Diatomaceous Earth Chicken and Turkey Feed Additive Benefits


Diatomaceous earth, or DE, has many applications, but one of the least-known uses of this versatile substance is as an additive for turkey or chicken feed. The grains and cereal foodstuffs used to feed these birds are prone to both mold and pest infestation, caking, and damp rot.

Mixing diatomaceous earth with feed is a highly effective and economical method of preventing food wastage while increasing the nutritional value of the feed.

There are a number of compelling reasons to mix chicken or turkey feed with diatomaceous earth. Apart from preventing wastage, diatomaceous earth is high in essential minerals that improve the health of poultry birds.

Most importantly, diatomaceous earth has been demonstrated in scientific clinical trials to function as a highly effective treatment for eliminating bird parasites as well as improving egg-laying rates.

In this article, we’ll provide a simple step-by-step guide on the best method of mixing diatomaceous earth with bird feed at home.

What You’ll Need

Step 1

The first step in mixing your bird feed with diatomaceous earth is to ensure that you’re using food grade DE. Other forms of diatomaceous earth, such as pool grade diatomaceous earth, contain crystallized silica that can be fatal if consumed.

Other forms of diatomaceous earth, such as pest control grade DE, are commonly mixed with pest control toxins and poisons to improve their efficiency.

Food grade diatomaceous earth is unaltered and untreated DE that is safe for consumption. Always ensure you’re using food grade diatomaceous earth for any application involving ingestion for either humans or animals.

Step 2

Adding diatomaceous earth to bird feed or pellets is incredibly easy. Simply measure out 2% of the total weight of the feed to ascertain the correct amount of diatomaceous earth to mix.

Add this amount of diatomaceous earth into your feed bag or container and mix thoroughly. Use a stick or scoop to stir the DE into the feed, then shake the container to ensure it’s evenly distributed.

Step 3

Adding an inch-thick layer of diatomaceous earth on top of feed storage will help to prevent any pests from entering the feed as well as draw out any moisture that will cause rot.

Always be sure to keep your birds supplied with water when feeding them diatomaceous earth mixed feed as DE has the propensity to dehydrate smaller animals.

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