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Popular Diets In 2015 & 2016

Trends: Which diets were more popular and how will they do in the future?

Don’t you hate it when you make a new year’s resolution and you end up never doing it? This is the time of the year where that happens. You promise to lose X amount of pounds and you set out to do it. You probably quit within 2-3 weeks and never look back.

2015 Popular Weight Loss Diets

Perhaps, that’s why there’s such a keen interest in trending diets. Every year there’s something different that people are obsessed about. There’s all kinds of trends that promise that instant weight loss without any effort whatsoever. (Hint: It’s not that simple.) Let’s look at what 2015 had for us in terms of what people were crazy about. And, let’s hope that we can predict what the new fad is going to be based on the information that we have now. Here’s our list.

Garcinia Cambogia

It’s from Asia and was used in ancient times as a remedy by the ancient Indians as a way to treat digestive problems. It’s rich in vitamins such as iron, calcium and niacin. What makes this fruit special is the ingredient called hydroxycitric acid or otherwise known as HCA.

It became super popular when Dr. Oz recommended it as a weight loss solution that required no dieting or exercise. The HCA is what many people say is the primary component that does the weight loss.

Dr. Oz’s recommendation of garcinia led to the rise of a bunch of supplements. Supplements such as “Pure Garcinia Cambogia,” and “Garcinia Cambogia 360,” came into being.

It became so popular that it actually averaged a million searches a month for this miracle solution. It was even classified to be the world’s most googled weight loss pill. (Look it up I’m not kidding.)

Supplements aren’t regulated by the FDA. Therefore, all the supplements out there in the market have not been analyzed or tested carefully. The creators of these supplements can put whatever ingredients that they want and don’t even need to do any proper research about their products. In other words they can lie about the benefits of their product without any government oversight.

Luckily, there was some research done on Garcinia Cambogia. Some research had to be done if it was going to be a popular weight loss supplement. The research has shown that the supplement does in fact work among overweight men. Optimal results can be obtained if proper diet and exercise is done. The scientists also altered the hydroxycitric acid and combined it with salt. This increased the potency of that ingredient and gave even more weight loss.

There was merit to what Dr. Oz claimed. He just exaggerated what it can do for you.

Belts and Accessories

Kim Kardashian made this trend popular. She made waist cinchers popular because she took one photo – which led many women to get their own. Jessica Alba said that she was able to get rid of baby weight with restrictive wearable items.

This led to the rise of belt compression products. You’d wear a belt that would suppress/compress your body. Basically it’s super uncomfortable to wear and doesn’t work at all. The idea behind it was to compress your core to keep it small. You’d look small but when you take that thing off all hell breaks loose.

Too bad it doesn’t work. Compression belts can actually harm your health. Wearing one can hurt your muscles and weaken it. This leads to all sorts of nasty problems like back pain, issues with your posture, digestive problems and so much more. It really isn’t worth it.

You’ll look skinnier while you wear it as you develop health problems. It’s not sustainable. Use Garcinia Cambogia instead. Diet and exercise works as well.

Colon Cleansers

Next up are colon cleansers. It necessarily isn’t new this year but it has stable interest. No ups and downs with this one. There are a bunch of companies out there that has made piles of money on cleaning your colon.

They have sold you the idea that if you don’t take care of your colon, that it will cause you to gain weight and impact your health substantially. What does the actual scientists say about it? Unsurprisingly, there’s no data that backs those claims. There’s no unattended waste in your colon. People really underestimate the efficiency in which our body processes waste. Our body is extremely efficient at cleaning waste. Therefore, the claims that your colon is dirty and needs to be cleansed right away is bullshit.

What makes it worse is that these colon cleansers can actually harm your health. It can block key nutrients that can be integrated to your blood. Taking these colon cleansers can prevent these nutrients from entering your blood and can actually prevent water being absorbed to your heart. Do you want to be dehydrated and have deficiencies for all kinds of vitamins that you need?

If so then colon cleansers are for you. Have fun with them.

Green Tea

People always had interest in Green Tea but 2015 was the year of the green tea extracts. It would be put in supplements and powders. An example of this would be fit tea.

People claim that this is a better alternative to coffee because of the ingredient called matcha. Green tea is full of antioxidants so there’s a case to be made that green tea can be used to fighting aging and have better skin. However, people ignore that caffeine really isn’t bad for you. In fact it’s really good for you. There’s no reason to ditch it. Good for your mind and good for your body.

Let’s look into matcha though. It comes from a Japanese plant called tencha. The leaves of the tencha are taken and smashed into a green powder. A paste basically. This paste would be put in tea.

Matcha has something called EGCG or epigallocatechin gallate. This substance has been shown to increase your metabolism and can actually help with weight loss. As more and more people are aware of these effects, green tea became more popular.

Like any other supplement matcha isn’t a miracle solution. You can’t eat potato chips on the couch and help yourself to a cheesecake – while losing weight with green tea. It doesn’t work that way. Green tea will provide optimal and effective results to those who use it in a proper diet. Exercise is equally important as well.


What’s interesting about Ketosis is that it actually works. Ketosis is the state that your body enters when it doesn’t have enough carbohydrates to use as a source of energy. When there are no carbohydrates your body will turn your fat into energy instead. This was invented in the Roaring 20s by a doctor who sought a way to treat seizures. A side effect of this ketogenic state is that it is remarkable for weight loss. Which can explain why people are extremely interested in it. Because it actually works.

There’s a catch to being in a state of ketosis. It’s extremely difficult to sustain and you can feel like shit while doing it. Humans aren’t really used to eating no carbohydrates and this problem gets worse when you look at what the food industry shoves in your face. Lots and lots of carbs. Being deprived of that for the first time, can cause drastic effects to your body. People have experienced migraines, dizziness, and even mood swings. The side effects that stick are issues in the bathroom and bad breathe.

If you are willing to stick through the diet, you will lose weight in no time. There are whole communities dedicated to helping people maintain the keto lifestyle. It’s an unconventional solution to a common problem. Try it out if you wish.

2016 Popular Weight Loss Diets Predicted

Our prediction for the new trends of 2016

2015 is about to end real soon. Have you ever wondered what’s going to be the new obsession of 2016? We have some candidates that we believe are going to be hits within the New Year. Here is our list.


Soups are going to be the future. People are going to replace juicing with yummy soups. Instead of just making fruit/vegetables shakes, what’s going to be used instead are soups. The diet will consist of just soups. People claim that a soup only diet will allow you to absorb more nutrients and be healthier.

The issue with soups is that it’s in liquid form. Humans do not absorb nutrients effectively when consuming liquids. Solids are the way to go to help feeling fuller faster and getting the necessary nutrients that we need to survive. Soups can be tasty and healthy but remember that your body gets confused by liquids. Solid foods are the way to go.

A New Beverage

What do you think of a beverage made out of coffee, butter and oil? This is called full fat. And, it might help you with weight loss. Invented by businessman Dave Asprey he got the idea from the nation of Nepal. He says that this beverage is the new coffee and can assist with weight loss. This novel product is slowly gaining popularity and be one of 2016’s new fad.

The scientific research is catching up as well. The American Heart Association and other groups have published studies that said that high fat foods and dairy products have no correlation with the development of obesity. In fact the opposite might be true. You can cut your risk of obesity by consuming high fat foods.

The experts don’t have a unanimous agreement on it either. More research needs to be done on the matter before anything is conclusive. Mixing your coffee with high fat dairy can provide some health benefits. Just remember that just because you cut the risk of obesity doesn’t mean you will lose weight. All it means is that you reduce the risk of developing obesity.

Drink this at your own discretion. Research hasn’t confirmed the effects of full fat. But if it tastes good – then that’s a different story.


Pulses are foods such as beans, lentils and chickpeas. The United Nations is extremely confident that pulses will be popular this year. It even named 2016 the year of pulses.

The UN has done a bunch of research on these foods. And, it has found that these foods are really good for you. They believe that it should be part of everyone’s diets as it can address a variety of health problems. It can assist with preventing obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and more.

The UN will probably spearhead an effort to make these popular. They are really healthy and taste good too. It wouldn’t be surprising if people get interested in beans and lentils this year.

Article Takeaway

What you should have learned from reading this article:

Any company that claims you can lose weight without any dieting and exercise is lying to you. Supplements aren’t regulated by the FDA so it’s important to be careful when buying your supplements. If you are buying green tea make sure that green tea is actually in your supplement. Companies will lie if they can.

Any fad that says exercise isn’t necessary, is too restrictive with food choices, and promises rapid weight loss is probably not giving you the full story. And, it can be quite dangerous as well.

If you want real change then try out the keto diet. That can actually make you lose weight for a price. The next trick would be to maintain that weight. You’d do that by eating a high protein diet (keeps you full) and some occasional exercise. Do that and you will lose the excess weight and keep it off as well.

If you do that then you will be fine. Remember to do your own research and don’t believe in the hype. And, do us all a favor. Please don’t support the wearables, an no we are not talking about step counting wearables like Fitbit, industry. Compressing your body doesn’t work. That industry should just die.

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