Algaia – Specialty Marine Alginate, Carrageenan & Algae Products?


Algaia is a company whose products are designed for supplement and food companies to access high quality, natural, marine based products for whatever their needs. To find out more about this organization and their process for deriving ingredients, read the review below.

What Is Algaia?

Algaia is a company aimed at developing sustainable products for manufacturers interested in including healthy products in their supplements and health care foods. The company aims to create ingredients that are eco-friendly and can be consumed by individuals looking for supplements that are kosher, halal or vegan.

The primary focus of Algaia revolves around the extraction of seaweed, which as an organism has a low carbon footprint, and grows in abundance. For consumers interested in finding ingredients that are effective and environmentally friendly, the seaweed extracts made by this organization may be fruitful.

In their endeavor to create green products, the company also focuses on making sure that every step of the process is environmentally friendly. To that end, their extraction process is chemical free, which could be important for companies that are looking to lower the environmental degradation that can be caused by the supplement market.

Algaia Products

This company develops several marine-based ingredients including Alginates and carrageenans, both of which come from seaweed. The company also offers its vast array of biotechnologies to producers in order to develop healthy and eco-friendly supplements for the burgeoning algae consumer market.


Produced from brown algae, alginate is a polysaccharide that is found in nature. This ingredient can be used in a variety of ways, depending on if the manufacturer is interested in a heat resistant gel, a thickener for ice cream or a binder for welding rods.

Algaia offers a variety of different alginates in order to make sure that the ingredient that is manufactured is to the level of standard that individual consumers have come to expect. The processing plant for this ingredient is close to the second largest source of brown seaweed in Europe, meaning it is assured to be environmentally friendly due to a shorter transit time between the extraction and the factory.


Due to a partnership with Gelymar, Algaia is able to offer carrageenans, which are found in red seaweed. Carrageenans are useful for use in the dairy industry, for water retention in meat as well as a gelatin replacement. For manufacturers looking to move away from meat-based gelatin, this product could be useful.

Ethical Commitment

While not strictly a product, it is important to note that what might make this company stand out from others is its desire to create products developed sustainably. To that end, the company also makes sure to work with a team made from an expert team that is multicultural and includes the fair treatment of women.

For supplement and food organizations that are looking for a company that is based on the equitable treatment of both people and the environment, Algaia’s commitment to multiculturalism and gender may be important products unto themselves.

Algaia Pricing

Algaia works primarily with producers not with regular consumers and so there product prices are not readily available. For food and supplement companies looking to find out pricing and deals from Algaia it is recommended to contact the company directly. Algaia’s contact form and information can be found here:

Should You Use Algaia?

In a supplement market that can sometimes feel oversaturated it can be difficult for individual producers to differentiate themselves to consumers. For companies that are just beginning to find their way, investing in products that are rigorous in their commitments to environmental safety can help to differentiate one product from another to consumers.

Algaia may offer useful ingredients for producers looking to lower their carbon footprint, while appealing to consumers that are ecologically focused, or have specific dietary needs. This company offers a variety of products that are designed to appeal to consumers that know their products come from sources that are sustainably created.

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