How To Protect Your Food Storage With Diatomaceous Earth


Using diatomaceous earth to protect dry food storage is an ancient practice that is still highly relevant today. Dry foods such as grains and cereals are susceptible to infestation by small insects such as weevils and flour beetles.

Mixing diatomaceous earth into stores of these foodstuffs is a cost effective manner of keeping your food safe from pests while at the same time preventing mold, mildew and damp from damaging it. Many modern agricultural enterprises use DE in this manner, and bringing it into your home is exceptionally easy.

Diatomaceous earth can protect foods like flour, cereal, legumes, corn, rice, pasta and more. Working to both dry out these goods and deter insects, diatomaceous earth is completely chemical-free and even has the added advantage of slightly increasing the nutritional content of your foods. In this article, we’ll provide a step-by-step process on the best method of protecting your food storage with diatomaceous earth.

What You’ll Need

The best ratio for incorporating diatomaceous earth into your food storage is roughly 1 teaspoon of diatomaceous earth for every pound of food. For long term storage of dry foods in dark places, we recommend 1 ½ teaspoons to 2 teaspoons of DE per pound of DE. For larger amounts of dry food, 1 cup of DE for every 50 pounds should suffice.

Step 1: Prepare Storage Container

Prepare the storage container that you’ll be placing your food in by first washing it out with warm, soapy water, and thoroughly drying it. After the container has dried, coat the insides and bottom of the vessel with a thin layer of diatomaceous earth. A diatomaceous earth applicator can help with this process.

Step 2: Layer Diatomaceous Earth and Food

Add three to four inches of dry food to the container, followed by another thin layer of diatomaceous earth. Repeat this process, adding layers of food followed by diatomaceous earth until the container is full. It’s best to measure out the total weight of food you’re planning on storing beforehand, measuring out the relevant amount of DE into a separate container, and using this evenly throughout the process.

Step 3: Mix DE and Food

Once you’ve filled the container, close the lid and shake it vigorously. If the container is too large to pick up and shake, this can be achieved by tipping the container from side to side until the DE is mixed with the dry food. It’s important to mix the DE with the food thoroughly to ensure every food particle is coated with DE.

Step 4: Finalize DE Application

After adding the diatomaceous earth to the food and mixing, add a final layer of DE over the top of the food. This layer shouldn’t be mixed with the DE- leave it on top to deter insects or pests from burrowing into the food.

Step 5: Seal & Store Container

Once your diatomaceous earth application is complete, seal the food container. Ensure that this seal is airtight and place the container in a cool, dry place for storage. If your container is airtight you won’t need to re-apply diatomaceous earth or check for pests regularly.

Tips & Tricks

Following these steps will ensure that your food is pest free and dry at all times. Food grade diatomaceous earth is completely non-toxic and chemical free, so to prepare your food for consumption after storage a quick rinse under cold water should suffice.

Diatomaceous earth can even be left on the food without cleaning, as it contains trace minerals that are actually beneficial for the human body and is completely tasteless.

Fine powder stores will retain diatomaceous earth- it’s not possible to sieve DE out of flour, for example, but it won’t affect the function or flavour.

Always remember to use food grade diatomaceous earth for any application involving food. As a side note, remember to discard any dry food that you’ve observed insect or pest activity in, as this food will be contaminated and unfit for consumption.

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