Diatomaceous Earth Cleaning Products Review – Does It Help?


Millions of people all around the world are beginning to turn to the chemical-free lifestyle, following holistic eating diets and removing chemical products from their homes. Many people, however, overlook the prevalence of chemicals in the cleaning products they use to keep their homes sanitary and tidy.

Most of the cleaning products that are used to clean bathrooms, kitchens and even dinnerware contain potent and dangerous chemicals such as bleach, ammonia or sodium lauryl sulfate.

These chemicals are extremely hazardous, and in the case of sodium lauryl sulfate can build up in the body over years and contribute to severe long term health complications. Many of the common chemicals used in home cleaning products have been linked to hormonal imbalances and inflammatory diseases, presenting a serious risk to yourself and your family.

Cleaning a home without these powerful chemicals, especially if you have a family with small children that like to make mess, can be difficult. Many people are unaware of where to start with removing chemicals from their homes, and are unsure of the effectiveness of traditional natural alternatives.

In this article we’ll outline some of the best methods of cutting chemicals out of your lifestyle and the most effective alternatives.

A Natural Alternative to Bleach

Bleach is an extremely common household cleaning agent used to sanitize bathrooms and clean laundry. Although highly effective, bleach is also incredibly toxic and can be extremely dangerous if ingested or inhaled.

Bleach is known to cause skin burns, induce respiratory problems, migraine headaches and vomiting, or even damage the nervous system. Removing bleach from your home significantly reduces the statistical risk of poisoning in your family and creates an overall safer environment.

Creating a healthy, natural alternative to bleach is incredibly easy. Mixing equal parts vinegar and hydrogen peroxide will create a powerful sanitizer that while still chemical in nature is far less toxic than bleach and will work just as effectively.

If you’d like to use a completely natural solution, citric acid is a potent natural acid that has powerful antibacterial properties. Sometimes sold as lemon salt, citric acid is a highly effective bleach alternative that will deliver sanitary conditions while ensuring the long term health of your family.

For detailed information on the best products for replacing the various chemicals in your home, take a look at our article on the The Top 8 Tips for Keeping Your Home Chemical-Free. In the following article below, we’ll provide a room-by-room breakdown of the best practices for cleaning without chemicals in your home.

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