How To Apply Diatomaceous Earth – Top Tips For Using D.E.?


Whether you’re removing bedbugs from your home, delousing pets or spraying your garden for pests, there are a number of different ways of applying diatomaceous earth. The fine particulate nature of diatomaceous earth, or DE, can make application a messy and cumbersome job without the use of specially designed applicators or dispersal tools.

Many of the uses of DE require dry application. The absorbent properties of DE are only effective when it’s free from moisture content, allowing it to absorb unwanted smells, infuse essential oils, or absorb the lipid oil content from the exoskeleton of insect pests. Wet application can be useful, however, for jobs like fertilizing soil or rodent deterrent.

Wet application is also great for minimizing mess when distributing large amounts of DE at once. Whether you’re applying diatomaceous earth dry or wet, there are a few tips to keep in mind to get the job done right.

Health, Safety and Handling Tips

The most important thing to remember when handling diatomaceous earth is safety. Although DE is non toxic and chemical free, the fine silica particles that provide many of its beneficial properties can be potentially harmful if inadvertently inhaled.

Inhaling DE can cause respiratory irritation, as well as potentially irritating sensitive skin, eyes and sinuses. Always be sure to gear up with a face mask or dust mask, protective goggles, and gloves to keep yourself safe while working with DE.

Wet Application Tips

Applying wet diatomaceous earth is the safest and easiest method of dispersal, but is only suitable for select jobs. One of the most useful methods of wet diatomaceous earth application is garden treatment.

Aphids, whiteflies and ants all abhor diatomaceous earth, making it a powerful non-toxic and safe tool for garden pest management. To treat your garden with wet DE, mix four tablespoons of DE of any grade with every gallon of water.

DE mixed water can be applied in coats over the plants that you’d like to protect from pests. After drying, your plants will be covered with a fine layer of diatomaceous earth that will trap and destroy any insectile pests that threaten the integrity of your garden.

The abrasive properties of DE also make for a great cleaning paste. To use wet DE as a non-toxic scrub, mix ⅛ cup of water with one cup of dry DE and apply liberally with a scrubbing brush.

Dry Application Tips

Dry application of DE can be as simple as wet application, but requires more preparation for safe dispersal. After gearing up with relevant safety equipment, using DE around the home as a pest control treatment is as simple as casting it by hand around the infested regions.

For more complex jobs such as garden maintenance or large scale pest control, a diatomaceous earth spray tool can make life a lot easier. However, for small touch up jobs a sock filled with DE makes a great makeshift shaker.

Alternative Application Tips

For jobs that require finesse or application in small niches or cracks it’s possible to use a syringe or turkey baster to apply DE in hard to reach areas. Salt shakers, flour sifters and mesh bags are all effective tools for dispersing diatomaceous earth powder in small spaces. For extra small jobs, applying DE can be as easy as dipping a paintbrush in DE and painting it on.

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