77 Best Smoothie Recipes – Top Healthy Whole Food Ingredients?


Welcome to SupplementPolice.com's 77 best smoothie recipes made from the top healthy whole food ingredients guide. Whether looking for quality meal replacements, fat burning weight loss concoctions or protein-packed muscle building support; we have it all covered below from replenishing electrolytes to boosting energy.

We all love delicious tasting treats and snacks, but we all often overlook the amount of harmful ingredients that are put into those processed foods. Luckily, there is another wonderful treat you can make and feel somewhat less guilty about indulging in it.

Smoothies are an excellent alternative to the often over sugary treats we turn to. The best thing about smoothies is that you get to decide what goes in them, so unlike those wrappers with dozens of different ingredients that you have never heard of, you will know for a fact that all of the ingredients in the smoothies are natural.

Here is our list of 77 excellent smoothie recipes that we have found for your convenience. Many of these recipes are pretty easy to make, while some are a bit more intricate and complex. One thing we can guarantee is that you will find the perfect smoothie for you!

kiwi smoothie

Triple Berry Smoothie

If you are serious about berries, then you should enjoy the Triple Berry Smoothie. It is an excellent combination of strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries that make this one of the tastiest smoothies we have ever seen. Besides its incredible taste, this smoothie also offers an incredible hue of lavender which will certainly turn heads and make others ask about the recipe and how it tastes.

Orange Julius Smoothie

We know for a fact there are some orange lovers out there who will enjoy this recipe as much as we do. The addition of banana to this recipe combats the sometimes strong citrus taste that comes alongside oranges and orange juice to balance the whole smoothie out and offer a nice and soft texture ready to take your taste buds to the next level.

Strawberry Smoothie

If you are looking for an easy to make and pleasantly vibrant smoothie, then this Strawberry Smoothie recipe is the way to go. No need to hit the groceries store and look for dozens of different ingredients to make an awesome smoothie, sometimes all you need is a few simple ingredients and a bunch of strawberries. This recipe is so simple to make that you will quickly find yourself enjoying it multiple times per week. Did we mention that this recipe is presented by Betty Crocker?

strawberry smoothie

Chiquita Banana Smoothie

Who better to get your banana smoothie recipe from then the company that delivers them to all of your local grocery stores? Here is an extremely simple Chiquita Banana Recipe that can be enjoyed by anyone who is a fan of this yellow fruit.

Peach & Blueberry Smoothie with Flaxseeds

At first when we thought about combining blueberries, peach, and flaxseeds into a smoothie we thought that there was no way this would be a tasty drink. We were completely wrong! Oddly, the combination of these three ingredients results in a super delicious and very sweet smoothie that can be enjoyed by anyone. Oh, and did we mention it has honey in it?

Mango and Pineapple Tropical Smoothie

If you are one of those people who often forget about the frozen fruit you have in the freezer, then this smoothie recipe is the perfect way out. We can’t think of a better way to make something this delicious while making sure your freezer isn’t filled to the brim with outdated ingredients.

pineapple mango smoothie

Easiest Green Smoothie Recipe Ever

This is a yet another recipe that is super easy to make. You will need only five different ingredients to make this delicious and nutritious smoothie that even your kids can enjoy. As the name suggests, this is a green smoothie and its color is absolutely amazing which is all due to two ingredients: avocadoes and spinach.

Beginner’s Luck Green Smoothie

Since we are on the topic of green smoothies, let’s take a look at another smoothie that is green in color but with some different ingredients. This smoothie offers a ridiculous amount of iron, potassium, and vitamins, but also tastes amazing. If tropical taste and healthy ingredients is what you are looking for then this smoothies it the perfect choice for you.

Pineapple and Banana Smoothie

We are going to be honest with you, bananas are a perfect fruit for smoothies and it’s all because of its texture when they are blended. Chances are you will see a lot of banana smoothies throughout your smoothie making adventures, but one thing is certain, this Pineapple and Banana Smoothie will always stand out from amongst the other recipes.

banana smoothie

Apricot-Peach Smoothie

Apricots are often overlooked and we truly have no idea why, because they are absolutely delicious and offer some amazing nutrients! So, if you have a family member that isn’t necessarily a fan of apricot but you are, the solution to this problem is making a delicious smoothie that they can’t refuse. The addition of peach into the smoothie counters the sometimes slightly bitter taste of apricot and the use of almond milk ensures that this smoothie is as healthy as it can possibly be.

Peanut Butter Smoothie

Ok, which one of you doesn’t like ice cream? Never mind, everyone loves ice cream! It just so happens that ice cream is an ingredient in this delectable Peanut Butter Smoothie. So, if you are craving some ice cream and peanut butter, try making this smoothie. You won’t regret it.

Orange Smoothie

We aren’t going to tell you that this is the healthiest smoothie in the world, but we will tell you that it tastes absolutely amazing! You don’t even need an actual orange fruit for this smoothie; frozen orange juice concentrate will suffice.

orange smoothie

Peanut Butter Strawberry Kale Smoothie

We think it’s time to introduce you to one of the healthier smoothies we have found online. Yes, we know that the kale it includes is not the most popular super food. Luckily, the sometimes undesired taste of kale is easily masked by some of the other ingredients found in this smoothie. Peanut butter has a very dominant taste to it, so believe us when we say that this drink is both tasty and healthy.

Protein-Packed Smoothie

Sometimes we need a bit of a protein boost to get our bodies back on track to a full recovery after our trip to the gym. Instead of making those gross protein shakes with that powder made of unknown ingredients, why not just make yourself a smoothie? This is the perfect recipe for those who need that extra protein to help their muscle recover.

Almond Berry Smoothie

Looking for something vegan and paleo-friendly? No problem, we got you covered. How about an Almond Berry Smoothie with just enough almond milk and almond butter to make this smoothie absolutely incredible? Add in the banana for texture and blueberries and you’ve got yourself a pretty healthy smoothie with an excellent taste.

almond berry smoothie

Unicorn Smoothie

Who says healthy means boring? Not us! Here is a perfect example of how something can be both exceptionally healthy and totally unique. The Unicorn Smoothie is both colorful and delicious. Improvise a little bit with some fruit skewers and you’ve got yourself a smoothie that no child, or adult, can refuse.

Cucumber-Mint Hydration Smoothies

Not everyone likes vegetables, so not everyone likes vegetable smoothies. However, the Cucumber-Mint Hydration Smoothie is pretty hard not to like. The clever use of melon, mint, and honey perfectly conceals the vegetables used in this smoothie to make it perfect for rehydration.

Strawberry Oatmeal Breakfast Smoothie

Oatmeal is absolutely delicious and the same can be said about strawberries. So, while we thought of adding strawberries to our oatmeal, how about also adding oatmeal to strawberries and blending it all up into a smoothie? This recipe is exactly that, a combination of a few ingredients including strawberries and oatmeal which results in a smoothie which is perfect for any breakfast throughout the week.

oats smoothie

Ginger Mango Carrot Smoothie

Mangoes are super delicious and ginger is extremely beneficial to the human body. Why not add them together and make an amazing smoothie? This is exactly what was done in this delicious recipe. Using some light vanilla almond milk in this recipe adds just the right amount of flavor to ensure that this smoothie tastes as good as it sounds.

Groovy Green Smoothie

Let’s face it, getting your kids to eat vegetables is pretty much impossible. How about a delicious smoothie that has hidden spinach leaves in it? Add the vibrant green colors to flavors that they love, and every kid will be asking for another one of these smoothies.

Cranberry Apple Smoothie

Smoothies come in all colors and tastes, but only a select few are actually healthy for you. We think that this Cranberry Apple Smoothie is one of the healthier smoothies on our list. Cranberries alone offer fantastic benefits and vitamins, add in all the other ingredients and you get a super nutritional drink.

cranberry apple smoothie

S’mores Smoothie

Let us start by warning you: this is an extremely delicious smoothie, but it is definitely not healthy for you. As long as you observe a degree of control, we see nothing wrong with making this sweet tooth of a smoothie.

Pitaya Chia Smoothie

Free radicals can be pretty harmful to your body, and that is exactly why it is vital to consume antioxidants that can help eliminate this issue. The ingredients found in this smoothie are a perfect source of antioxidants. Furthermore, when mixed together all of these ingredients result in a delicious smoothie.

Gooseberry Smoothie Recipe

Many people don’t know what a gooseberry is, which is unfortunate because they are a great source of vitamin C and have an absolutely unique yet delicious taste. This is the perfect recipe for those who are slightly adventurous and don’t mind trying out new things.

berry beet smoothie

Papaya-Banana Smoothie

One of the more interesting combinations of fruit that we have seen is the papaya fruit and banana. At first, we thought that the two tastes would contradict each other, but as it turns out the addition of vanilla extract and the use of milk delivers an excellent smoothie which is also pretty healthy.

Kiwi Fruit Smoothie

Kiwi is an amazing fruit and its flavor is very unique. Furthermore, it only takes a few pieces of this green fruit to dominate your taste buds. If mixed with other complementing fruits like mango and pineapple, the result is a very refreshing smoothie with a crazy amount of vitamins.7

Blackberry Smoothie

Not only are blackberries super low on calories, but they are also packed with vitamin C. This makes them an excellent fruit for snacking and other things. Needless to say, using them in a smoothie can also be a great idea. With only five ingredients, this is one of the easiest recipes to follow. The result is full of flavor and will take your taste buds for a ride.

blackberry smoothie

Simple Grape Smoothie

Grapes are the perfect fruit for making wine, and there is something else that grapes are perfect in: your smoothies. Grapes are an excellent choice because of the benefits that they offer and the antioxidant power that they contain within them. Add some plain yogurt and ice and the result is a tasty treat.

Cherry Limeade Smoothie

All you need is five simple ingredients, and the result is a tart and sweet smoothie. One of the best breakfasts for those who are on the go, this delicious drink is often compared to the Cherry Limeade soft drinks you can get at various dining locations. If you are craving some cherry limeade but don’t want to visit that fast food place and end up buying unhealthy food, why not make one of these smoothies at home?

Mango Watermelon Smoothie

This odd combination makes for an excellent treat, especially for those who are looking for dairy free options.

watermelon smoothie

Blueberry Super Smoothie

This smoothie is a combination of blueberries, cucumbers, and bananas with just a hint of yogurt.

Blueberry Cream Slushy

Blueberries, strawberries, and oranges, oh my! This slushie style smoother has a similar recipe to the one above, with a slight twist on which fruits to use.

Berry-Coconut Smoothie

This is an intriguing recipe that includes lentils and coconut milk. It’s a great smoothie for those who like the taste of coconut or who want to avoid cow’s milk.

berry coconut smoothie

Blueberry Pear Smoothie

Yet again we come across another delicious blueberry smoothie recipe. However, this time the partner in crime fruit is pears. Combining the two together results in a super unique yet flavorful tasting smoothie.

Grapefruit Green Smoothie

Grapefruits offer a ton of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that your body can benefit from. Add some spinach and a few other ingredients and you’ve got yourself an excellent detoxifying smoothie.

Apple-Kiwi Smoothie

Combining kiwi with an apple and adding a few strawberries will result in a perfect base for a smooth and cream smoothie. The best part is that it only takes 10 minutes to make.


kiwi apple smoothie

Cantaloupe Smoothie

One often overlooked fruit is the cantaloupe. Many people don’t think it is sweet enough and often opt for another fruit. Nonetheless, we have the perfect cantaloupe smoothie for you which is rich in taste and just sweet enough thanks to other ingredients.

World’s Best Watermelon Smoothie

We all love a few slices of perfectly ripe watermelon. So why not make a fantastic and refreshing smoothie out of it? All you need is three ingredients and you are done in just minutes.

Sunshine in a Bottle Lemon Smoothie

Seriously, why wouldn’t you try a smoothie that literally has the word sunshine in it? If you enjoy lemonade as much as we do, then you will definitely enjoy this smoothie recipe.

lemon honey smoothie

Sunrise Apricot Strawberry Smoothie

This is another delicious smoothie with apricots at the center, although this time the co-stars of the smoothie show are strawberries. To our surprise, this combination is simply delectable.

Orange-Tangerine Smoothie

Oranges are awesome and they make for an excellent ingredient in most smoothie recipes, but sometimes their citrusy flavor can be a bit overwhelming. Luckily, the combination of oranges, tangerines, and some honey perfectly blends the citrus flavor and results in a super refreshing drink.

Fig Smoothie

Three ingredients are all it takes to make this fantastic smoothie. The unique texture from the figs adds to the truly one of a kind smoothie taste. Give it a shot, you won’t regret it!

fig smoothie

Caramel, Coconut, Cashew Smoothie

Coconut, yum! Caramel, yum! Cashews, yum! It makes perfect sense that all of these ingredients should equal to an exceptional smoothie. What do you think?

Berry, Banana & Pomegranate Smoothie

Looking for a vibrant looking smoothie with a truly exceptional taste? You found it! We’ve used berries and bananas in other smoothies before, but using them with pomegranate creates one of the more unique colored smoothies out there.

Fresh Cranberry Smoothie

Thanksgiving isn’t the only time you can relive the taste of cranberries. Mixing them into a smoothie is a great way to remind your taste buds that cranberries exist.

Banana-Date Smoothie

Dates, bananas, and cardamom certainly sound a bit strange as key ingredients for a smoothie, but sometimes you must experiment with odd combinations to discover a truly amazing recipe. This smoothie is definitely on the strange list, but our taste buds clearly state otherwise.

banana dates smoothie

Mango Passion Fruit Sunrise Smoothie

If you are looking for some extra vitamin A and vitamin C to make sure that your body is super resistant to all sorts of flu-like viruses, then this smoothie is the perfect choice to add to your morning routine.

Cinnamon Persimmon Banana Smoothie

Persimmon is one of the most unique fruits out there, so it is needless to say that a smoothie made out of one of these fruits is also very unique. The addition of cinnamon totally transforms this smoothie into something that you have never tasted before.

Raspberry & Lychee Smoothie

You might think that raspberries are the key ingredient in this smoothie, but the truth is lychee totally steals the spotlight. This unique fruit is the main reason for why this smoothie is also very unique.

raspberry smoothie

Starfruit Mango Smoothie

Carambola, also known as starfruit, gives any recipe a special accent that can’t be matched by any other fruit. If you are looking for a tropical type smoothie then this recipe is definitely worth trying.

Kumquat Kiwi Smoothie

The kiwi is back again on our list, but this time its holding hands with a kumquat, a tart citrus fruit native to South Asia and the Asia Pacific region. If you need extra antioxidants and calcium to help your body out, this smoothie’s got your covered!

Light Oreo Smoothie

OK, we all love Oreos, but how do we keep the pounds off while still getting our Oreo fix? Simple, the Light Oreo Smoothie! All you need is a few simple ingredients and two Oreo cookies.

oreo smoothie

Durian Smoothie Recipe

Known as the king of fruits, the durian fruit has a reputation for having the strongest odor of all the fruits out there. However, those who can get through the smell that this fruit produces and actually eat it know that there is no other fruit in the world that taste as amazing as the durian fruit. WARNING: We aren’t kidding when we say this fruit has a strong odor.

Pomelo Smoothie

Another unique fruit, the pomelo smoothie will take your taste buds on a crazy ride. This fruit is similar in appearance to a grapefruit and is native to South and Southeast Asia. Imagine a grapefruit but without the tartness.

Homemade Boysenberry Smoothies

Looking for something that tastes like a cross between a blackberry and a raspberry? We’ve got you covered with this boysenberry smoothie.

boysenberry smoothie

Spiced Asian Pear

Although Asian pears taste nothing like regular pears, their nutritional profile is very similar. Adding a few other ingredients in addition to the Asian pear and blending it all together will result in a healthy and energy refilling smoothie that anyone could enjoy, even if looking to accelerate the process of losing weight.

Strawberry Nectarine Smoothie

Strawberries are delicious and make for excellent smoothies, but combining them with nectarines takes the smoothie to a whole new level. The combinations of fruit that go into this smoothie with a nectarine at the center make this one of our favorite smoothies.

Guava Smoothie

If you ever had any type of a guava based drink, then you know how truly delicious this fruit can be. Here is an awesome recipe for a guava smoothie that everyone will enjoy.

guava smoothie

Coconut Goji Berry Smoothie

This is another smoothie that provides high levels of antioxidants to help you fight dangerous free radicals. Besides the nutritional benefits, this smoothie also has a taste that’s out of this world.

Spiced Chocolate Plum Smoothie

There are many people out there who love chocolate, but how many chocolate lovers also love plums? If you are one of those people, then take a look at this unique spiced chocolate plum smoothie recipe.

Soursop Smoothie

Known as a natural cancer fighter, soursop is truly an exceptional fruit. If you are looking to get the benefits that soursop has to offer, then try this smoothie recipe.

soursoup smoothie

Jackfruit Smoothie

This fruit is certainly one of the more unique fruits used in a smoothie on our list, but it also has one of the best tastes. And judging by its recent news and updates, jackfruit is going to be widely used for so many “meat” applications and will be one of the newest superfoods to take over the entire scene!

Honeydew Smoothie

Have you ever had a drink that you try for the first time and then can’t stop drinking? This smoothie is one of those drinks. The refreshing taste of honeydew brings bliss to your taste buds.

Summer Blackcurrant Smoothie

This smoothie is one of the few on our list that is low on carbs, so if you are looking for something on the light side when it comes to carb counting then this is the perfect recipe.

blackcurrant smoothie

Banana Mandarin Smoothie

If you’ve ever had a mandarin you clearly know why it’s different from other fruits in the orange family. If you haven’t then this is your chance. Make this amazing smoothie and enjoy its sweet and crisp taste.

Blueberry Pluot

Want to boost your immune system while avoiding calories at all cost? This is the perfect smoothie for you. The combinations of fruit in this smoothie deliver unparalleled amounts of vitamins and minerals that your body can use to keep functioning at optimal capacity.

Honey Berry Smoothie

Honey makes everything better, including smoothies. This recipe is the perfect way to try out honey in a smoothie with some of your favorite summer berries.

berry smoothie

Tropical Smoothie

Rambutan is a rather strange looking fruit. What’s not strange is its amazing taste and what it brings to this tropical smoothie recipe. Try this smoothie and we guarantee you will be dreaming of sandy beaches in no time!

Spinach Loquat Smoothie

Loquats resemble apples in some ways. They are tart and sweet with a similar aroma. When mixed with spinach, the result is a green smoothie with a sweet taste and a unique color.

Tamarillo, Berry, Vanilla, and Yoghurt Smoothie

This recipe produces a very vibrant and sweet smoothie. It’s smooth and refreshing texture make it the perfect afternoon snack that anyone can enjoy.

berry vanilla smoothie

White Mulberry Vanilla Smoothie

Mulberries come in a few different colors. One of the more unique ones is the white mulberry. Combining vanilla and a few other ingredients with white mulberry in a smoothie results in a truly one of a kind drink with exceptional taste.

Watermelon-and-Cucumber Smoothie

Cucumber and watermelon…why would anyone in the world think that this is a good combination for a smoothie? The thing is that both of these are actually the perfect pair and produce an amazing smoothie.

Best Three-Ingredient Avocado Smoothie

We know that some of you absolutely hate spinach. So we present to you an avocado smoothie recipe that doesn’t have spinach in it! The best part is that it’s only got 3 ingredients to deal with.

avocado smoothie

Skinny Pineapple Smoothie

This smoothie is the guilt free version of some of the other pineapple smoothies you might have come across before. There is no added sugar and you could also use coconut milk instead of regular milk if you prefer the dairy free stuff.

Feijoa Breakfast Smoothie

What do pineapple, guava, and strawberry have in common? When combined, all of these fruits taste like feijoa! This egg-shaped fruit is the perfect ingredient in this breakfast smoothie.

Blood Orange and Strawberry Smoothie

There is no other smoothie out there as vibrantly red as this one! Adding the blood orange to the ever famously used strawberries creates one very unique smoothie that you should definitely try.

orange strawberry smoothie

Plantain Almond Smoothie

Bananas are great and all, but sometimes we crave something a little bit different. Enter the plantain, a low in sugar and starchier member of the banana family. Add a few almonds and some other ingredients and you’ve got yourself the perfect breakfast smoothie.

Rich Dark Chocolate Smoothie

Because everyone loves chocolate, we leave you with this absolutely out of this world smoothie that will blow your taste buds away.

77 Healthy Recipes For Whole Food Smoothies

We hope you enjoyed our well-researched and put together recipes for making your own smoothie and can incorporate them into your meal planning routines. Please reach out if you would like to add a customized smoothie recipe to this ever growing list that was put together to help you achieve better health and quality of life!

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