Diatomaceous Earth Kitty Litter Odor Control – Safe For Cats?


Kitty litter is one of the most odorous elements of owning a cat. While feline companions generally bathe themselves, their toilet hygiene often leaves much to be desired. The smell of an unkempt, damp litter box not only permeates through an entire home, but can also carry dangerous parasites such as toxoplasma gondii. This dangerous microscopic parasite causes toxoplasmosis, a condition that leads to flu-like symptoms and a number of cognitive effects.

The best way to both keep your cat’s litter area free from bad odors and protect your family from pathogens is by treating it with diatomaceous earth, or DE. DE is a highly absorbent substance that wicks away most of the bad smells caused by kitty litter and is easy to mix into any litter brand.

In addition to keeping your home clean, DE mixed into a litter tray will destroy any parasites, insects or larvae that may infest a litter box. In this article we’ll outline the best method of eliminating kitty litter odors with diatomaceous earth.

Step 1: Clean Litter Box

Begin by cleaning your cat’s litter box. Bag and throw away any existing litter in a bin outside of the home, then wash your cat’s litter box with warm, soapy water. Add fresh, clean litter to the box.

Step 2: Add Diatomaceous Earth

After adding litter to the litter box, mix in diatomaceous earth. For each pound of litter added to the litter box, mix in a ¾ cup of DE. With the scoop you use to add litter to the tray, distribute the DE evenly throughout the litter.

Step 3: Repeat

To ensure your cat’s toilet area remains clean and odor free, repeat this process every time you clean the litter.

Bonus Tip

To increase the efficiency of this method and save time, you may want to mix your litter with diatomaceous earth beforehand. Simply determine the weight of the bag of litter and mix in the appropriate amount of DE- ¾ of a cup per pound of weight. Add to bag and shake vigorously, and you will pre-prepare your litter for use.

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