Diatomaceous Earth Dog Health Benefits – What Does It Improve?


The health benefits of diatomaceous earth for humans are extensive and well known. A little known use for diatomaceous earth, however, is as a health supplement for our canine friends. Many people choose to use DE as an organic and chemical free flea treatment for their pets, but are unaware of the wide range of health benefits that it can offer dogs.

Some of the potential benefits to supplementing your dog’s diet with diatomaceous earth include higher energy levels, better digestive health, improved digestive function and bowel movements, and a shinier, healthier coat.

While the high silica content of DE is what makes it so effective as a flea treatment, silica is also an essential precursor to keratin production in both dogs and humans, providing both with stronger and thicker hair follicles.

The other elements that make up DE such as magnesium and calcium also provide health boosting nutrition, making DE a highly effective food supplement for animals. Getting started with supplementing your dog’s diet with diatomaceous earth is as easy as following these simple steps.

Step 1: Choose the Right Diatomaceous Earth Grade

Diatomaceous earth comes in many different grades and formulation. Some grades of DE, such as pool grade DE or insecticide DE are unsuitable for human or dog consumption and should be avoided for this task. Be sure to use food-grade diatomaceous earth when supplementing your animal’s diet.

Step 2: Determine the Right Dosage

The best dosage of DE for your animal will depend on their size. Puppies and small dogs require only a small amount of DE to gain significant health benefits, with a ½ teaspoon serving per day the ideal serving size. Dogs under 50 pounds only need one teaspoon daily, and dogs between 50 and 100 pounds should take up to 1 full tablespoon of DE daily. Larger dogs will tolerate up to 2 tablespoons daily.

It’s important to note that puppies should only begin consuming DE after they’ve finished nursing and have moved on to solid foods. When introducing DE to your dog’s diet, it’s best to begin with a ¼ dose and move up to a full dosage at ¼ dosage increments over the course of a week while observing their health.

Step 3: Choose the Delivery Method

You’ll need to decide whether you choose to supplement your dog’s diet with diatomaceous earth through either wet or dry food. The best method can vary from animal to animal, so experimenting with different methods will yield the best results.

There are two different ways supplement your dog’s diet with DE with dry food. The simplest method is to determine the amount of servings in each bag of the dry food that you feed your dog, and multiple this number by the relevant daily dose, adding it to the bag.

Shake the bag vigorously to distribute the DE evenly amongst the food. This method will ensure the DE absorbs the scent of the food so your dog will not be able to discern between DE and food and has an added bonus of deterring insects and pests.

The second method of incorporating DE into dry food for dogs is to mix the relevant dose with a ¼ cup of warm water, pouring it over the food after serving. This will prevent the diatomaceous earth powder from making the food appear unpalatable to the dog.

Adding diatomaceous earth to wet food is fast and easy. Simply add the relevant dose and mix, and your dog won’t be able to tell the difference. Supplementing your dog’s diet with diatomaceous earth is simple, easy and cost effective, providing a great way to improve your furry friend’s health with minimal effort.

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