Gilmour Duster Review – Best Diatomaceous Earth Application Sprayer?


Many of the applications of diatomaceous earth, such as treating your home for bed bugs or insect pests, requires the distribution of a large amount of DE powder. Creating a fine layer of diatomaceous earth is a pivotal aspect of using this versatile and unique substance, but achieving this effect by distributing DE by hand can be difficult and wasteful.

What Is The Gilmour Duster?

A diatomaceous earth applicator can make this process easier, speeding up the distribution process and increasing efficiency.

While larger diatomaceous earth applicators are suitable for spreading DE around the garden or home, smaller spaces require a smaller applicator. The Gilmour Duster is designed specifically for applying DE in hard-to-reach places such as beneath furniture, inside crawl spaces, along molding or into cracks and crevices.

Design & Construction

The GIlmour Duster is a highly efficient handheld dry chemical applicator. Constructed from plastic polymer with an extra long deflector tube, the Gilmour Duster offers an increased reach that makes it easy to reach into confined spaces to apply diatomaceous earth.

Unlike many of the other applicators available on the market, the Gilmour Duster is designed specifically for the application of powdered substances, making it ideal for spreading diatomaceous earth throughout your home with minimal fuss.

How to Use the Gilmour Duster

  1. Open the duster chemical compartment and fill with diatomaceous earth.
  2. Place duster nozzle 6” to 12” away from the surface you’re applying diatomaceous earth to.
  3. Store the duster after use. As diatomaceous earth is inert there is no need to clean.

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