Diatomaceous Earth Health Safety – Potentially Risky Side Effects?


Diatomaceous earth, or DE, has been used for over a century in a wide number of applications. Seeing use as a filler agent in livestock feed, an agricultural fertilizer, an abrasive agent in teeth whitening or as a health supplement, DE is an organic, natural and chemical free substance with many helpful properties.

Created from the fossilized remains of ancient plant life, diatomaceous earth is an absorbent, slightly abrasive fine white powder that is mined from the mineral deposits of ancient lake beds.

Is Diatomaceous Earth Safe to Eat?

Diatomaceous earth has been used as a health supplement for decades with no reported ill effects. In fact, the scientific evidence gained from clinical trials studying the interactions between DE and the human body have actually pointed to a number of health benefits gained from ingesting DE, such as lowered blood cholesterol concentrations.

Another study discovered a correlation between the high silicone content of DE and improved bone health.

While millions of people all around the world choose to supplement their diets with DE, it should be noted that the FDA has given diatomaceous earth a GRAS, or “generally regarded as safe” label but does not directly support the ingestion of DE a health supplement.

Despite a lack of formal scientific inquiry into the purported health benefits of diatomaceous earth, support for the substance as a health supplement continues to grow worldwide.

If you’ve decided to try diatomaceous earth as a health supplement always look for food grade DE, as there are many different grades of DE with some useful only as filtration aids. As with any health supplement, it’s best to listen to your body and begin with small amounts to test the effect of DE on your body.

Before beginning any health regime involving dietary supplementation a good idea is to consult with a medical professional or health expert, especially in the case of pregnant or nursing women.

Is Diatomaceous Earth a Safe Pest Repellent?

The scientific evidence supporting the use of DE as a pest repellent, especially as an insect repellent, is extensive and well documented. There are many scientific studies available that conclusively demonstrate the effectiveness of DE as an insecticide.

Free from chemicals or toxins, DE is a safe and reliable way of keeping your home free from insect pests.

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