Marbo Sport – Advanced At-Home Preacher Curl Workout Bench?


Looking for a new bench to work out and develop your biceps and muscles on? Marbo Sport has created a device for the home gym aimed at those looking for a high quality exercise machine that is safe and reliable. To learn more about this product, see the accompanying review below.

What is the Marbo Sport Advanced Preacher Curl?

In an attempt to design a machine that exercises one’s biceps to get a better isolated workout, Marbo Sport has designed the Advanced Preacher Curl, in order for consumers to have high quality gym equipment at home.

To maximize workout routines, individuals normally focus on specific muscles that they want to work out, and then allow to heal on other days.

The preacher curl is an exercise designed for individuals looking to maximize exercise on their biceps.

The machine is built with only high quality materials sourced from Europe and all of the cushions are crafted to be ergonomic and endurable.

European regulations require high standards for equipment, ensuring quality. Each cushion is comfortably padded, and the Marbo Sport Advanced Preacher Curl is designed to be adjustable to ensure that when one is exercising their biceps they do not have to worry about whether their machine will fall over or fall apart.

For those wondering how much space this stand will take, the measurements of the Advanced Preacher Curl is 36 inches high, 29 inches wide, 39 inches long and weighs 47 pounds, making it an exercise tool that can easily fit in one’s home.

How Does the Marbo Sport Advanced Preacher Curl Work?

A preacher curl is a technique for exercising designed by Vince Gironda with the intention of maximizing bicep exercise.

Since the initial design, Marbo Sport has built a machine that has eight adjustable positions that the exerciser can use to maximize their gains.  The adjustable arm rest is particularly important for individuals who are either shorter or taller than normal height.

To use the bench one leans over the main cushion and grabs their barbell. While resting their arms on the cushion the user pulls the barbell up.

It is important both for protecting one’s health and maximizing one’s workout to do the preacher curl properly.

Importantly, Marbo Sport’s Advanced Preacher Curl stand is designed to be able to safely put down the barbell if the individual is unable to complete the motion during a particular exercise. For those interested in using this machine it is important to make sure one’s workout is suitable for one’s body.

Make sure to consult a specialist before beginning to add the preacher curl more broadly into one’s exercise regimen.

Marbo Sport Advanced Preacher Curl Pricing and Models

Marbo Sport’s Advanced Preacher Curl system is available from a number of retailers and sellers.

Individuals interested in purchasing this machine from the source, can order it from amazon for the price of $227.95, including free shipping, and can be found at this link:

On the other hand, cheaper versions of this product can be found on eBay as well for the price of $159.99, however, this only includes free shipping to the United States. For consumers looking to import this product to other countries, it is important to watch out for shipping and brokerage fees from eBay, and other resellers.

Marbo Sport Preacher Curl Review Summary

People who are interested in making sure that they have well designed gym equipment for their homes should consider buying this product.

With that being said, at its current cost Marbo Sport’s equipment may be out of the reach of most people who are interested in exercising at home.

Individuals interested in purchasing this product will have to ask themselves a few questions. First, whether they are interested in a machine designed for only one purpose in mind. For those who have been seeking an advanced preacher curl system prior to now, this machine seems to be a good fit for a sturdy, reliable stand.

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