The Truth About Silica Supplements and Why You Should Take Them?


For some reason or another, silica supplements have been mainly advertised towards women in general. It’s been promoted as the go to solution for a woman’s problems. It can solve anything. It can fix issues with your skin, nails, and hair.

The claims are big, but is it actually true? You always want to take a person who wants to sell something to you in doubt. You should rather rely on scientific research, as that’s more of an accurate indicator of what is the actual truth.

You might be swept into the dream of having your problems being fixed. Many people get deceived and suffer as a result. There are certain types of people out there who will promise the world and will give you nothing in return. You just want to be cautious about someone making claims that appear unrealistic. Your problems will not go overnight. Usually, it takes introspection and self-analysis, as well as hard work and determination in order to get the results that you want.

The reason why this is being mentioned to you, is that it’s a huge problem among society in general. People believe in the dream and when that dream is shattered – people suffer.

This is why scientific evidence is relevant. If you want to assess, whether a Silica supplement is the best option for you – it is best to evaluate the scientific research on the matter in question.

Silica: The Key Component of Your Body

As you age and get older, the amount of silica in your body will reduce. Many companies will claim that the product that they sell, is the solution to that problem. These companies claim that it will make your hair shinier, grow longer, heal quicker, repair nail damage, make your skin beautiful and smooth, get rids of scars, it’ll make you look younger and slow down the process of aging, and so much more. There’s a lot of magical claims that are being promoted.

You would think that if it was such a great thing, that medical professionals would recommend it. No. That’s not going to happen, according to them. It’s a conspiracy. They want to hide it from you because it secretly works and harms their profits. That’s the explanation that the companies will give you. Don’t buy into it. Very few supplements out there actually work. Why? Because the FDA for the most part, really doesn’t regulate the supplements industry. This allows supplement companies to say whatever they want about their product. They can add filler ingredients without any repercussions, and even mislabel the bottle. Very few people will actually test the contents of the bottle. It only happens, when something seriously wrong occurs.

That can be very frustrating to you as the customer. It means having to conduct trial and error tests, to see which supplement will actually work. There really isn’t a lot of scientific research that has been conducted on the use of silica supplements. There is some research out there, but it isn’t really conclusive enough to make a definitive statement about them. That means you are left off with trial and error.

The Science Behind Silica

Silica is the primary component that keeps your body together. Ever wonder how your body is able to keep itself together? How all the bits and pieces somehow seem to just connect and remain like that?

You can think of humans as sacks of meat. Why don’t we just turn into liquid form? It’s a strange question to ask. The primary reason why we aren’t just a puddle of human is due to silica.

Silica is everywhere

It’s in your bones, skin, muscles, organs, and so forth. It’s the primary component in keeping all of that stuff together. A silica deficiency is what leads into people looking older, and developing wrinkles. That’s how so many people develop health problems as they go older. The skin gets dry and old. The hair gets weak and falls apart. You can just tell when you are falling apart.

It’s safe to that being deficient in silica is a huge problem. It’s been shown by scientific research, that increased estrogen levels increases your body’s effectiveness in retaining and absorbing silica. When those levels get decreased, the body isn’t as effectiveness in keeping the silica in your body. That’s a problem.

This is why people yearn to be young. It’s the pinnacle of youth. Your peak. Coincidentally, this is the moment where your silica levels are at its highest. This is why you will remember feeling great, great mood, lots of energy, and super adaptable to whatever happens to you. It’s the reason why the skin of children is so smooth and beautiful. It’s the reason why their hair is so elegant and amazing.

What’s interesting is that, silica can be found in the Earth. It’s pretty common to find and extract. Scientists have found that the other two important vitamins: calcium and vitamin D are not sufficient for bone health. You need a triad. You need the vitamin D, calcium, and silica to form an effective triad. This is what will improve your bone health and keep your bones strong. Research has shown that people who have unwillingly or willingly, who had this triad in place had more effective bone strength. They had stronger bones on average. That’s some powerful knowledge to know.

If you don’t want dry skin, then take vitamin C and silica together. You will be able to have healthy and hydrated skin.

Most of the foods that are available in the open market have ruined the silica content inside. It’s so refined and process that there’s pretty much no nutritional silica content within the food. Eating healthy and organic foods is pretty much the solution to this problem. Most people know what a healthy diet is. Google it.

Silica Supplements Conclusion

Unfortunately, that leads you into the world of silica supplements. Do your research and use the power of trial and error in order to properly deal with this problem. Be cautious.

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