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Orthosilicic Acid Review

Orthosilicic Acid (OSA) is a type of silicic acid that naturally occurs in water, seawater, and certain beverages (like beer). It is often referred to as “soluble silica” because Orthosilicic Acid is a dietary form of silicon (a mineral that is involved in the creation of collagen and bones).

Although orthosilicic acid is found in our water, many people do not get enough OSA per day. As a result, the use of Orthosilicic acid supplements has grown tremendously. You can find OSA supplements at your local health store or through various online retailers.

Uses for Orthosilicic Acid

According to natural health proponents, orthosilicic acid can treat various health conditions, including the following:

— Alzheimer’s Disease
— Atherosclerosis
— Hypertension
— Heart Disease
— Stroke

However, despite these claims, there is very limited evidence on whether or not OSA actually has any effect on these health conditions. Some medical experts are skeptical about OSA and have expressed their concerns over the claims made by natural medicine supporters.

As a result, it is not entirely sure whether or not OSA can improve upon these health conditions. However, there are a few research studies that give us hope about orthosilicic acid.

Proven Health Benefits of Orthosilicic Acid

Of the few studies we have involving orthosilicic acid, there are so far three main benefits associated with OSA. They include:

Bone Health

Bone health: In a 2008 study, 136 women with osteopenia took OSA along with calcium and vitamin D, or a simple placebo every day for a year. After the full year was completed, participants given OSA had shown greater improvements in bone formation.

Scientists attributed this to OSA’s ability to stimulate the production of collagen (a protein that is found in connective tissue) and in promoting the development of “bone-forming cells.”

Joint Health


Joint health: One of the earliest studies, conducted in 1997, studied the effects of OSA on joint health in calves. Researchers found that calves that were fed an OSA supplement typically had a greater concentration of collagen in their cartilage, which would indicate stronger, healthier joints.

Researchers were not entirely sure whether or not OSA supplementation would result in the same effects in humans, although more recent studies would suggest that OSA may replicate similar results.

Hair Health

Hair health: A small study published in the Archives of Dermatological Research in 2007 suggests that OSA may help improve hair quality and health. In the study, 48 women with “fine hair” were either given a placebo or an orthosilicic supplement for nine months.

Researchers found that OSA appeared to boost hair strength and thickness. Overall quality of hair was also improved through OSA supplementation.

Side Effects of Orthosilicic Acid

Since orthosilicic acid has been studied very little, we don’t know whether or not there are long-term effects. However, since orthosilicic acid is essential a naturally-occurring mineral, there is a great deal of speculation that long-term use will have no negative impacts on an individual’s health.

Orthosilicic acid is very likely safe for almost everybody to use and from our in-depth research, we have found no common side effects or adverse health effects as a result of using it.

We have also found that the recommended dosage is around 30mg a day to improve bone health and joint health. We found no dosage to improve hair health.

Final Thoughts On Orthosilicic Acid

Silicon is an important mineral that has many functions in the human body. We’re confident that orthosilicic acid can improve your health in various ways and we hope the new research coming out each year will help further prove how beneficial orthosilicic acid can truly be.

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