The master male hormone testosterone (androgenic steroid) is the most publicized and responsible factor when it comes to men's sexual characteristics is usually at the central focus of overall manliness and healthy muscle building supplements.

Our review on boosting testosterone and nitric oxide levels will be three fold:

  • a practical guide for naturally producing & optimizing more of your manhood
  • how to avoid free trial muscle building supplement scams & sample offers
  • how to stop sabotaging hormone levels by having health habits and protocols (ie training, nutrition, lifestyle and supplementation)

Together, these three core elements should provide you with one of the best testosterone boosting guides you can find online that not only goes in-depth about the health benefits and side effects, but shows you what to avoid when picking and selecting the right product for you. We all know Low T for men is a thing, and here is a straightforward guide on how to go about winning the testosterone producing, enhancing and boosting battle.

What Is Testosterone?

From womb to tomb, it is clear that testosterone is thee hormone that makes a man a man. So as a man, it becomes increasingly important to understand how to supply and supplement our aging bodies with enough of it to stay optimal and healthy to age gracefully.

Being a man's principle sex hormone (women's is estrogen), we need to learn how to activate our brain's hypothalamus to secrete bursts of GnRH (gonadotropin releasing hormones) which stimulates gonadotrophins' luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicle stimulating hormone (FSH), which are collectively called gondadrophins throughout our bodies for increased testosterone levels.

These LH & FSH gonadtrophins will literally travel from the brain down the spine into the testicles which stimulates sperm production and leydig cells to produce testosterone from the popular precursor cholesterol. From there, free testosterone travels the bloodstream and targets androgen receptors which is where all of the benefits of testosterone start to add up and become of immense value in the body.

Our objective is to analyze each of these popular health benefits associated with having plenty of testosterone present within our body:

So if testosterone is the star of the show for men's health and fitness, let's first discuss if it is possible and then give ways to naturally increase testosterone production and how to avoid free trial muscle growth supplements. We know there are many available solutions for Low like testosterone therapy, pills, injections and creams – but let's cover them all one by one.

Can You Naturally Boost Testosterone Levels?

As part of our two part guide on buying testosterone boosters and building testosterone naturally, we are going to first cover 9 different ways to get your body to start producing more healthy testosterone hormone.

When most individuals think of the word ‘testosterone’, they generally think of it as being the ultimate essence of manhood. However, these individuals fail to take into consideration the fact that women also have testosterone, too, and some people cannot even accurately define what it is. In its most basic form, testosterone is nothing more than a hormone that is generally produced by a male’s testicles.


Testosterone is an important hormone in the male body, as it is primarily responsible for influencing males’ sexuality and reproductive functions and is known as the man maker. Additionally, it also substantially impacts the average male’s hair growth and ability to acquire muscle mass.

While these are the most well known bodily functions that are influenced by testosterone, it is important to also note those bodily functions that don’t appear to be as ‘exciting’ or ‘flashy’, such as bone density, red blood cell count, and the body’s overall well being.

Once a male reaches the age of 30, his testosterone levels gradually start to decrease and continually decline throughout the remainder of his life.

One of the main reasons why this occurs is because many chemicals that are found in things such as prescription drugs serve to decrease testosterone production in men. Additionally, there are a multitude of compounds in food, water, and other items that we consume that increase the body’s production of estrogen, which serves to further decrease the average male’s production of testosterone.

What Can You Do if Your Testosterone Production Starts to Decrease?

There are a few ways that a male can infer that his testosterone levels are dropping. For instance, if he starts to suffer from a decreased sex drive, erection related issues, depression, or he is unable to focus and remain concentrated like he normally can, this male may not be producing as much testosterone as normal. In order to verify this, you can choose to have your testosterone levels tested by a professional doctor. Because blood tests are not as accurate as possible in regards to testosterone, there is a chance that you will need to go through a different type of test as well.

If your testosterone levels are tested and it is found that they are lower than they normally should be, you have various options that you can choose from. There are many safe products that are currently sold in today’s market, and each of them have been tested in order to make sure that they’re up to current health and safety standards.

However, before you decide to give pills or drugs a try, I strongly recommend that you look at some of the natural and holistic methods that can be used in order to boost testosterone production. They’ve been known to work for all kinds of people, most of them are incredibly affordable, and almost all of them have virtually no negative side effects.

Sound’s great, right?

Natural Testosterone Booster

9 Natural Ways To Produce More Testosterone:

9 Different Natural Ways That You Can Get Your Body to Start Naturally Producing More Testosterone

1) Shed Your Excess Weight.

According to several scientific studies, being overweight can severely inhibit testosterone production in men. However, losing weight can help to make these numbers rise, so this is a great strategy to try out.

It is important to note, though, that if you are genuinely serious about losing all of your extra weight, your first step should always be to cut out sugars and fructose syrup as much as possible from your diet. These two compounds are largely responsible for the obesity epidemic as a whole, and it is almost impossible to lose weight without first cutting back on them. Try to avoid things like soda, artificially flavored juice, and obvious snacks that are unhealthy, such as candy and other assorted junk foods.

It should be your goal to keep your fructose consumption to less than 25 grams a day, even counting fruits. While this may seem difficult at first, it will be worth it in the end. If you also suffer from diabetes, a heart related disease, or cholesterol, you most definitely need to try extra hard to stick to this number.

Similarly, try to avoid consuming milk and grains as much as possible. While they may seem harmless, milk contains large amounts of lactose, which has been scientifically proven to increase insulin resistance and thus make it easier to retain weight. Naturally, no one wants this to unnecessarily occur.

Processed grains and carbohydrates are also food items that you should do your best to avoid. Pretzels, waffles, bagels, and similar snacks may taste good, but they all wind up breaking down into unhealthy sugars that you do not want in your body.

When you cut these food items from your diet, you need to make sure that you are properly replacing them with healthy foods that will give you enough energy. Vegetables and low sugar fruits are great options, and you need to make sure that you eat enough of them. If you are used to a diet that consists of a lot of grains, you will need a lot of vegetables to make up for this new transition.

2) Partake in High Intensity Fitness Exercises

It has been shown that high intensity fitness exercises help to substantially boost testosterone production.

Long exercises, which are generally referred to as aerobic exercises, unfortunately do not have the same effects. In fact, scientists believe that they do not affect testosterone production at all.

Another trick that you can try is to have a whey protein meal after your workout. Doing so has been scientifically proven to help increase testosterone production, as hunger hormones are responsible for causing the opposite to happen.

In order to have the most successful workout as possible, here is what you should be doing before, during, and after:

  • Spend At Least 3 Minutes Before Your Workout Stretching And Warming Up
  • Spend The Next 30 Seconds Exercising As Fast And Hard As Is Physically Possible. Once You Are Done Doing This, You Should Feel Completely Exhausted And As If You Cannot Go On Any Longer.
  • Spend The Next 90 Seconds Cooling Down. Try To Continue At A Moderate Pace, But Make Sure That You Recover Properly.
  • Go Back And Forth Between The Last Two Steps Seven More Times. This Will Become More Difficult To Do The Further That The Workout Progresses, But It Is Important That You Try To Finish The Workout To The Best Of Your Ability.

This workout is super short and when executed properly, should only take about 20 minutes of your day. When was the last time that you found a workout that only lasted 20 minutes? Plus, there are only about four solid minutes in this workout that require you to be exercising at your full capacity. Other than that, you are just letting your body cool down, warming your body back up, or are resting.

Another great thing about this workout is that you can do any type of exercise that you like with it. Whether it’s running, riding your bike, swimming, or using the elliptical, it will all work with this exercise plan. Just make sure that you are being as safe as possible and that you are properly warmed up before you start exercising at your full capacity. The last thing you want is to become severely injured.

3) Make Sure That You Are Consuming Your Body’s Daily Zinc Requirement

Not many people are aware of this, but the compound zinc has been scientifically proven to help boost testosterone production. Conversely, it has also been found that if the male body is deficient in zinc, testosterone production will be severely limited. Thus, making sure that you have high enough levels of this compound is essential. In fact, increasing your zinc production can even help to protect your body from other actions that would otherwise limit zinc production.

Zinc deficiency is a very common issue in adults over the age of 60, and studies have shown that 45 percent of these individuals do not consume enough zinc as they should. Even 20-25 percent of individuals who take zinc supplements still do not have enough of this compound in their body.

The best way to make sure that you are getting as much zinc as your body needs is to have a healthy and balanced diet. Foods that are rich in protein are great sources of zinc, and items such as meat and fish are fantastic options. Even raw milk, beans, and cheese are fantastic sources of zinc. Vegetarians are oftentimes the individuals that have the most trouble obtaining their daily-required zinc levels, as vegetables are generally farmed in ways that counteract their health benefits. Pesticides and fertilizers are by no means beneficial for the body, and they can also severely limit the nutrients and vitamins that are found in vegetables and fruits.

Additionally, the way that individuals prepare and cook certain foods can also further deplete the nutrient levels in them. Many people are not aware that they are guilty of this, and they fail to take it into consideration.

Before you decide to take a zinc supplement, first try to increase your zinc levels by modifying your diet appropriately. However, if you find that this is too much effort or is not working as successfully as you would like it to, try taking some zinc pills. But, make sure that you are not consuming more than 40 milligrams a day, as you do not want to wind up taking too much. Not only is doing so unhealthy, but it can also cause other side effects, such as nausea.

4) Try Some Strength Training Exercises

High intensity exercise plans are not the only type of workout that can help boost your testosterone production. Strength training is another great option that many individuals tend to not know about.

In order to complete your strength training exercises as successfully as possible, make sure that you are doing exercises that involve few reps and high volumes of weight. Additionally, try to also do exercises that involve utilizing multiple muscles at a time.

Slowing down your workout is also a great way to make your exercises as effective as possible. Doing so makes your workout a high intensity exercise and does wonders at the microscopic level.

5) Make Sure That You Are Consuming Enough Vitamin D

Vitamin D is an absolutely pivotal compound for multiple reasons. It helps to improve the quality of semen and keep sperm count up, while simultaneously ensuring that the body produces enough testosterone. Multiple studies have helped to prove this, and increasing vitamin D consumption has now become a popular tactic for increasing testosterone levels.

A scarily large number of people in the United States suffer from Vitamin D deficiency. This is partly due to the fact that these individuals are not in the sun often enough, and that our food products do not contain enough of this vitamin.

The best way to make sure that you are getting enough vitamin D as possible is to spend a little bit more time in the sun. Naturally, you will want to make sure that you are wearing sunscreen and protecting yourself from skin cancer. If you do not have access to consistent sun exposure, but you do have access to a safe tanning bed, this is also a great option that you should take advantage of.


6) Work on Reducing Your Stress Levels

When the human body becomes stressed, it starts to release a compound known as cortisol. This compound, which is actually a hormone, has been scientifically proven to prevent the production of testosterone.

Thus, if you are one of the many individuals that suffer from long-term stress, your testosterone production runs the risk of being stifled for the long run, which is something that no male wants to have happen.

If you do struggle with stress, it is strongly recommended that you try some exercises or techniques in order to help you relax. Meditation is a great option that too few individuals take advantage of, and there are many other techniques that can be used as well. Just by doing a little bit of research, you will be able to almost immediately find a handful of options that you can give a try.

7) Start to Limit the Amount of Sugar That You Consume

Sugar consumption can severely limit testosterone production in the male body. This is mainly due to the fact that sugar consumption directly leads to the production of insulin, which is also a compound that has been scientifically proven to stifle testosterone production.

The average human consumes over two tons of sugar in his or her lifetime. This statistic is both terrifying and concerning.

Although sugar tastes good and makes us happy, it is not good for the body in the long run. The short-term pleasure that we receive from it by no means makes up for the negative effects that it has on the body.

By cutting back on your sugar consumption, you will be providing your body with a seemingly endless slew of health benefits that is not limited to an increase in testosterone production.

Although it may be difficult to cut back on your sugar consumption at first, I promise that it will be worth it in the end. You will be so much healthier and noticeable results will start to happen almost immediately.

8) Not All Fats Are Bad – Consume the Healthy Ones

Mon and poly-unsaturated fats are surprisingly good for the body, and should thus be consumed periodically. Additionally, some saturated fats are also necessary, and have been directly linked to an increase in testosterone production.

We are constantly told that all fats are bad and that we should never consume any of them, but this isn’t true. In order to boost testosterone production, you must get rid of this mindset and instead accept that you will need to eat certain fats in order to be truly healthy.

9) Start Eating More Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs)

It has been found that if you mix the consumption of BCAAs with high intensity strength training, the body’s testosterone production will substantially increase.

Leucine, for instance, is a great BCAA that is most commonly found in dairy products. Consuming leucine through foods is best, as doing so has barely any side effects and is incredibly healthy for the body.

Now, let's continue on to part 2 of our testosterone booster guide, how to avoid testosterone free trial scams and cheap muscle supplement sample offers.

Your Ultimate Guide to Avoiding Scams When Buying Testosterone Boosters, Nitric Oxide Supplements, and Muscle Builders Online

If you’ve ever shopped for testosterone boosters online, then you may have been overwhelmed. There are a large number of testosterone boosters that promise to turn you into a monster at the gym.

Unfortunately, the online marketplace for testosterone boosters, preworkout supplements, and muscle builders is a minefield of scams. Every day, people fall victim to these scams, paying hundreds of dollars for shoddy supplements backed by little scientific evidence.

Some of these supplements will just max out your credit card. Others, however, will kill you or take years off your life.

Want to avoid scams in the testosterone booster market? Read our ultimate guide to find out more.

Why Men Use Testosterone Boosters

Testosterone is one of the most crucial hormones in the male body. It’s responsible, in some way, for virtually everything that goes on in your body in regards to virility and vitality.

It plays a particularly important role on two bodily functions that are very important for men:

  • Sexual Performance
  • Athletic Performance

Testosterone has been known to increase athletic and sexual performance just like popular prohormones have. That’s two of the reasons why men take testosterone steroids and other testosterone boosters.

However, testosterone is also linked to better cognitive ability, better happiness, reduced fat tissue, strong bones, increased energy, more human growth hormone and all sorts of other desirable bonuses.

Here’s the problem: men lose testosterone as they age. Your body’s production of testosterone steadily decreases after around age 30.

That’s why your muscle mass declines with age. Your risk of erectile dysfunction increases. Your virility and desire to have sex goes down.

These are all serious problems that affect your quality of life. That’s why so many men use testosterone boosters.

Testosterone Booster Supplements Are Popular Because Steroids Are Illegal

The best way to increase testosterone is to use anabolic steroids. This is a proven way to immediately raise testosterone levels and enjoy all of the benefits listed above.

Unfortunately, anabolic steroids come with awful side effects – especially when you’re not careful (or avoid a proper post-cycle therapy).

Not only do you have to stick a needle in your butt every day, but you have to deal with problems like small testicles, man boobs, and other unwanted things.

Anabolic steroids, obviously, are illegal in most countries. Instead of breaking the law, many men turn to the next best option: testosterone boosting nutrition supplements.

Testosterone Booster Supplements Are Not Studied by the FDA

The FDA is responsible for approving all types of consumable products in the United States – like foods and drugs.

Unfortunately, supplements are neither classified as foods nor drugs. When a manufacturer labels their product as a “nutritional supplement”, that manufacturer is free to make all sorts of crazy claims about its effectiveness.

These supplements can’t claim to cure diseases. But they can claim to treat symptoms of diseases, help you manage conditions, or provide relief from certain effects.

Worse, these supplements can make these claims without having any actual scientific evidence – like clinical trials or independent research – confirming these claims.

The only real restriction on supplements is that they have to use ingredients that have been recognized as safe and legal by the FDA. Other than that, there’s very little quality control in the supplement industry.

That’s why there are so many scams out there.

How Do Testosterone Booster Scams Work?

There are multiple types of testosterone booster scams you’ll encounter online, including autoship free trial scams, no listed ingredients or dosage scams, ineffective supplement scams, and nitric oxide testosterone booster scams.

Autoship Free Trial Scams

These scams are common across all types of nutritional supplements, but they’re particularly common in the diet pill industry and the testosterone booster industry.

These scams all work in a virtually identical way, although the specific amount of money you lose varies. Here’s the process:

-You visit a testosterone booster’s official website. You see numerous offers to sign up to receive your “free bottle” or “trial bottle” or “free sample”.

-You enter your basic information into that form then proceed to the next page. That next page tells you your trial bottle is free, but you just have to pay a “small shipping fee” today. That fee ranges from $3 to $7. You need to enter a valid credit card to pay that fee.

-You fill out your credit card information then check a box confirming that you have read the terms and conditions. You confirm your payment information, and your trial bottle will be shipped to your listed address.

-Supplements typically arrive within 3 to 5 business days. Once your trial bottle arrives, you’ll notice that it’s a full-sized one-month supply of the supplement – not some tiny sample bottle.

-14 days after you initially ordered your trial, you’ll see a charge for between $70 and $120 appear on your credit card. That charge is for the “free trial bottle” you already received.

-Then, 30 calendar days after you ordered the trial, your credit card will be charged $70 and $120 (plus shipping) again, and you’ll receive a second bottle in the mail.

This is called an “autoship scam”. You’re automatically shipped new orders of supplements you didn’t specifically order. Meanwhile, the company will continue charging your credit card every month for the rest of your life (or until you cancel).

How can they do this? Well, you checked a box saying you have read the terms and conditions. Those terms and conditions very carefully outline all of the information I just mentioned. Sometimes, companies will put this in fine print at the bottom of the ordering page. All companies that pull off this scam deliberately hide this information while still protecting themselves legally.

The only way to avoid these scams is to return your supplement within the 14 day “trial” period. Companies make this deliberately difficult. You might not receive your supplement until day 7 or 8 of that trial period. You also won’t receive a refund on shipping costs and you’ll have to pay your own return shipping – but it’s better than being charged $120 per month.

There are very few legitimate free trials available online for testosterone boosters. Remember, if something is too good to be true on the internet, then it probably is.

No Listed Ingredients or Dosages Scams

Some testosterone boosters sold online will make enormous promises about their benefits. They’ll claim to skyrocket your testosterone by 250%, make you an animal in the bedroom, and double the length of your penis. They’ll say anything about their positive benefits – and then refuse to tell you anything about the actual ingredients or methods of action.

We see plenty of testosterone boosters sold online that either don’t list their ingredients or dosages.

In almost all cases, these are scams: the company may have a supplement with a decent list of ingredients. However, the dosages are so weak that they’re unlikely to have any effect on your body. The company, meanwhile, charges the same price as higher-powered testosterone supplements – which is why it’s a scam.

One of the sneakiest ways companies do this is through a proprietary formula. When they list a proprietary formula on their ingredients label, they only have to tell you the total dosage of that formula – they don’t have to break down the dosage of each individual ingredient. Some companies (even larger supplement companies) will use this to hide weak dosages.

Ultimately, if you can’t find dosage or ingredient information for a supplement, or if it hides 90% of its ingredients behind proprietary formulas, then it’s probably a scam.

The Ineffective Supplement Scam

Most testosterone boosters sold online fall under this scam. The problem with testosterone boosters is that very few natural ingredients have been shown to reliably increase testosterone levels.

If there was one fruit, root, leaf, or extract that could increase testosterone safely, then you would have heard about it by now.

Ingredients like maca root and tribulus terrestris have shown they can increase testosterone in some studies – while other studies have indicated no actual benefits. There haven’t been many widespread human trials on any of the common ingredients found in testosterone boosters.

The best way to spot these scams is to look for scientific trials and clinical evidence. If the manufacturer has invested in clinical trials, then that’s good. Ideally, you want a double-blind placebo-controlled trial with lots of participants. That’s the golden standard of testing.

If a supplement maker can’t produce clinical trials, or if they don’t cite any research studies, then it’s not likely very effective. You don’t want to be a guinea pig for a supplement company.

The Nitric Oxide Testosterone Booster Scam

This is one of the trickiest scams in the test booster industry. Many people take nitric oxide (NO) supplements as a preworkout. NO widens the blood vessels, making it easier to get a better pump while also extending your endurance.

There’s nothing wrong with taking NO supplements as a preworkout. Popular (and effective) NO supplements typically use amino acids like L-Arginine to widen your blood vessels.

So how does this relate to test boosters?

Well, many testosterone boosters will use the same ingredients found in NO supplements. These ingredients widen the blood vessels, tricking you into thinking that you have higher testosterone levels.

When your blood vessels are wider, you feel stronger. It’s easier to get an erection. Your penis feels a little bigger. You can last longer at the gym. You get all sorts of powerful benefits. You feel like “more of a man”.

Since you’re taking a supplement labeled as a test booster, you think these benefits occur because you have higher testosterone levels. However, it’s really just because you took a supplement that widened your blood vessels.

4 Ingredients That Are Scientifically Proven to Raise Testosterone Levels

So the big question is this: if most testosterone booster ingredients are scams, then which ingredients actually work to raise testosterone levels?

Out of all the dozens of ingredients found in nutritional supplements, there are really only 4 ingredients that have actually been proven to raise testosterone levels. However, even with the four ingredients below, certain studies have shown they have no effects on testosterone – so they’re far from sure things.

Those 4 ingredients include all of the following:

D-Aspartic Acid

D-Aspartic Acid, or DAA, is a naturally-occurring amino acid found in cells within your testicles. A number of studies have reinforced the testosterone boosting benefits of DAA.

One study in Italy, for example, found that subjects who consumed about 3 grams of DAA for 12 days experienced a 42% increase in testosterone levels. Researchers also found that the D-AA group still had 22% more testosterone than a placebo group – even 3 days after they stopped taking D-AA!

Unfortunately, another study found that there was no increase in testosterone among resistance-trained individuals even after taking the supplement for 28 days.

Ultimately, the idea with D-AA is that it works particularly well on older men whose testosterone levels have naturally declined over the years. Meanwhile, those who are already working out and eating right may not experience the same effects.

Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus terrestris, or TT, is an herbal extract that may raise levels of luteinizing hormone, which in turn tells your body to make more testosterone.

The testosterone boosting benefits of TT aren’t quite certain. Studies are mixed – but there is some evidence.

However, TT has been linked to increased sexual performance and arousal – which are two benefits many people seek from testosterone boosters anyway. These benefits are more certain than the testosterone benefits.


Fenugreek is a plant grown primarily in India, where it’s traditionally used to prepare curry, pickles, and pastes. However, fenugreek may have mild benefits in terms of testosterone. A study from the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor in Belton, Texas examined the effects of fenugreek supplements on strength and body composition in resistance-trained men. Researchers found that the fenugreek group significantly increased their strength during 8 weeks of supplementation.

Fenugreek, however, hasn’t been repeatedly proven to raise testosterone levels. Some studies have indicated this benefit, but most have not.


ZMA actually isn’t one ingredient: it’s three ingredients, including zinc, magnesium, and vitamin B6 (in various forms). ZMA supplements have become very popular among the bodybuilding community. Many companies sell sleep aid supplements with ZMA, for example, because ZMA has been linked to helping achieve better REM sleep.

ZMA has also been linked to increased testosterone levels and better muscular strength. cites one placebo-controlled study where 27 division II football players received either a placebo or a ZMA supplement for a total of 7 weeks during spring practice. By the end of the 7 week period, the participants taking ZMA had a 30% increase in testosterone (the placebo group had a 10% decrease). The ZMA group also experienced increases in strength.

So What’s the Best Way to Increase Testosterone Levels?

Ultimately, the best way to increase testosterone levels is to eat right and exercise. Lots of research has shown that weightlifting can naturally build your testosterone levels over time. Meanwhile, certain foods (especially foods rich with iron) are required by your body to actually make testosterone.

There are shortcuts for higher testosterone levels. For example, you can talk to your doctor about testosterone replacement therapy (or other treatment options). You can also just take anabolic steroids – that’s guaranteed to raise testosterone (although it’s illegal and comes with dangerous side effects).

By following the tips listed above, you can avoid testosterone booster scams and enjoy safe supplements with proven efficacy at a reasonable price.


  1. Thank’s a lot – it was really professional and very helpful. I saw I have been on the “right way” during the years behind by eating right and exercising regularely…! MOTION is LIFE…!!! I am really so sorry, that more than 90% of men, younger or older, cannot or do not want to understand it. I’m 66 from Bulgaria and still skiing in winter and kiting in summer, but all seasons long going to gym… All these keep me in an exellent shape and health…! Finally age is a number primarily…!
    Thank you again !

  2. Thanks a lot. I’m an athlete and it is very important that I have enough testo on my body. So this naturaly ways will help me increase testo, rather than injecting it and then get suspended. Thanks a lot I’m from South Africa

  3. It’s really helpful. Increasing testosterone level naturally, there’s nothing better. I will certainly try those methods to increase mine. Thanks a lot.


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