Topcare Senna Laxative – Healthy Natural Ingredients That Work?


Topcare Senna is a laxative that helps with constipation and digestive problems. This product retains water in the intestines which allows easier bowel movements.

Please read below to learn more about Topcare Senna Laxative supplement, whom it may work for, and how to purchase it.

What is Topcare Senna Laxative?

Topcare Senna Laxative is a supplement designed to be used as needed to help with digestive problems. This product is used by people with constipation and bowel problems. Additionally, it helps regulate bowel movements, rid the body of toxins, and aid in weight loss.

How Does Topcare Senna Laxative Work?

The active ingredient of the Topcare Senna Laxative is Sennosides. This is a natural vegetable laxative ingredient. Sennosides are a stimulant laxative which means they help to keep water in the intestines. This triggers bowel movements in the intestines and gentle passage of bowels.

Other ingredients include Croscarmellose Sodium, Dicalcium Phosphate, Hypromellose, Magnesium Stearate, Microcrystalline Cellulose and Mineral Oil. A full list of ingredients is available on the Curbside Express website as well.

Who Makes Topcare Senna Laxative?

Topcare Senna Laxative is manufactured by Topcare. It is under the umbrella of Topco Associates LLC. Topco is the largest American retail group purchase organization. It is headquartered in Elk Grove Village, Illinois. It was founded in 1944 and their goal is to care for the family’s health.

Topco has a variety of products from over-the-counter drugs such as the Topcare Senna Laxative, to vitamins and beauty products. Topco products can be found in many grocery stores, and they boast of laboratory tested products and guarantees total satisfaction for all its products.

Using Topcare Senna Laxative

Topcare Senna Laxative is an over-the-counter supplement, and should be taken at bedtime or as instructed by your healthcare provider. Children 12 years of age or older and adults should start with 2 tablets a day; they should not exceed 4 tablets twice a day.

Users should check with their doctor to see if there are interactions with other medications. Users should also seek guidance about how long they can use this product.


Senna Laxative is available for purchase on a variety of retail websites. This product can also be found at many grocery stores. Visit the company website at to find a retailer near you.

The Curbside Express Website offers Topcare Senna Laxative at $4.99 for a bottle with 100 tablets. Link at

Giant Eagle offers a 100 tablet bottle also for $4.99. Visit to purchase.

Should You Use Topcare Senna Laxative?

A good option for people who are suffering from chronic constipation and other bowel problems, this natural vegetable laxative product aims to promote overall health by regulating and making it more comfortable to have bowel movements, and detoxify the body.

As a stimulant laxative, this product works slowly to help the body become regular. Users looking for a gentle relief overnight laxative should consider Topcare Senna Laxative.

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