Diatomaceous Earth Organic Fly Repellent – How Well Does It Work?


The insecticide properties of diatomaceous earth make it a great fly repellent both inside and outside of the house. Flies are typically attracted to and breed in areas that are damp and odorous, so the absorbent properties of diatomaceous earth make it a great tool for keeping flies away.

Applied to a damp area, diatomaceous earth will absorb any smells, odors, dampness or moisture and completely deodorize the area.

In this article we’ll provide a detailed breakdown of the best methods for using diatomaceous earth to keep your home and garden fly-free.

Step 1: Identify Causes of Fly Infestation

The first step in using diatomaceous earth to keep your home and garden free of flies is to understand the basic life cycle and breeding habits of these annoying pests. Rotting vegetation, overripe fruit, manure deposits and dirty livestock habitats all contribute to the fly life cycle.

To prevent flies from building a presence around your home, it’s critical to regularly shovel and distribute manure and compost to maintain a high level of sanitary conditions.

Diatomaceous earth works best on crawling-type insects. As flies are airborne insects, eliminating them with diatomaceous earth is somewhat more difficult, as the DE must be applied to areas in which flies will land.

Once a fly has landed on an area that has been treated with diatomaceous earth, the fine silica particles that compose the substance will bind to its exoskeleton and fatally dehydrate it.

Step 2: Clean Infested Area

After identifying the main areas that contribute to a fly infestation in your home, the next step is to thoroughly clean and dry these areas.

For inside areas, sweep and mop or vacuum the area, and for outside areas rake and hose.

Step 3: Apply Diatomaceous Earth

Once you’ve cleaned the primary fly activity regions, you’ll need to distribute diatomaceous earth. Feeding areas and watering areas for livestock, compost bins, stables and chicken coops are common areas to focus on as these spaces often become damp and provide a suitable breeding ground for fleas and flies.

Apply diatomaceous earth in a fine layer once the surface is dry. Using a diatomaceous earth applicator can speed up this process – for more information check out our article on the Top 3 Diatomaceous Earth Applicators.

The best time of year to treat your property with diatomaceous earth is typically during spring and fall, which helps to prevent the development of a fly infestation during the summer months.

By incorporating regular diatomaceous earth distribution into your cleaning schedule you’ll be able to prevent flies from gaining a foothold around your house. Repeat this process regularly for best effect.

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