Seed Beauty – Healthy Anti-Aging Skincare Brands & Ingredients?


Need a reliable source to find the right beauty essentials? This has become a tough task, as many of the sources are either fake or consists of fraud. Seed Beauty is a reliable source for beauty essentials.

What is SEED Beauty all about? Read on to learn more!

What is Seed Beauty?

SEED Beauty works to connect consumers with brands and products that are available in today’s market. SEED Beauty is a company that has focuses greatly on ensuring proper venture capital, brand development, product development, manufacturing and fulfillment.

The founders of the SEED Beauty are Laura and John Nelson. Both of them alone have a combined experience of 37 years in manufacturing, sales and marketing. In other words, SEED Beauty is in the business to help market existing brands in order for them to excel in their respective markets.

What Are the Brands That Seed Beauty Provides to Consumers?

SEED Beauty’s first beauty products line was Colourpop. Colourpop was founded in 2014 by SEED Beauty. Each product is made to ensure that products are not animal tested and are made in the safest manner. What’s great about Colourpop products is that consumers are at an advantage because they are sure to save much more money compared to purchasing high-end beauty products. Colourpop carries a wide range of cosmetics for areas such as brows, eyes, lips, face and value sets for a combination deal.

The popular Kylie Jenner has been making off the charts sales with her Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kits. Every Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kit has been known to clear off shells, as many people are fond of both Kylie herself and her incredible lip kits. Today, Kylie has released eye shadow palettes known as Kyshadows.

How has Kylie Cosmetics managed to ensure that consumers have a Kylie Cosmetics even if it sells out? This is where SEED Beauty comes into play.

SEED Beauty is the manufacturer of Kylie Cosmetics in California. Their factory literally runs 24 hours a day to meet the ridiculous demand for Kylie Cosmetics. SEED Beauty, as previously mentioned, has been around for a little as 2 years going onto their third. Nonetheless, since the beginning of Laura and John Nelson’s SEED Beauty business, they’ve been attached to high quality and in demand products.

How Has Colourpop Become a Well-Known Brand Within a Short Span of Existence?

Many have come to the conclusion that Colourpop achieved such great heights due to some secret formula. While their ingredients list does play a role in ensuring that their products are durable and results driven, this idea of a secret formula is not what drives sales, it’s more than that.

Colourpop lipsticks are popular due to their fun play on the types available. Some examples include: Mimmy, Ribbon, Presh-adorbs, Tuesday, etc. While the names of their lipsticks already do most of the work, making sure that consumers do have the opportunity to try Colourpop is what has made this brand what it is today. Most beauty products available today are poorly priced, as they are way too expensive.

SEED Beauty made sure to price every product starting at as low as $6 that way; each and every consumer can actually afford it!

The fact that Colourpop products are so affordable has eventually spread to many and many via the Internet, word of mouth and as gifts. SEED Beauty not only created a brand that is excelling by the minute, but they’ve helped Kylie Cosmetics reach its potential through their manufacturing and marketing business.

Seed Beauty Summary

Overall, SEED Beauty itself has been born on the foundation of multiple trials and errors and accumulation of experience on how to create and produce products consumers are sure to be satisfied with.

In other words, SEED Beauty is defines hard work and care in the work done. Both Colourpop and Kylie Cosmetics are now available at one’s convenience, for more information, check out:

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