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Unlocking the Mysteries of the Human Libido

It happens to all of us all of the time. There is no sense in denying the fact that both women and men alike, from time to time, lose the desire to have sex. There is also no shame in owning your low libido and doing something about it. When your Libido is low it can manifest in different ways lack of desire or interest, an inability to reach orgasm or even erectile dysfunction or vaginal dryness.

No matter how you break it down, it is not a pleasant thing for either of the sexes. Often times just the right fix for the Libido is a combination of things involving both your body and mind. Sometimes the fix takes a little more effort on your part accompanied with some outside help. Either way you are not stuck with this problem. There is a cure.

This guidebook will help to unlock the mysteries of both the male and female libido.

8 Reasons the Libido may be Low

There are eight common causes for the lack of sexual drive or low libido and they are the same for both of the sexes. These causes can also affect a number of other bodily functions and addressing them to better your sex life may also better some other aspects of your life.

Low T or Low Testosterone

When you think of problems associated with Low T you usually think of men, well ladies Low T applies to you as well. In men testosterone is produced by the testicles in women the ovaries in both sexes this powerhouse hormone is charged with the job of muscle building, bone mass, giving us our take charge attitude and motivation, and most importantly controlling our sex drive.

Low T can be addressed with some of the low sex drive supplements listed below.


In today’s world most of the adult population is on one form of medication or another. As age descends upon us medications like beta-blockers, ACE inhibitors and blood pressure medications become part of our everyday lives. Unfortunately, they can also lead to Low Testosterone levels in both men and women. In men these medications may also cause an inability to achieve an erection or ejaculate. If you are currently taking one of these medications and your sex life is being affected, make an appointment with your doctor and discuss your options for switching medications.


Depression in and of itself is completely life changing. It alters your level of interest in things you find pleasurable. So obviously your interest in your sex life will diminish. However, depression isn’t the only factor in your declining sex drive. Most treatments to help with your  depression are of the selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors or SSRIs. These antidepressants are known causes of low libido. If your current SSRI cocktail is affecting your how you feel about sex, talk it over with your doctor and they may make a change to your current dosage or switch your medication entirely to address this unsavory side effect.

Chronic Illness

Chronic illness is just as it suggests, it is chronic, and if you are suffering from something all day like that who wants to jump into bed and make whoopi? In a situation where chronic illness is involved sex is very likely at the bottom of your priorities list. You might find just getting out of bed at all is a huge success. Be patient with yourself and with your partner. Often if you respect your needs either party will have an easier time reconnecting. If you are dealing with a chronic illness speak not only with your doctor for possible treatments to alleviate the issue so that you can change up your priorities, but with your partner about ways to continue being intimate with one another.

Sleeping problems

A lack of sleep can actually cause a lack of testosterone as well. If you have Low T it will decrease not only your libido but your sexual activity in general. Lets face it, no one wants to get it on when they are tired. Addressing your sleep issues could raise your testosterone and serotonin levels which will help to get your sex drive back on track. Not listed in this guide, but helpful for lack of sleep is melatonin. This is a good supplement to consider if you think that lack of sleep may be causing some of your sexual dysfunction.


Age seems to have a direct effect on all that is important to us and let's face it, sex is important in our personal relationships. Age can not only affect your testosterone levels but it may also have affect on your physical genitals themselves. For men the ability to achieve and maintain an erection may be affected as well as the ability to achieve orgasm or ejaculation. For women the vaginal walls may become dry and more elastic. Also, as it does with men, women may lose the ability to achieve orgasm. Addressing this concern with supplements, various lubricants or kegel exercises can make all the difference in your love life.


Stress as we all well know can cause a myriad of problems within our bodies, our sexual desires, immune system and the way that we perform sexually. Not only can stress wreak havoc with your hormone levels but it can also cause the constriction of blood vessels. So both your testosterone levels as well as blood flow to the genitals may be affected by your stress levels. Talk with your doctor about ways to manage your stress so that you can get back in action.


Many times a person is suffering from low libido not because of a biological reason but rather a psychological one. Often there are underlying issues with regard to your sex life that may be preventing your libido from performing as it should. Body image issues being the forefront of a person’s self conscious outlook, as well as sexual trauma. In these cases a psychologist or counselor should be sought out to deal with those underlying issues.

Natural Aphrodisiacs

Many foods in our everyday life are well known to increase or enhance our libidos. Some foods are not as well known for their “sexual potency”. Certain foods like Avocados, bananas and figs not only trigger a sexual response in the brain with their suggestive shape alone. However, these particular foods are high in both nutrients and proteins already proven to increase blood flow to the genitals and provide testosterone producing vitamins.

If you are planning a romantic meal at home or ordering while out on the town, try to add some basil or garlic to your meal. The basil will act like a palate cleanser and the garlic has high levels of allicin which is known to increase blood flow and may assist with erectile dysfunction. Just get each other some breath mints and you will be good to go!

There are a number of specific foods and nutrient sources that are said to have beneficial effects on the sex drive for both men and women. Let’s take a closer look at some of them.

Sexual Superfoods

Certain foods can contribute to sexual feelings, which have long been called aphrodisiacs. Over the years, there have been a number of wacky things that people would eat, thinking that they made people sexier or the sex better. As it turns out, there are a few of those foods that do indeed, increase libido such as:


Studies have shown that eating chocolate can and does release serotonin and phenylethylamine. These two compounds can produce not only a mood enhancing effect but also a heightened libido. However, the Journal of Sexual Medicine claims that chocolate doesn't really have a biological effect but instead, only a mental one. When it comes to being a true aphrodisiac Dark Chocolate contains 70% more cocoa than regular chocolate, and cocoa has been known to increase dopamine levels. Since dopamine is known as the brain’s “pleasure chemical” (because it lifts the mood allowing room for a state of relaxation which heightens the stimulation response of the body), we can agree to disagree with these researchers.

Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin Seeds are an excellent natural source of Zinc. What most people don’t know is that Zinc is the premiere sex mineral. This is because it has a direct correlation to testosterone. Zinc is known to increase your testosterone levels. Whatsmore, Zinc is a natural destroyer of the enzyme that reconstructs testosterone into estrogen. So throw a handful of pumpkin seeds into your snack rotation and get those juices flowing.


Who knew Watermelon could be compared to the little blue pill?!That’s right, watermelon is heavy in compounds that are known to have a “Viagra like” effect. These compounds allow for increase in blood caused by a relaxing of the blood vessels. Proper blood flow can make all the difference in your genitalia becoming aroused, engorged and lubricated.


Adding Halibutt to your diet can increase your sex drive by not only increasing your testosterone levels but by better distributing the testosterone. Halibut contains high levels of magnesium, testosterone will not only be present in your blood stream but will attach to proteins in your body. Magnesium makes the proteins more difficult to latch onto allowing for more testosterone to hit your bloodstream ramping up your sex drive.


Asparagus has a bad wrap with regard to body functions. I am going to change that perception for you right now. Not only does this yummy veggie make your urine incredibly pungent, it is the top libido supporting food out there. It is rich in a natural occurring form of folic acid known as folate. Folate is known to control the body's production of histamine. Histamine is the chemical your body releases during orgasm. So if you want your orgasms to be their best work this vegetable into your rotation.


Not only can the banana create a little mood with its phallic shape alone, it is loaded with potassium as well as B vitamins both of which will ramp up your energy levels. On top of that the banana is a natural source of the anti inflammatory enzyme bromelain. Bromelain is known to trigger a higher testosterone production in the body.


Celery is not like the other sexual superfoods listed here. Rather, Celery is much more clever as it contains androsterone which is a pheromone precursor. This particular pheromone precursor heightens sexual attraction. So add a little celery to that salad and get your significant other’s attention tonight.


Quite fitting, walnut, are known to for ability to assist with achieving and sustaining an erection. These lovely little nuts are full of omega-3 fatty acids which will not only ramp up one's dopamine levels but also the arginine levels in the brain. This increases production of nitric oxide which is a necessary chemical compound for erections. So gentlemen add a handful of walnut to your snack rotation and get your blood flowing.


Spicing up your meals can in turn spice up your sex life. Adding things like cayenne pepper, cumin and curry to your meals can provide a boost to your blood flow which in turn boosts your libido. Chilli Peppers work directly on improving your circulation. Curry, Cumin and cayenne peppers are also known to heat up the body which can, in turn, cause your sexual organs to become more sensitive .

Heightened Sexuality Through Yoga and Meditation

Sexuality is directly linked with body movement. Becoming aware of our body and unlocking certain energy points can aid with blood flow, increase sexual desire and clear the mind of unwanted thoughts that sometimes complicate sexual matters both mentally and emotionally for both of the genders. For this reason, meditation and yoga can add a whole new dynamic to your sex life.

Through Yoga, a person’s level of sensitivity is heightened which in turn will enhance your sensuality both in and out of your bedroom. The breathing exercises strengthen the lungs and bring a state of relaxation. This opens up not only your body but your mind putting you more in tune with your partner’s needs. Orgasms can also be heightened through the use of Yoga as the exercises strengthen the pelvic floor muscles as well as the sexual organs. The flexibility achieved through the exercises and stretching can also add to your ability to experiment with positions.

There are also Yoga poses specifically designed to enhance your libido.

  • Lotus Position
  • Plough Pose
  • Shoulder Stand
  • Headstand

Low Libido in Women

Is your Birth Control Controlling You

Women who have complained of a low libido or sex drive are often taking some form of birth control or contraceptive. Studies have indicated that up to as much as 40% of women on contraceptives have a lower sex drive. This is often caused by the Low T created by the devices or pills. This staggering percentage is only recognized in Europe and is even on their birth control packaging. However, in the U.S. that is not the case which raises the question, why aren’t men doing more in the department of birth control here in the states?

The good news is that whether it is The Pill, The Patch, The Ring or any of the other legion of Birth Control devices is muting your mojo then one or more of the amazing supplements listed below may be the answer to your sexual prayers.

Supplements to assist a Woman’s Libido

Ashwagandha Root

The Ashwaganda Root is so great that it receives an honorable mention in the Kama Sutra, a renowned Sex Bible of sorts. It is known in the Kama Sutra as “the potent igniter of passion and desire.” While the words may get your attention, what gets the attention of women is that it actually stimulates libido and intensifies satisfaction.

How Does Ashwagandha Root Work?

The herb Ashwagandha Root is known to increase blood flow directly to the female sexual organs and specifically the clitoris generating a profound sexual experience.

Maca Root

Maca Root has been a “sex herb” in the Andes for centuries. Women have reported that it not only gets you in the mood but can improve your overall sexual satisfaction. It has also been used medicinally for menstrual problems as well as for dealing with the symptoms of menopause.

How Does Maca Root Work?

Maca works to energize the blood being loaded with Zinc which we know promotes the distribution of testosterone to the blood stream rather than allowing it to attach to the proteins. For this reason Maca is commonly used for Anemia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. However, for our intents and purposes the testosterone present in the blood stream makes for more energy, stamina and sex drive. Maca is also very high in Iodine which assists with the female body’s hormone balancing act.

Muira Puama

This active botanical has an extensive history of being widely used as a general health promoter, energy tonic, and cure for sexual inadequacy and impotence. It has been called the “viagra of the Amazon” and “potent wood”. Research has shown a marked improvement in both sexual desire as well as erectile dysfunction. For women dealing with menopause this is a wonder botanical for total female reproductive and sexual health.

How Does Muira Puama Work?

Muira Puama can help to increase blood flow for a short time, which can have a beneficial effect on your lady parts. This can increase sensitivity and improve orgasms, which generally will make sexual intercourse more pleasurable. The better the sex, the more likely you will want to partake with your partner again in the future. So, if the problem isn’t your other half’s performance, you may want to turn to Muira Puama as a sexual supplement to make the mood more enticing.

Additionally, women often have a strong emotional component when it comes to sex. If they are under stress they find it difficult to reach orgasm. If this is you, the good news is that Muira Puama can also help to reduce stress levels and influences hormonal shifts.

Avena Sativa

Avena Sativa literally translates to wild oates and is where the phrase “sowing your wild oats” came from due to its ability to affect sexual stimulation. It is also believed that this herb can have a calming effect on both the brain and nervous system. Prior to being utilized as a food these oats were used medicinally.

How Does Avena Sativa Work?

Being rich in Vitamin Bs, phosphorus and calcium it has a direct effect on the libido. Research has also indicated an increase in vaginal stimulation as well as boosting the emotional and physical appetite for sex. It is believed that the calming effect it has on the brain and nervous system alLow The woman to relax being more in tune with herself and her partner’s needs.


Damiana is a ground shrub with fragrant leaves. It can be found on rocky, dry sunny hillsides in places like Mexico, Texas, Southern California and CEntral America. The leaves of the Damiana plant have been utilized for centuries as an aphrodisiac as well as to boost sexual potency. It has been used traditionally as to treat sexually driven anxiety, nervousness and mild depression.  The herb is also been made into a tonic to improve a person’s general wellbeing.

How Does Damiana Work?

Damiana is used to stimulate and deliver oxygen to the genital area as well as increasing overall energy which goes a long way in raising that libido.  Damiana has also been known “restore” a woman’s ability to achieve orgasm. When used on an ongoing basis research has shown Damiana to improve both sexual performance and fitness.

Tongkat Ali

Native to Indonesia TOngkat Ali is a flowering plant known for its medicinal purposes as well as its intense bitterness.

How Does Tongkat Ali Work?

Tongkat Ali can get the job done by allowing for a normalization of the hormone levels with a small increase in testosterone. This simple adjustment allows for the woman to have increase in her sexual desire, and erogenous sensitivity. When utilizing Tongkat Ali women have also reported an increased metabolism paired with weight loss and easier weight maintenance.


L-Arginine, a semi-essential amino acid, is beneficial as a sexual supplement for both men and women. While it naturally occurs in the body, sometimes a little help is needed to produce desired effects. It is taken orally but dosage is different for men and women.

How Does L-Arginine Work?

L-Arginine has been shown to dilate clitoral blood vessels allowing for heightened sensations as well as increasing blood flow to the genitalia area. This causes your body to be more responsive to sexual stimulation and can increase desire for women.


Rhodiola is a perennial plant that is indigenous to the arctic regions. It is known to boost sexual desire as well as improve one’s pleasure and response to orgasms. Patients given this supplement have reported a “new sense of sexual energy”.

How Does Rhodiola Work?

Researches are not entire sure how this amazing plant is getting the job done. There is speculation that it affects the dopamine production in the brain as well as having a positive effect on circulation. Both of which make for a sex life.


Ginseng is popular as a supplement for a slew of disorders and is something that you may already be taking. It can be ingested in pill or tea form to help with female sexual dysfunction. The most common kind of ginseng that is used for libido issues for women is Red Korean Ginseng.

How Does Ginseng Work?

Ginseng in all varieties, promotes healthy capillary circulation in the brain as well as assisting in the decrease of stress. Red Korean Ginseng, being the more popular kind of ginseng for female sexual dysfunction specifically stimulates blood flow to the genitalia. Both of these things assist with promoting libido. In women research has shown a great effect for those undergoing the symptoms of menopause and allowing for the relief of some of those symptoms accompanied by a rekindled sexual arousal


Fenugreek is an annual white flowering herbaceous plant found all over the world. The seeds of this plant are very fragrant and used for flavoring as well as ground and used in the making of curry.

How Does It Work?

The seeds and dried leaves of the Fenugreek plant have been proved scientifically to contained compounds that improve sex drive. It has also been shown to remedy impotence. A recent study also revealed that Fenugreek stimulates a generation of growth hormone which we know assists in the regulation of sexual function and desire.

Primrose Oil

Primrose Oil has been used as a female supplement for centuries, because it is known to help reduce cramping or spasming, stimulate blood flow and regulate hormonal levels. Recently, it has been gaining in popularity as a sexual supplement for men, for similar reasons. Primrose oil is generally taken orally, but can also be mixed into herbal teas as well.

How Does Primrose Oil work?

Primrose Oil works for men by balancing out the progesterone and estrogen levels, that can counteract the effects of testosterone. This in turn then increase your natural levels of dopamine which then produces more nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is paramount for the dilation of blood vessels which leads to a sustainable erection for a longer period of time.


Magnesium is commonly found in food and multivitamins, and yet it is one of those essential minerals that are often lacking in the modern American woman’s diet.

How does Magnesium work?

Magnesium can stimulate testosterone activity in the body, which for women can mean an increased desire for sex. Additionally, it can help to regulate muscle spasms and cramping, when taken in conjunction with Vitamin D. This can mean more intense orgasms and can also alleviate pain associated with middleschmertz (the pain you have when ovulating) and decreasing muscular stress, which can increase pleasure for women during stress or increase orgasm intensity.

Women – Take Charge of Your Libido

There are a number of things that you can do to increase your sex drive, on top of including sexual supplements and aphrodisiacs. Sometimes you just need a few lifestyle changes to make a difference. This can be especially beneficial if you are trying to take a natural approach to improving your sex life.

Here are a few lifestyle tips to try in order to improve your sex life.

Switch Things up

Birth control or contraceptives have been shown to cause a decrease in libido in over 40% of the women studied. Try switching things up in that department. Have your doctor switch your brand or manufacturer of your current birth control making sure to lower the estrogen levels. Or go rogue and let your birth control take on a whole new look and switch from the pill to the IUD or Patch. Research indicates that 30% of women have a change in their libido just by doing this.

Let Him Be Responsible for Birth Control

If leaving the birth control to him is a option in your current relationship then shelf your pills for three to six months. Allow your hormones to get back to normal with no add ons. This will allow your ovaries to “wake up” and they will begin to produce testosterone again.

Address the issue at hand

If it is not the hormones that are your libido’s problem then your next step is to address the issue at hand. Stress, lack of sleep, depression, anxiety all of these things are a part of nearly everyone’s daily lives and all of these things can affect your sex drive. Address those issues, whether that means changing your antidepressant medication or adding more exercise to your daily routine, and see what happens to your libido.

Seek out an Expert

Sometimes it just takes a sexual expert. Go and talk to someone perhaps there is an underlying issue that has to do with your past or a communication issue with your partner. Taking the time to seek help to figure out that issue can make all the difference. Knowing can empower you and assist to get things motivated again.

Supplements and Lifestyle Tips for Low Libido in Men

Of course, low sex drive is not only a thing for women. Men have issues with performance and feeling in the mood as much as the ladies. Because there are different hormone levels associated with the male sex drive, you can find those sexual supplements and lifestyle changes that are beneficial specifically for men listed below. You may notice that some are the same as women, however please note that they may have a different effect on men specifically. This is why they are listed doubly.

Let’s take a look at male libido supplements first and then see what can be done to improve the lifestyle of men in order to improve their sex lives.

Supplements to assist with the Male Libido


L-Arginine is considered a semi-essential amino acid produced by the body but is also available in supplement form over the counter.

How Does L-Arginine It Work?

This semi-essential amino acid converts into nitric oxide which results in the relaxation and dilation of the blood vessels. This can assist with the treatment of erectile dysfunction and has also been shown to have a positive effect on stamina.


Propionyl-L-carnitine is an amino acid produced by the body but is also available over the counter in a supplement form.

How Does Propionyl-L-carnitine Work?

The amino acid Propionyl-L-carnitine is commonly used in men with diabetes and erectile dysfunction. It has been shown that men suffering the effects of diabetes who are having little to no luck with prescribed male enhancement drugs will see results when small supplemental doses of Propionyl-L-carnitine is taken in tandem with their prescribed medication. Propionyl-L-carnitine has also shown to improve blood flow which naturally gets things going in the right direction.


SAMe (S-adenosylmethionine) is a chemical produced in the bodies liver. SAMe can also be added to your daily routine through supplement.

How Does SAMe Work?

Depression can have a devastating impact on a man’s ability to achieve and sustain an erection. Compounding that issue is the effect that many of the antidepressants prescribed have a direct effect on the testosterone levels which will also affect the libido or se drive. Studies have indicated that SAMe aids in the treatment of mild to moderate depression and does not have the unwanted sexual side effects. Men taking SAMe who were not assisted by their prescribed anti-depressant reported a marked improvement in their erections and sexual arousal.


Ginseng has an herbal history dating back over five thousand years. In that time it has gained an almost magical reputation as a cure all. It has been used to medicinally treat everything from anemia to periodontal disease. It has been said to extend life expectancy and yes it can help with your sex drive and the health of your sexual organs in general.

How Does Ginseng Work?

Ginseng promotes healthy capillary circulation in the brain as well as assisting in the decrease of stress, both of which can have a direct effect on whether or not a male can achieve an erection. Ginseng is recommended to be used on a daily basis to help with erectile dysfunction disorders, as it builds in the body over time. Unlike drugs like Viagra, this herbal supplement will be the most beneficial for long term male dysfunction issues, rather than a spontaneous cure for erectile dysfunction.


ZMA (Zinc, Magnesium Aspartate and Vitamin B6) is a supplement taken by athletes, gymnasts and bodybuilders. These are the primary users of this amazing supplement because of its ability to assist the body recover between workouts and competitions. It is also used to assist in the achievement of REM sleep.

How Does ZMA Work?

We already know that these components, Zinc, Magnesium Aspartate and Vitamin B6 all assist the body with regard to sex drive because of their ability to affect the bloodstream and delivery of testosterone. What you may not know is that studies have shown that achieving REM sleep and having a least eight hours of sleep a night can notably improve your bodies ability to produce testosterone.


The synthetic hormone supplement DHEA or dehydroepiandrosterone is one of the most popular in the world of store bought aphrodisiacs. The natural occurring form of DHEA is referred to as an endogenous hormone which is secreted by the adrenal gland in the human body. The DHEA supplement is made from Dioscorea villosa, a Mexican Wild Yam. DHEA is available in many forms, from chewing gum to capsules to sublingual drops.

How Does DHEA Work?

DHEA is literally referred to as the sex hormone. It got its name because its job is to regulate the sexual and reproductive functions as well as energy levels. Both of which are paramount to your sex life.


Native to Western Africa Yohimbe is an evergreen tree whose bark when broken down contains a chemical known as yohimbine. As a supplement the bark can be used as a tea. Bark extract may also be utilized in the form of tablets.

How Does Yohimbe Work?

This bark has been used for centuries in Africa as an aphrodisiac and is now currently being utilized here in the West to treat sexual dysfunction including erectile dysfunction. Yohimbe has a direct effect on blood flow and vessel dilation as well as stimulating the central nervous system making it an excellent remedy for sexual dysfunction on many levels.

Epimedium (Horny Goat Weed)

Epimedium is part of the nettle family that got its name as Horny Goat Weed when a goat herder witnessed his herds’ behavior after consuming this plant. A catchy name was born and the effects of the herb were true. It can now be taken orally in pill form as a male sexual enhancement supplement.

How Does It Work?

Epimedium or Horny Goat Weed is thought to contain male hormones, stimulating testosterone production. It is also known to stimulate the nervous system, specifically the nerves in your genitalia. For men, this means increased stirring of the loins, the precursor to sexual activity and sexual function.

Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus Terrestris is a flower that can be found in warm areas of Asia, Australia and Europe. It’s long been used as a male supplement for bodybuilding, but is also quite helpful for those suffering from sexual dysfunction related to low testosterone.

How Does Tribulus Terrestris Work?

Tribulus Terrestris wakes up the androgen receptors in the brain, allowing the body to respond better to testosterone as well as other sex hormones. It also assists in the reduction of depression, anxiety and stress which can also be

Men studied in the use of Tribulus Terrestris reported an improvement in sexual desire or libido as well as having enhanced erections. According to the studies, this supplement gets the job done by increasing levels of the male hormone dehydroepiandrosterone or DHEA.

Pine Pollen

Usually when you think of pollen you think of sneezing and libido reducing antihistamines. This is not the pollen you are thinking of. While the ancient Chinese have used Pine Pollen as a cure all for centuries, what we are most interested in is its ability to boost growth hormone and libido.

How Does Pine Pollen Work?

Pine pollen is considered a natural source for small boosts of testosterone and can give an added boost for men with Low T. This sexual supplement is usually given in conjunction with testosterone medications such as Androgen.

Vitamin E

Mostly known for being a powerhouse antioxidant, Vitamin E has a wide range of health benefits and assists in a number of the body’s essential functions. Vitamin E plays a role in the the communication between cells.

How Does It Work?

Vitamin E is known to play a role in the increase of sperm count and mobility as well as enhance prostate gland function. It also increases testosterone production and promotes a healthy nervous system making for heightened sensations.

Vitamin C

Being the most deliberately consumed vitamin on the market, Vitamin C is viewed as another cure all vitamin. It is mostly taken with regard to boosting the immune system and to assist in addressing blood pressure or cholesterol issues. But did you know that it could help with your libido as well?

How Does It Work?

Vitamin C is necessary in the synthesis of hormones for fertility, sexuality and assisting with getting your mojo going. The hormones involved with these processes are progesterone, estrogen and androgen.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A has a reputation for being great for general eye health but it does so much more than that. Vitamin A is also taken to assist with achieving healthy skin and bones, a boost to your immune system as well as improve fertility.

How Does It Work?

Vitamin A has been shown to increase not only sperm count but mobility, as well as enhance prostate gland function. It also increases testosterone production and promotes a healthy nervous system making for heightened sensations.

Vitamin B6

This hardworking Vitamin is found in most foods but many decide to add a supplement to their daily routine for good reason. The body requires Vitamin B6 to deal with more than 100 enzyme reactions with regard to your metabolism.

How Does It Work?

Vitamin B6 is a natural libido enhancer as it assists in the control of the elevation of prolactin. It also assists in the function of testosterone, as well as production, serotonin, dopamine and red blood cells. Vitamin B6 has also been proven to increase sperm count and mobility.

Nettle Root

Nettle Root or Stinging Nettle is found throughout Europe and Canada. Both the stems and leaves of this plant are used medicinally and can be made into a tea. Nettle Root is high in Potassium, calcium and magnesium.

How Does It Work?

Nettle root is not only high in magnesium, which creates a blocker for your proteins making it more difficult for testosterone to attach to them. Allowing for free flowing testosterone and when you are looking to get your sex drive going that is right where you want your testosterone to be. Magnesium is also used to treat the negative effects of anxiety and depression allowing you to enjoy yourself more. Nettle Root is also been shown to aid in vasodilation, the relaxation of blood vessel walls, which aids in blood flow moving all that testosterone right where you want it.

Primerose Oil

Primrose Oil has been called the most exciting remedy discovery since Vitamin C. Primrose Oil contains not only the pain relieving compound phenylalanine as well as being very high in a specific fatty acid called GLA. This is not found at this level of potency anywhere else and very few other plants even contain it all.

How Does Primrose Oil Work?

Primrose Oil works by balancing out your estrogen and progesterone levels which then increase your natural levels of dopamine which then produces more nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is paramount for the dilation of blood vessels which leads to a bigger, better, longer orgasm.

Getting your Libido Back

You may scratch your head and wonder, “How did I lose my sex drive in the first place?”

A loss of libido is, unfortunately, just the natural progression of things as you age. Of course, there are issues as well which can contribute to the loss of libido. The good news is you can still get it back with the help of the low sex drive supplements listed above or through some very simple steps and changes to your routine.

Simple Steps to Getting your Libido Back

In many cases, it’s not too difficult to get things back on track in the bedroom. You may just need a little help. Don’t worry. We have all been there. There are many people that struggle with this issue every day. However, there are a few things that you can try to get back on track. In addition to sexual enhancement supplements, try some of these daily tips that can help rejuvenate your interest in sex. Sometimes a little cooperation and communication is all you need.

Reduce Your Stressors

Take control of the things in your life that are causing you the most stress. Stress has been proven to be the number one cause of reduced sex drive in men. In many cases this stress can be caused by added pressures at work combined with a heavy schedule and lack of sleep. See what you can do to open up your schedule a little and get some breathing room at work and make sure you are going to bed early and even adding a few low sex drive supplements to assist in those areas won’t hurt. All of these things will assist in getting a healthy balance of work and play into your life.

Communication is Key

While communication seems to come easily to women, men are little more reserved when it comes to opening up, especially when it comes to sex or lack thereof. Be sure to discuss your lowered libido with not only your partner but your doctor. Having your partner more in tune with what is going with you may open some sexual doors for you. And your doctor can address issues like medications that may be inhibiting your sex drive or prescribing something that will assist with getting back to where you want it.

Talk To Your Doctor

When in doubt, if your loss of desire has been ongoing or if there are other symptoms related to your low sex drive then you should definitely make an appointment with your healthcare professional. Also, before taking additional sexual supplements you should also consider discussing this with a professional if you have other medical conditions that can have interference with them. Your doctor will not only give you the advice you need, but will also help you make the best selection of tips and treatments for your specific sexual condition.

Get Back in the Sack

Don’t let a diminished sex drive cause you heartache. The truth is, there are many common causes for low sex drive and you, by reading this, are already taking an optimal step to get things where they should be. Make sure to take care of yourself, talk to your partner openly and to include aphrodisiacs and enhancement supplements for your sexuality. Depending on the root of your issue, there are many things that you can do. The more effort you make, the quicker you are likely to see results. So, get on it and get back in it. With sexual supplements and a little patience, you can see the difference in no time.


  1. This is very good information, specially for men. I have used most of all these med-plants and they work.
    I am 72 yrs. and fun with beautiful women, they are happy and so am I.


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