Diatomaceous Earth Environmental Uses – Nature’s Building Mineral?


The benefits of diatomaceous earth aren’t limited to just saving money and promoting long term health. One of the major advantages offered by diatomaceous earth over traditional chemical solutions is a significant impact in reducing your environmental footprint.

By replacing many of the substances used in your home that contain powerful chemicals such as insecticide and cleaning products, you’re minimizing the flow of these substances and preventing them from eventually reaching the environment.

Diatomaceous Earth Helps Minimize Insecticide & Pesticide Use

Over one billion pounds of insecticide and pesticide are used every year in the United States alone. Pesticide usage to kill the unwanted organisms that interfere with crops and agricultural processes has become normalized in modern society, even though these powerful chemicals have a run-on effect that disrupts the entire ecosystem of an area.

Pesticide and insecticide chemicals have become a part of the air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat. In addition to the extremely negative effect of pesticide and insecticide agents on the environment, these substances have a seriously detrimental effect on human health.

Pesticide residue on vegetables has been linked to ADHD development in young children and has been linked to adverse effects on health such as cancer, respiratory illness, reproductive dysfunction and immune system disorders.

Part of the reason for the prevalence of pesticide usage in the agricultural industry can be linked to the high profit margins of the pesticide and insecticide industry. Projections show that the agricultural pesticide industry is predicted to be worth between 80 and 250 billion dollars annually by 2020, making it one of the most profitable industries in the world.

The free market economy of many of the countries that contribute most to environmental pollution allows lobby groups to influence policy and legislation decisions, providing an avenue of escape for major pesticide and insecticide producers, which allows them to continue literally poisoning the planet.

More than 55% of the insecticide and pesticide market creates products that are designed solely to exterminate insects that possess exoskeletons, such as lice, bed bugs, silverfish, aphids and cockroaches.

These organisms can all be effectively and quickly dealt with using pest control grade diatomaceous earth, which offers a viable and extremely efficient alternative to dangerous chemical pesticides.

By switching from chemical pesticides and insecticides to diatomaceous earth it’s possible to dramatically reduce the overall damage you inflict upon the environment.

Diatomaceous Earth Can Replace Many Soap Products

Diatomaceous earth also makes a great cleaning solution. By creating a simple 1:8 ratio of water and diatomaceous earth, it’s possible to make a highly effective cleaning paste that uses the abrasive properties of silica to simultaneously clean and polish any surface. Diatomaceous earth can be used as a floor cleaner, dishwashing paste, bathroom cleaner, silverware polish and much more.

Many of the cleaning products available on the market today contain sodium lauryl sulfate. This potent cleaning chemical is in all cleaning products, from hand washes and shampoo to high powdered floor cleaners.

Also known as SLS, this dangerously powerful cleaning agent is a known skin irritant, emits toxic fumes when heated, pollutes groundwater, permeates and builds up in the tissues of the body and has extremely corrosive properties.

An interesting exercise to determine your environmental impact is to browse the various cleaning products of your home to determine which of them contain sodium lauryl sulfate.

You may be surprised at how prevalent this toxic chemical is in your home. By switching to diatomaceous earth, you’re not only protecting the environment but making an informed decision to promote and sustain the long term health of you and your family.

Other Environmental Applications of Diatomaceous Earth

Aside from the above uses, diatomaceous earth has a number of other uses that can positively contribute to the environment. Diatomaceous earth mixed with essential oils such as peppermint or lemon essence functions as a humane and non-toxic rodent repellent, while the high mineral content of DE can provide a great fertilizer for your garden. If you’re interested in living a healthy, holistic and environmentally conscious lifestyle, switching to diatomaceous earth can make a huge difference.

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