Gilmour 1 Gallon Sprayer Review – Good Diatomaceous Applicator?


For large scale applications such as pest control or garden maintenance, distributing diatomaceous earth by hand can be messy, wasteful and time-consuming. Wet application of diatomaceous earth is a dispersal method that allows users a greater degree of control over dry distribution methods, especially when used to apply diatomaceous earth to a large area.

Mixing water with diatomaceous earth creates an easy-to-apply solution that can be quickly sprayed over gardens, plants, or outside surfaces. After application, the water content of a wet application mix evaporates, leaving behind a fine layer of diatomaceous earth.

Wet application methods are also great for users that suffer from respiratory conditions such as asthma, protecting the throat and lungs from fine DE particles. The Gilmour 1 Gallon Sprayer is a diatomaceous earth applicator that has been specifically designed for wet application purposes.

In this article, we’ll provide a summary of the features of the Gilmour 1 Gallon Sprayer and provide instructions on the best method of using it to disperse wet-application diatomaceous earth.

Design & Features

Constructed from ultraviolet-resistant translucent polyethylene, the Gilmour 1 Gallon Sprayer offers a 1 gallon operating capacity with a manual compression pump handle. Offering streamlined design features such as a funnel top for easy filling and a replaceable pump cup, the Gilmour 1 Gallon Sprayer is fast and easy to pressurize.

The non-corroding polymer pump is tough and reliable, while a rotating 12 inch polymer wand with a brass fan spray tip connected to the tank via a 33 inch pvc hose makes it easy to target and spray surfaces or gardens.

Made in the US, the Gilmour 1 Gallon Sprayer is ideal for applying wet DE mix and won’t clog or rust out. The sprayer is packaged with a mini scoop which allows users to mix DE and water in the container itself, a unique time saving feature.

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