Diatomaceous Earth Weight Loss – Natural Detox To Remove Fat?


Diatomaceous earth, or DE, has many uses for promoting health. One of the most popular reasons many people consumer diatomaceous earth is to boost the rate at which the body is able to burn unwanted fat deposits.

While there are no elements in diatomaceous earth that actively interact with the biological process responsible for burning fat, there is a large body of evidence that suggests it can increase the base metabolic rate of the body.

How Can Diatomaceous Earth Help With Losing Weight?

To understand the way diatomaceous earth can help you lose weight, it’s important to understand the basics of weight loss. When the body consumes calories in excess of what it needs to function, it will store the excess energy as fat deposits.

To shed unwanted weight and burn body fat, it’s necessary to consume less energy than the body needs to function. Known as eating a caloric deficit, this causes the body to harvest the energy it needs to function from fat deposits.

This process, called lipolysis, is dependent on the efficiency of the metabolism as a whole. The higher your metabolic rate, the faster your body is able to burn fat deposits for energy.

Metabolic rate is linked to the function of the digestive system, and one of the primary factors that can slow down digestive system function is the buildup of toxins, heavy metals and synthetic food additives in the digestive tract.

Another factor that can contribute to slow weight loss is the release of free radicals and toxins into the body that occurs during lipolysis. When the body breaks down fat for energy, it can release toxins into the bloodstream that can cause poor digestive health, making it difficult to adhere to a stringent caloric intake or exercise regime.

Diatomaceous earth offers a twofold effect that can potentially help to minimize these frustrating roadblocks that stand in the way of achieving fitness and health goals. The abrasive composition of DE is able to flush away much of the build up that can line the intestinal tract and hinder metabolic function, contributing to an acceleration of the rate at which the body is able to break down fat.

In addition to boosting metabolic function, the absorbent properties of DE allow it to absorb toxins and pathogens within the digestive system that contribute to poor health, resulting in higher energy and motivation levels.

Should You Take Diatomaceous Earth to Lose Weight?

While there are no miracle cures for losing weight, increasing your metabolic rate can definitely improve the speed at which you can burn unwanted body fat. Combined with the other health benefits of diatomaceous earth, it can be an effective tool for promoting total body wellness and improving overall energy.

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