Protect Your Home From Bugs With Diatomaceous Earth


Diatomaceous Earth, or DE, is an extremely effective tool for removing bugs of all species from your home. Most diatomaceous earth users are aware of the benefits of using DE to eliminate smaller insects such as bed bugs or fleas, but are unaware of the fact that it can also eliminate larger insects such as cockroaches or spiders.

One of the most surprising facts about using DE to remove insects from your home is how little of the substance is required to completely eliminate an infestation. In this article we’ll provide a few tips on the best application methods for protecting your home from insect incursions with diatomaceous earth.

Application Method 1: The Spray Bottle

One of the most versatile methods of distributing diatomaceous earth around the inside of your home is with a simple spray bottle.

Creating a diatomaceous earth water mixture to distribute with a hand spray bottle is an extremely cost effective method of distributing diatomaceous earth around the house, creating an even application that won’t irritate the sinuses.

Creating a diatomaceous earth mix for spray use is simple. Mix two to three parts water with one part diatomaceous earth and shake thoroughly. If you’d like further details on creating an indoor diatomaceous earth spray mix, take a look at our step-by-step article. Use this spray anywhere you see ant, cockroach or spider activity. The water will evaporate, leaving a fine layer of diatomaceous earth that will eliminate any insectile intruders. Remember not to apply this mix to anything that can be damaged by water.

Application Method 2: Paint Brushes or Squeeze Bottles

For spot fixes or hard-to-reach applications, a paint brush makes a great diatomaceous earth applicator. Simply dip an old paintbrush in DE and apply it to where you need it. Remember that diatomaceous earth works by attaching to insects that traverse regions dusted in it, so be sure not to leave large piles. Small, light layers of DE work best.

A bulb duster or squeeze duster is often the best tool for applying light coats of diatomaceous earth to indoor areas, offering the ability to evenly distribute DE with minimal effort. For advice on the best bulb or squeeze duster, take a look at our squeeze duster review article.

Application Method 3: Diatomaceous Earth Applicators

Paintbrushes, spray mixes and bulb dusters are great for applying DE in small amounts, but for larger scale jobs the best tool is definitely a diatomaceous earth applicator. A diatomaceous earth applicator streamlines the application process, stores easily, and makes any job involving the distribution far more efficient and simple.

The JT Eaton Duster is a great tool for dispersing diatomaceous earth in hard-to-reach places, between floorboard and baseboard cracks, and inside crevasses and nooks. Fitted with a skinny nozzle, the JT Eaton Duster is excellent for deterring even the smallest species of insects. For more information on the best applicators for the various different uses of diatomaceous earth, take a look at our Top 3 Diatomaceous Earth Applicators article for a comprehensive breakdown.

Always remember to replace diatomaceous earth around your home every few weeks to ensure you’re using fresh, dry DE. For more information about the various properties and applications of diatomaceous earth, take a look around the various articles in our DE knowledgebase.

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