Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade Cleanse – Can It Detox Your Body?


Many of the foods we eat can cause toxins and pathogens to build up in the body, contributing to poor digestive function. The most important systems of the body rely on efficient digestive function for good health, such as the immune system and cardiovascular system.

A detox is a great way to remove this build up from the digestive system, but often involves expensive products, extended periods of fasting or less-than-tasty or weird foods.

Diatomaceous earth, or DE, possesses many properties that make it an ideal detoxifying agent with many advantages over other health food detoxes. The molecular structure of DE creates a gentle abrasive effect that flushes built up toxins from the digestive system, while also acting as a desiccant that absorbs pathogens and harmful bacteria.

Diatomaceous earth is an effective tool for improving digestive health without requiring lifestyle or dietary changes.

Why Detox?

There are many factors we are exposed through in daily life that can cause unwanted elements to build up inside the body. From chemical fumes, car exhaust and cleaning chemicals to food additives or heavy metals, the body is constantly exposed to unnatural elements that it can’t remove by itself.

The build up of these factors can cause poor digestive health, which can contribute to many of the symptoms below:

If you suffer from any of the symptoms above, a detox can dramatically increase your digestive function and help improve your overall health.

How Does the Diatomaceous Earth Detox Work?

Detoxifying your body and improving digestive function with DE is incredibly easy. By following this simple four step process, you’re able to rapidly improve your health with minimal effort.

  1. Add one tablespoon of DE to a glass of water and drink once daily. Drinking a DE mix on an empty stomach will deliver the best effect, at least one or two hours after eating. While diatomaceous earth is tasteless, the gritty texture can be minimized by adding it to a fruit juice or smoothie.
  2. Stay hydrated after drinking DE mix. DE will slightly dehydrate your body, so be sure to drink an extra glass of water after consumption.
  3. Raise your DE intake over a three week period. By adding a small amount of DE to your daily dose, you should aim to be taking two 1.5 teaspoon doses daily by the end of the third week- one in the morning, and one in the evening.
  4. Continue to detox with diatomaceous earth for 12 weeks, taking a week long break every two weeks. Breaking regularly will allow your body to build up positive digestive bacteria and remove all built-up toxins and minerals.

Diatomaceous Earth Detox Health Hacks

Detoxifying your body with diatomaceous earth is a great opportunity to increase your overall health. By following these DE Detox Health Hacks, you can significantly improve the effectiveness of your detox:

  • Remove greasy, sugary and over-processed foods from your diet for the duration of the detox. These foods contribute to digestive build-up, and by removing them from your diet you’re simultaneously cutting down your caloric intake and allowing the DE to perform as efficiently as possible.
  • Adhere to a regular exercise regime. Whether you engage in a sport, take up weightlifting or simply go for a short run, regular physical exercise increases your metabolic function, burns fat, and prevents a wide range of diseases and health disorders. Sweating also helps the body flush away excess toxins and free radicals that are eliminated by DE.
  • Consider practicing pranayama, or breathing exercises. Whether combined with mindfulness meditation, yoga, or as a simple calming exercise, breath control is a great way to connect mentally with your body and get into a healthy state of mind.

The Benefits of the Diatomaceous Earth Detox

In the initial stages of detoxifying your body with DE you may feel a few flu-like symptoms, food cravings, or irritability. This can be caused by a neurochemical dependency on high-sugar foods, a reduction of your caloric intake, or as a result of the built-up toxins being released and eliminated.

While this is no reason to worry, be sure to listen to your body and cut back on your DE intake if the symptoms begin to worry you.

As the detox progresses, you’ll find you have more energy, require less caloric intake, and no longer depend on junk food or saturated fats.

The DE Detox offers enhanced immune function, better cardiovascular health, higher cognitive function and even a reduced risk of many diseases caused by inflammation.

Is the Diatomaceous Earth Detox Safe?

Diatomaceous Earth is completely food safe. When choosing a DE product for your detox, ensure you’ve found food grade diatomaceous earth, as there are many different grades of DE for different applications.

Overall, the DE Detox is a highly effective, cheap and safe way to improve your overall health and digestive function.

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