Healing Crisis

Healing Crisis Review

Are You in a Healing Crisis?

Detoxification is intended on rejuvenating the mind and body and positively impacting mental clarity and overall well-being. Sometimes, the initial reaction to a detoxification program can be very unpleasant and difficult to deal with.

This reaction, often called a Healing Crisis or detox reaction, occurs when someone feels worse than they did before starting a detox program. The good news for those experiencing a healing crisis is that it is a sign that you’ll soon feel much better and are going through a thorough cleansing.

What is a Healing Crisis?

Toxins accumulate in all tissues in the body, but are especially present in fat tissue. The body also contains numerous bacterial colonies that are killed off during the detoxification process. These toxins and bacteria release endotoxins, which enter the bloodstream to be filtered and eliminated.

When your body encounters these toxins, it can suddenly go through a “healing crisis”, which is your body’s immune system response to these toxins. This is why you feel the symptoms of illness, such as sweating, fever, or general discomfort.

In addition to detoxification programs, there are other things that can cause a healing crisis. Some women who have participated in reflexology have reported experiencing the symptoms of a healing crisis. Massages, sauna bathing, and many other natural therapies may also dislodge toxins and cause a healing crisis.

Symptoms of a Healing Crisis

For the most part, the symptoms of a healing crisis feel almost identical to the symptoms of the cold or flu. These symptoms may vary from person to person, but generally include:

— Diarrhea
— Fatigue
— Aches
— Low-grade Fever
— Anxiety
— Nausea
— Mood Swings
— Skin Irritations
— Congestion
— Stuffy Nose

For the most part, these symptoms only occur for one to three days. Generally speaking, the greater the toxicity, the more intense the healing crisis can be. Once your body begins to expel toxins, you may feel these effects. However, you should take it as a sign your body is working to eliminate toxins.

How to Deal With A Healing Crisis

If you experience a healing crisis, then you should make sure you stay hydrated to encourage your body to flush out toxins. Depending on your detoxification program, herbal teas or lemon juice may also be used to help further flush out toxins and to provide nutrients and antioxidants.

Massage therapy, acupuncture, and meditation may also be helpful for relieving the effects of a healing crisis, especially anxiety, stress, and soreness.

How to Avoid A Healing Crisis

The best way to avoid going through a healing crisis is to stay hydrated like we stated above. But if you are worried about doing a detox; with Diatomaceous Earth for instance, and going through the process you can start out taking about half of the recommended dosage and working your way up to a full dosage over the course of a week or two.



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