Diatomaceous Earth Chemical-Free Home Tick Removal Treatment


Summer is a great time to take your pet out for a walk or hike, but doing so can bring dangerous uninvited guests into your home. Ticks are extremely tenacious ectoparasites that your pet can pick up in regions with tropical or humid weather, typically from playing in long grass of underbrush. Attaching to your pet by inserting sharp, serrated mouth parts under the skin, ticks are able to consume enough blood to cause anemia in your pet.

Some species of ticks can carry dangerous diseases such as lyme diseases, or in some cases even cause paralysis in dogs. Arthritis, swelling, low energy levels and rocky mountain spotted fever are just some of the health complications that can ensue from a tick infestation, so removing these pesky creatures from your living space is extremely important if you’ve observed them in your home.

Traditional tick extermination requires the use of extremely toxic chemical insecticides and often the complete relocation of a family from a home while it is fumigated.

Diatomaceous earth offers a highly effective, fast acting and chemical-free alternative to tick removal that won’t endanger the health of your family or pets. The unique molecular composition of diatomaceous earth binds to the exoskeleton of ticks and draws the lipid oils out of their bodies, fatally dehydrating them through a purely mechanical process that leaves no dangerous residue.

In this article we’ll detail the best method of treating your home for ticks with diatomaceous earth.

Step 1: Clean & Isolate

The first step in removing a tick infestation from your home is to thoroughly clean your entire house. Sweep and mop tiled areas and vacuum carpeted areas, rugs and couches to remove any eggs or larvae. You may want to consider hiring a steam cleaner for this step of the process as the high temperatures used by steam cleaners to clean fabric are great for killing ticks.

Dismantle and move your furniture on a room-by-room basis, paying special attention to nooks, crannies and crevices where ticks may hide. Wash all of the fabric in your home on a high temperature and either dry on a high heat or outside in bright sunlight.

Isolate clean clothing and fabric in airtight containers. Cleaning your home in this manner is essential in removing any eggs that may hatch after the initial cleansing and cause a secondary infestation.

Step 2: Apply Diatomaceous Earth

After your home is clean, apply diatomaceous earth liberally to your entire home. Dust carpet, bedding and rugs with diatomaceous earth, focusing on areas in which ticks may be hiding.

If you have a pet that has been infested with ticks, go over their coat with a fine comb and remove any ticks you may find, making sure you use a removal technique that doesn't leave the head of the tick embedded in their skin. After cleaning your pet, dust them with diatomaceous earth.

Step 3: Clean Diatomaceous Earth

After leaving the diatomaceous earth around your home for five days, it’s time to clean it up. Sweep up diatomaceous earth from tiled or hardwood surfaces. If you’ve dispersed diatomaceous earth over a carpeted area or rug, you’ll want to use a vacuum, but be careful with this method as the fine DE particles may burn out the motor of less powerful home vacuums.

In some cases it’s best to hire a shop vacuum or industrial vacuum. For more information on cleaning up diatomaceous earth check out the relevant article in our knowledge base.

Step 4: Observe & Repeat

This process should destroy any ticks in your home, but it’s best to repeat this process at least once to ensure you’ve removed the tick threat from your home. As a preventative measure, it’s recommended to occasionally dust your pet with DE and repeat this entire process at least once every 3 months.

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