Top 3 Men’s Muscle Building & Fitness Routine Tips For Beginners


There are thousands of different fitness routines and muscle building workouts out there, and you can try just about any of them and see some results. However, the problem is that the majority of these workouts have certain conditions or requirement you must meet.

Back To Basics Methods

We did a little bit of research and concluded that while there are plenty of new methods and ideas to keep the muscles on your body toned the perfect way, people seemed to have forgotten about the most basic and proven to work methods of keeping your muscles in check and always growing.

Let’s refresh your memory and take you back to what we know is a guaranteed method that will work and keep working.

Rest-Pause Flash Sets

One of the most effective ways to gain muscle mass is through the rest pause method of exercise. The idea is very simple: get as many reps out of your body as possible while managing your fatigue exceptionally well. This tried and true method has been proven to work, so why change a good thing?

Start by choosing which exercise you are going to work with. It should be something heavy like the bench press. Load up the maximum weight you can do three to five reps with, get under the bar, do your three to five reps, and then take a fifteen to thirty seconds break. Do this about ten times and you are good to go. If you are first starting out with the rest pause technique, then it might be a good idea to only do one or two exercises per week with this method until you are comfortable with moving on to an additional exercise.

Don’t forget not to get too complacent. Once you have mastered a certain weight on your sets you will need to add a bit more to the rack. If you don’t increase the weight, then you won’t see the results.

Grip Rotation Sets

If you take a close look at the anatomy of your body, you will notice that it’s comprised of a set of pulleys. Our muscles are the tight ropes pulling whatever we are moving across our joints. Because of this physical set up, the way we grip things has an impact on how well we can deliver the force and how much force we need to deliver to certain objects in order to move them.

In short, wider grips are generally harder to manage than shorter grips. This is perfect for someone who is looking to maximize on their workout while keeping fatigue and exhaustion in check.

So how do you incorporate this into your workout?

Start by choosing what exercise you will be working with and make sure it’s at the end of your routine. Pull-ups are a perfect choice.

Start by placing your hands on the bar as wide as possible and doing as many reps as you can before you can’t continue. At this point, you need to shift your hands closer to each other while keeping your palms facing outwards, away from you, and again doing as many reps as you can.

Finally, your last grip should be and under grip, hands close to each other with the palms facing you, while you do chin ups and again do as many as you can possibly crank out. Only try to master one set per routine when you first start using this method.

Then, over time as you get stronger, add a small pause to rest a bit followed by another set and progress up to more and more sets at the end of your workout. This is an excellent finisher to your workout routines and will keep those muscles growing and rebuilding themselves quickly and effectively.


The idea here is to group up your exercises according to what areas of your body you are targeting, with about three to four different exercises per muscle group. Do this for every part of your body, like chest and back, separately. Each group of exercises will have a variety of reps per exercise depending on the level of intensity you choose, which is completely up to you.

But keep in mind that you should always push yourself. Once you have determined how many reps you are doing per each exercise and group, you need to string all the different muscle groups together and keep working them in a constant rotation.

Target different parts of your body and only working with those muscle groups for a short amount of time, then rotate to the next group and give the previous muscle group plenty of time to recover and rest. By the time you are back at the initial group again, those muscles will have had adequate time to rest. This manages fatigue very well and keeps all of your body working at an even pace while increasing muscle mass evenly throughout the whole body. The result is a perfectly shaped body with even muscle distribution.

These are just a few basic tips for beginners. There are a few other methods that we didn’t mention, but they are primarily focused on the technique of your lifts or the amount of time you spend while lifting weights or yourself. While we do think this is important to produce quality muscle growth, we chose to focus more on the repetition and fatigue management as the most important basics for getting it right the first time.

This is because we know that once you start working out and doing your exercises, you will inevitably notice which motions put more or less strain on your muscles and at which point you can add a little bit of extra to your workout by focusing more on those motions. Until then, it is best to continue challenging yourself and your body to its maximum potential via your sets.

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