Diatomaceous Earth Cat Health Supplements – Does It Work?


Many people choose to use diatomaceous earth, or DE, as a flea repellent for their feline friends, or as a health supplement to improve their own health. Few are aware, however, that diatomaceous earth can provide just as many health benefits to cats as it does to humans.

There is a growing community of pet owners around the world who are supplementing the diet of their pets with small amounts of diatomaceous earth, reporting improved appetite, metabolism, digestive function and coat health.

Mined from ancient lake beds, DE is a slightly abrasive silicate powder that contains trace amounts of minerals such as calcium, sodium, titanium dioxide, magnesium and more. Used as a feed filler for livestock for decades, the positive health effects of DE in animals is measurable and noticeable.

If you’d like to improve the health of your cat with DE, start with this basic guide on feline DE dietary supplementation.

Step 1: Choose the Right Grade of Diatomaceous Earth

There are many different grades of diatomaceous earth. Some grades are used exclusively for pest control or filtration and are too coarse for digestion in humans or animals, containing an excessive amount of trace elements. It’s important to use food-grade diatomaceous earth when supplementing the diet of your cat, as other grades are unsafe for consumption.

Step 2: Determine the Correct Dosage for Your Cat

The size and weight of your cat plays an important role in determining the correct dosage of DE to supplement their diet with. Small cats and kittens require the least amount of DE to gain health benefits. If your cat is between 2 and 6.5 pounds, adding a ½ teaspoon of DE once daily should be sufficient.

Fully grown cats between 7 and 13 pounds should receive one full teaspoon of DE each day. If your cat is a greedy kitty and has put on a few extra pounds, you may want to consider increasing their dose. Cats larger than 13 pounds are able to tolerate up to 1 ½ teaspoons of DE every day.

As with supplementing your own diet with DE, begin with small amounts and slowly build up, carefully observing the health and behavioral effects on your feline companion. If the cat begins to present any worrisome side effects, discontinue dosage immediately.

It’s advisable to avoid supplementing the diet of kittens and young cats that are still nursing and wait until they are capable of ingesting solid food.

DE can be a nutritious and beneficial addition to the diet of your cat, but ensure you give your cat a one week break every five weeks to allow their system to cleanse and detoxify.

Step 3: Feeding Your Cat Diatomaceous Earth

It’s common knowledge that our feline friends can be picky eaters. Adding DE to wet cat food is relatively simple- just mix in the appropriate dose to your cat’s food before serving. Adding DE to dry cat food can be somewhat more complex, as your cat may decline dry food with a white DE powder garnish.

There are two methods of adding DE to dry cat food. The easiest of the two is to determine the amount of servings in each bag of dry cat food. Multiply the daily dosage of DE relevant to your cat by the amount of servings in the dry food bag, add and then shake vigorously.

The diatomaceous earth will coat the dry food and absorb the food scent overnight, preventing the cat from distinguishing between DE and food.

The second method of adding DE to your cat’s dry food requires a quarter cup of warm water. When serving your cat dry food, mix their dosage of DE with warm water and pour it on top of the dry food.

By experimenting with these different methods, you’ll be able to discover the best way to add DE to your cat’s diet, enhancing their health and overall quality of life.

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