How To Treat Your Dog For Ticks With Natural Diatomaceous Earth


Depending on your geographic location, your pets may be at risk of becoming infested with ticks. Commonly lurking in tall grass and undergrowth, ticks come in a variety of species. Classified as ectoparasites, ticks lodge their heads beneath the skin of your pet and feed on their blood.

Apart from potentially endangering the health of your dog, ticks are able to both bite and infest humans as well as infest a home.

Identifying Ticks

Ticks carry a number of diseases that can affect both humans and animals. Dogs can contract canine anaplasmosis, or dog tick fever, from ticks. This disease can induce fever, vomiting, stiff joints, loss of appetite, diarrhea and even seizures.

Ticks can cause worse health issues in humans, such as human anaplasmosis, which has similar symptoms, and even lyme disease, which is a potentially fatal bacteria infection.

The best way to prevent your dog from falling ill is by checking them every time they come home from an area that may harbor ticks, whether it’s in the backyard or a camping trip. Regularly checking your dog for ticks will allow you to identify an infestation early and treat it accordingly.

Diatomaceous Earth: A Chemical-Free Alternative

Most traditional tick treatments involve the use of powerful chemical toxins and poisons that can have a detrimental effect on both your health and that of your pet.

Diatomaceous earth is a chemical and poison free, completely organic alternative for these treatments that works quickly and effectively to rid both your home and animal of ticks.

Unlike other tick control substances on the market, diatomaceous earth works via a purely mechanical method. Diatomaceous earth is composed of tiny, highly absorbent particles of silica that have rough, sharp edges.

When ticks come into contact with diatomaceous earth, the fine silica particles bind to their exoskeleton, wearing away the outer layer. Once this protective outer layer is abraded away, the silica particles absorb the lipid oils and moisture from within the tick, fatally dehydrating it.

This process is extremely efficient and requires only a small amount of diatomaceous earth. Additionally, ticks cannot develop a resistance to diatomaceous earth and as it’s completely neutral it can be used safely around both food and children.

A major advantage of diatomaceous earth over other tick treatments is that it prevents re-infection. The tick life cycle consists of four stages- egg, larvae, nymph and adult. Traditional poison pesticides destroy the latter three forms of tick while leaving eggs, allowing them to hatch later to re-infest your pet.

Diatomaceous earth remains effective throughout the entire life cycle of the insect, so when secondary waves of ticks are hatched later they are subsequently destroyed.

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