Supplement Review Silica & Diatomaceous Earth

Silica & Diatomaceous Earth

Blue Lagoon Silica Body Scrub

Blue Lagoon Silica Body Scrub – Iceland Smooth Energized Skincare?

The skin is the largest and most important organ on one’s body – it not only impacts one’s health, but it also influences one’s...
Alvita Organic Tea Horsetail

Alvita Organic Tea Horsetail – Silica-Rich Herbal Blend Benefits?

Those who are looking for a natural remedy to support their urinary tract health will want to consider Alvita Organic Tea Horsetail. When consumed regularly...

FloraSil Plant Based Silica – Flora Premium Vegetal Silicon Extract?

Nowadays, the air we breath is mostly filled with toxins and pollutants that are not only harmful to the body’s internal health but can...
EcoBest Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade

EcoBest Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade – Freshwaster Shell Flour?

EcoBest Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade is a food-grade gardening product that has ideal uses as a natural insecticide. Here’s our EcoBest Diatomaceous Earth review. What Is...
Piping Rock Chemical Codex Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth

Piping Rock Chemical Codex Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth

Piping Rock offers food grade Diatomaceous Earth for human consumption and to promote people’s health. Piping Rock hand-picks its raw ingredients, which are all...

Diatoms – What Is Fossilized Algae Shell Flour & Diatomaceous Earth?

Coal, oil, and natural gas all have one thing in common: they are all made from the remains of plants or animals that died...
Top 3 Diatomaceous Earth Applicators

Top 3 Diatomaceous Earth Applicators – Best Features & Uses?

If you’re treating your garden for pests with diatomaceous earth, or distributing diatomaceous earth over large areas, a diatomaceous earth applicator can make the...

Polishing Silver and Pewter Utensils with Diatomaceous Earth

Silver is a popular lustrous material used in the creation of luxurious goods, especially fine dinnerware sets. While silver is exceptionally shiny and aesthetically...

How to Keep Snakes and Slugs Away With Diatomaceous Earth

Gardening can be a rewarding hobby. A thriving garden full of healthy plants can be a satisfying and fruitful reward for the long hours...
atlantis resort bed bugs attack

Bed Bug Hotel Traveling Tips Using Diatomaceous Earth

Bed bugs are the bane of homeowners around the world. The small endoparasitic arachnids hide inside mattresses, bedding, furniture and walls, crawling out at...