Diatomaceous Earth At Home Fleas Removal – Natural Treatment?


Diatomaceous earth, or DE, has many applications around the house, including use as a natural, chemical free insecticide. Fleas are one of the most common insect pests that can infest a home, brought inside by pets like cats and dogs.

The life cycle of fleas can make them one of the most frustrating parasites to remove from a home as even though you may remove fully grown adult flea, larval stage fleas and flea eggs will contribute to pupate and grow, creating a second wave of pests that re-infest the home.

Diatomaceous earth is a unique insecticide solution in that it doesn’t lose effectiveness over time and is completely non toxic. Most traditional flea extermination treatments involve the use of dangerous chemicals that can present a health risk to pets, small children and family members.

Diatomaceous earth works quickly and effectively by binding to the exoskeletons of fleas and drawing out the lipid oils and water inside, fatally dehydrating the insect.Unlike traditional chemical insecticides, diatomaceous earth works via a purely physical mechanism that fleas can’t develop a resistance to.

Diatomaceous earth is safe to leave around while proceeding with normal family life and will remain effective while it remains in place, meaning any secondary or tertiary waves of fleas hatching from left over eggs are swiftly exterminated.

Getting Started With Diatomaceous Earth Flea Removal Is as Easy.

Following This Simple Four Step Process:

Step 1: Clean, Isolate & Identify

The first step from naturally removing fleas from your home with no chemicals or poisons is to thoroughly clean your home. Dismantle furniture, move appliances away from walls and thoroughly clean, sweep, vacuum and steam clean all of the surfaces in your home. As you proceed, mark any areas in which you observe fleas with post-it notes. Once you’ve cleaned your home, close off any escape routes by blocking doors and windows to let the cleansing begin.

Step 2: Apply Diatomaceous Earth

After cleaning your entire home, the next step is to distribute diatomaceous earth throughout your living space. Pay special attention to the areas that you marked previously with post-it notes and be sure to work diatomaceous earth into bedding, couches, cushions and rugs with your hands. If you own a pet, be sure to dust your animal with diatomaceous earth, as well as apply DE liberally to their bedding.

You may want to consider using a diatomaceous earth applicator for this process to ensure an even coating. Although diatomaceous earth is non toxic and inert, be sure to gear up with safety goggles, gloves and a dust mask, as it can irritate the eyes and sinuses.

Step 3: Wash & Clean

Once you’ve applied diatomaceous earth to your entire home, wait 4-5 days for it to take effect. You’ll want to wait at least four days to ensure any secondary or tertiary waves of fleas that hatch from gestating eggs are also destroyed. After this period has ended, repeat the cleaning process from step one, gathering up eggs, larvae, pupae and dead fleas suspended in diatomaceous earth.

You may want to consider hiring a shop vac or industrial vacuum for this cleanup stage, as diatomaceous earth can be hard on some weaker home vacuum motors, potentially burning them out.

Step 4: Observe, Repeat & Prevent

This process should take a maximum of five days from start to finish. Once you’ve completed the above steps, keep a watchful eye on your living space, pets and family members for any sign of reinfestation.

If you notice a resurgence in flea activity, repeat the entire process until the fleas are completely annihilated. As a preventative measure, it’s good to distribute diatomaceous earth around the entrances and exits to your home, as well as regularly dusting your pet with diatomaceous earth.

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