Diatomaceous Earth Health Benefits – Food Grade Silica Benefits?


It’s no secret that diatomaceous earth, or DE, has a wide number of applications. From implementation as an agricultural feed filler or fertilizer to natural chemical-free pest control agent, diatomaceous earth is a non-toxic, naturally occurring mineral that has been used in a broad spectrum of uses for over a century.

Recently growing in popularity, however, is the use of DE as a dietary health supplement. The molecular composition and mineral content of DE makes it a highly effective dietary aid with a wide number of potential health benefits.

Before deciding to add DE to your diet, however, it’s best to learn about the interactions between DE and the body, it’s current regulatory status, and where it comes from.

Where Does Diatomaceous Earth Come From?

Diatomaceous Earth, while it’s mined from mineral deposits, isn’t actually earth at all. DE is composed from the fossilized remains of aquatic plant life from millions of years ago. These fossilized plant remains are typically found in ancient dried lake beds and are rich in silica, which is an integral component of the ligaments, muscles and cartilage of the human body.

Diatomaceous earth is mined from mineral deposits, with different deposits providing different grades of DE quality. Some deposits provide only cure diatomaceous earth suitable only for industrial applications, while other provide nutrient-rich food-grade DE.

What Makes Diatomaceous Earth Unique as a Health Supplement?

There are two primary factors that make DE a popular health supplement. The first is the high silica content of DE, with up to 85% of most DE composed of high quality silica. Silica has been used for decades to promote better hair, skin and nail health, as it’s a primary precursor in the synthesis of keratin within the body.

In a similar fashion, the body uses silica to regulate the production of collagen, which is essential for the health of joints, cartilage and ligaments. Many of the cosmetic effects of ageing are caused by a lack of collagen, leading many people to employ DE as an anti-ageing dietary supplement.

The second factor that contributes to the popularity of DE as a health supplement is the abrasive molecular structure of the powder. Under the microscope, diatomaceous earth appears as a fine particulate powder, with each individual particle possessing sharp, rough edges.

While these edges are not sharp enough to damage the inside of the digestive system, they are rough enough to scrape away the built up toxins and impurities that form inside the body.

Combined with the unique absorbent ability of silica powder, this cleansing property has led to the widespread use of DE as a detoxifying agent.

What Are the Health Benefits of Diatomaceous Earth?

Supplementing the diet with DE offers a broad spectrum of potential benefits. Silica is an important dietary supplement, promoting positive skin, hair, heart, digestive and joint health, potentially reducing the impact of inflammatory disorders such as arthritis.

DE has shown promise as a treatment for skin conditions such as psoriasis and dermatitis. User-reported health benefits describe a wide range of improvements to colon health, bowel movement regularity, digestive health, collagen production and more.

The FDA does not currently endorse the use of diatomaceous earth as a dietary supplement, citing a lack of formal research on the topic, but has classified DE as GRAS, or generally regarded as safe.

What Evidence is there Supporting Diatomaceous Earth as a Health Supplement?

Several clinical studies have demonstrated concrete evidence of health benefits derived from diatomaceous earth supplementation. A 2007 study determined that silica is essential for health and offers myriad benefits, while another 1998 study conclusively determined that diatomaceous earth is able to significantly lower blood cholesterol concentrations.

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