Diatomaceous Earth Organic Scorpion Killer – Natural Solution?


Diatomaceous earth, or DE, is extremely effective in removing smaller insect pests from the home, but many people are unaware that it is just as effective in removing larger insects.

Scorpions can be irritating and dangerous household pests in many tropical and subtropical geographic regions, hiding in bedding and fabrics. With the potential to cause painful stings, scorpions are unwanted intruders that normally require the use of dangerous chemical deterrents to eliminate.

Diatomaceous earth offers a unique, natural alternative to hazardous insecticides, creating an organic, neutral barrier that both destroys existing scorpions and prevents them from entering your home.

DE is composed of a fine silica dust that bonds to the exoskeleton of scorpions of all sizes, abrading the outer layer and drawing out the lipid oils inside, fatally dehydrating them with no need for toxins or poisons. Chemical free and safe to use around children, pets, and food, diatomaceous earth is the ultimate scorpion killer.

In this article we’ll provide instructions on how to rid your home and garden of scorpions with diatomaceous earth.

What You’ll Need:

  • Diatomaceous Earth
  • Cleaning Equipment
  • A Black Light (optional)
  • A Diatomaceous Earth Applicator

Step 1: Locate Incursion Points & Scorpion Activity Regions

The first step in treating your home for scorpions with diatomaceous earth is to completely clean your living space. Scorpions, like many insectile pests, thrive in unsanitary conditions. Scorpions typically enter homes to prey upon smaller insects that feed on food waste such as cockroaches, so cleaning your home is the first step in removing them. Dismantle furniture and extensively sweep, mop and vacuum your home.

Once your home is clean, identify any paths through which scorpions may enter your home. Doors, windows, cracks in floorboards and baseboard holes are common entrance points for scorpions.

Mark these areas with a post-it-note for future reference. If you’d like to be extra thorough, source a UV black light and patrol your home at night, illuminating the areas you’re investigating with the light. Under a blacklight, a scorpion will appear fluorescent green. This technique is effective for locating scorpions in your garden, outside of your living area.

Step 2: Distribute Diatomaceous Earth

After you’ve located areas with high scorpion activity, distribute diatomaceous earth. Placing a fine layer of DE dust around these areas will create a natural barrier that scorpions must cross to enter your home, causing the DE to bind to their exoskeleton.

An applicator will assist with this process, helping to distribute the dust evenly with minimal effort.

Within your home, focus on the areas that you previously marked with post-it-notes. Outside of your home, distribute diatomaceous earth around garden beds, gravel areas, your attic and crawlspace, and crevices and cracks.

Cinder blocks are frequently used as nesting areas from scorpions, so if you own a cinder block fence be sure to distribute DE liberally around it.

Leave the diatomaceous earth in place for as long as possible- if it rains during the treatment period, be sure to reapply the DE outside as water will wash it away.

Step 3: Observe & Repeat

Treating your home for scorpions takes longer than treating your home for smaller insects due to their motile range. To ensure your treatment is working effectively, continue to observe your home, watching for scorpion activity with a blacklight.

If you observe scorpions changing their behavioural patterns to avoid the DE, reapply DE around their new movement patterns. Re-apply diatomaceous earth every five days until the scorpions have been eliminated.

Diatomaceous earth is completely safe and non toxic, but always be sure to wear the correct safety gear when dealing with both DE and scorpions. The fine silica particles that make up diatomaceous earth have the propensity to irritate the sinus and lungs if inhaled, so gear up with a dust mask and safety goggles.

As scorpions can inflict a nasty bite depending on the species, always wear thick garden gloves when investigating.

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