Diatomaceous Earth Natural Deodorant – Healthy Paste Benefits?


Many people find the harsh chemical components of deodorant irritating to their skin. Most commonly available deodorant solutions contain high amounts of aluminium which acts as an irritant and inflammatory agent.

Both roll on deodorants and spray on deodorants present a health risk and have been associated with a wide variety of health disorders, including breast cancer.

Millions of people around the world are beginning to turn to natural, homemade, do it yourself solutions to replace the many synthetic chemical products in their lives. Homemade deodorants are rising in popularity due to their ability to work as effective odor blockers without including any dangerous chemicals.

Diatomaceous earth, or DE, is one of the most popular ingredients in these formulas, as it possesses many qualities that make it a great odor blocker.

Diatomaceous earth is composed primarily of silica, which is a highly absorbent material that is able to both carry scents as well as wick away sweat and bad smells. While highly effective as an odor blocker, diatomaceous earth is completely pH neutral and chemical free, making it perfect for sensitive skin. The pH levels of a deodorant, whether natural or chemical, are usually what cause skin irritation.

Combining the appealing scent of your favorite essential oil and a small quantity of diatomaceous earth will create a highly effective natural deodorant that works for all skin types. In this article we’ll outline the best method of creating your own diatomaceous earth deodorant at home.

Diatomaceous Earth Information Guide:

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