in, make sure to choose the right dosage for your silica needs, and make sure to buy plant based supplements to get the most out of the supplement you choose to take.

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