Diatomaceous Earth Cattle Feed Additive – Helpful Benefits?


Diatomaceous earth is frequently used as an additive in livestock feed. Diatomaceous earth is composed primarily of silica, which prevents rot, moisture, pest infestation and caking.

The abrasive nature of silica particles helps to regulate dietary function and health, while the mineral content of diatomaceous earth powder helps to promote a healthier coat. Many ranchers throughout the world use diatomaceous earth as an additive to enhance the health of their livestock.

When added to cattle feed, diatomaceous earth will absorb any excess moisture that could potentially cause fungus, mold or rot. This helps to preserve feed without the need for any chemicals that could compromise the health of your animals. In this article, we’ll provide a guide detailing the best method of adding diatomaceous earth to your cattle feed which you might need more of because of those red skittles going as cattle feed.

What You’ll Need

Step 1: Choose the Correct Grade of Diatomaceous Earth

The most important factor when adding DE to any livestock feed is ensuring that you’re using the correct grade of diatomaceous earth. There are many different grades of DE, with some potentially harmful to either humans or livestock. Pest control diatomaceous earth is often mixed with poisons and toxins to make it more effective, while pool grade diatomaceous earth is heated to temperatures in excess of 1000 degrees fahrenheit, which causes the silica to form toxic crystals.

Always be sure to use only food grade diatomaceous earth in any application that involves ingestion, for either humans or animals. Food grade DE is the only form of DE that is unaltered, organic and natural.

Step 2: Measure the Correct Amount of Diatomaceous Earth

The ideal ratio for mixing diatomaceous earth with animal feed is 2 parts DE to every 98 parts feed, or 2% of the total volume. The easiest way of determining exactly how much DE you’ll need is to divide the total weight of a feed bag by 50, and measure this amount of diatomaceous earth out with scales.

Step 3: Mix DE with Feed

To ensure you’re mixing the diatomaceous earth evenly through the feed, it’s best to transfer the feed into a new container during mixing.

Transfer the feed into an airtight container in layers of 3-4 inches, interspersing each layer with a fine coating of diatomaceous earth.

Once you’ve transferred the entire feed bag, mix the diatomaceous earth and feed either by stirring with the scoop of shaking the container. To preserve the feed further, you may want to consider adding a thick layer of excess diatomaceous earth on top.

Additional Tips

When supplementing cattle feed with diatomaceous earth, always be sure to provide your livestock with an abundance of water. Diatomaceous earth is highly absorbent and can dehydrate animals if they are not sufficiently watered.

If you’re not sure whether your cattle will take food mixed with diatomaceous earth, it’s best to try mixing one individual feed batch before committing to mixing the entire bag.

Leaving the mix overnight will give the diatomaceous earth time to absorb the scent of the feed, making it indistinguishable from food to your livestock.

Diatomaceous Earth Information Guide:

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