Supplement Police Sponsors Policy

Supplement Police appreciates the fact that consumer product companies have significant influence over the health of consumers. The sponsorship of this site comes in the form of advertising, which enables Supplement Police to provide its readers with informative and relevant content at no charge.

Supplement Police only focuses on providing their sponsors with opportunities to market their products and services to consumers.

The network aims at creating a platform that readers can use to empower themselves. The sponsorship policy enables the network to continue to grow and expand. The educational content found on the website educates readers allowing them to make informed health and life choices.

Supplement Police talks about different topics including physical activity, healthy diet, safety and prevention, and well-being. The network also provides its reader with tips on how to achieve a well-balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Supplement Police Goals

  • The network aims to enhance the health of readers from all over the globe by providing them with educational content on health.
  • Supplement Police focuses on developing reliable and pertinent materials and tools on health. The educational content should be based on facts, recent research work, and health statistics.
  • The network also focuses on sending its readers positive health messages.

Editorial Policy and Content Development

According to the network’s policy, content is written and reviewed by its qualified editors at any time.

Affiliate Compensation Disclosure

The disclosure applies to the network’s website including but not limited to both mobile and online versions of the Supplement Police’s websites. The disclosure is provided to help disclose the network’s financial relationship with its affiliates, sponsors, advertisers, and other third parties who appear on the website.

Some of the articles on the website are linked to certain services and resources that focus on building and promoting brands and products. The network belongs to individual selected affiliate programs. It makes a commission when a reader opts to purchase through the provided affiliate links. Supplement Police fully discloses their relationship with the advertisers and reassures readers that any financial incentive does not influence what is published about the product or service.

The affiliate parties are subject to change at any time Supplement Police deems necessary. Readers may forward any questions, comments, or concerns to the staff at Supplement Police via the online form. Users can also ask questions before making a purchase through the affiliate links provided on the website.

Readers are advised not to use the information provided on the website as a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment for any health condition. The information contained on the website should not be used to diagnose or treat any medical condition without consulting a qualified medical expert.