Healthy Homemade Soap With Diatomaceous Earth Essential Oils


Many of the soap products used in households across the world contain dangerous chemicals that can have a serious impact on long term health. The most commonly used ingredient in soap products is sodium lauryl sulfate, a highly corrosive and penetrative industrial cleaner that can irritate skin, cause hormonal imbalances, and is extremely damaging to the environment.

Millions of people are now turning to an organic and chemical free lifestyle that reduces or completely removes their reliance on chemical products. Eliminating chemical soaps from the house is one of the best steps toward creating a natural, synthetic-free living environment.

Although natural soaps are as effective as chemical soaps, many users miss the fragrances that are included in these products. A great way to enhance natural soaps with a fragrance is by using essential oils.

Improving Natural Soap Recipes

Essential oils are natural oils that have been created from the distillation of extracts of the plant after which they are named. Sandalwood oil, for example, is made by passing superheated steam through the wood of the sandalwood tree, distilling the natural oils that carry its distinct scent.

Sandalwood is a popular essential oil used in natural soaps due to its natural antibacterial and antiviral properties. These oils can be mixed in with any natural soap to improve their scent.

Diatomaceous earth similarly offers a number of advantages when mixed in with natural soaps. Organic soap solutions such as castile soap are effective in creating lather, but have no exfoliating properties.

The abrasive and gritty texture of diatomaceous earth makes it a great additive for natural soaps, boosting scrubbing power without irritating the skin or damaging the environment.

Combining essential oils and diatomaceous earth, however, creates an interesting and highly effective additive to mix with handmade organic soap. The absorbent properties of diatomaceous earth combine with and soak up essential oils, multiplying their efficiency. A small amount of essential oil goes a long way when combined with diatomaceous earth.

In this article, we’ll outline the best process of creating a diatomaceous earth and essential oil mix to add to organic soap. Organic soaps can be purchased online, but creating them at home is far more cost effective.

If you’d like to try creating organic soaps at home, castile soap is the easiest and most accessible option. Consisting of a mix of olive oil, coconut oil and potash lye, which is sourced from wood ash, this natural soap is a great alternative to chemical soaps.

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