Best Anti-Cancer Fruits – Whole Foods To Include In Your Diet?


Being told by their doctor that they have been diagnosed with cancer is most likely the worst news that a person could ever receive. And most people think there really is not a whole lot to do escape cancer. They feel like it is only a matter of time.

Even if they do not participate in cancer-causing activities like smoking. The problem with this mindset is that they have already given up. They do not bother to actually look around online for life choices they can make to further lower their risk of developing cancer. Since you found this article, it means that you are not one of those people which makes me glad. I hope that if you find this article useful that you will share it to other people – perhaps if you know someone who has basically given up and is just waiting to be picked off by the deadly disease known as cancer.

Anyways, in this article I am going to discuss the various fruits that you can add to your diet so that you will be able to lower your chances of getting cancer. And these fruits will be able to lower your chances of developing all different kinds of cancers. Unfortunately, the types of cancers that exist are so different so no one of these fruits will be able to lower your chances of developing all kinds of cancers. This means you will have to diversify the kinds of fruits on this list that you add to your diet so that you put yourself at the lowest chance possible of developing any kind of cancer.

I compiled this list based off of the combined findings of over 200 scientific studies into the various effects that different vitamins and nutrients have on the formation and development of different kinds of cancer. Something you should know is that these studies were done on people who consumed the fruits that will be provided in this list as part of a healthy diet and workout regimen. I strongly recommend that if you do not already follow a diet and workout regimen, that you pick one that suits you best and stick to it.

Top 9 Anti-Cancer Fruits You Should Eat In 2017

That’s enough with the long-winded introduction, I am sure you want to get in into the list so let’s dive in!

#1: Apples

Do you remember the old rhyme, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away!”? It turns out that it is exactly true. Those who eat apples have been found to be at a decreased risk of developing liver, colon, and breast cancer. This is because of the procyanidins contained in the apples. These procyanidins cause what is known as apoptosis, which naturally kills cancerous cells. Even the apple peel joins the fight against cancer. It contains various substances that halt the development of cancer cells.

#2: Bananas

The studies discovered that bananas can be incredibly useful in reducing one’s risk of developing a bunch of different kinds of cancer, including colorectal, esophageal, oral, liver, and brain cancer, as well as leukemia. This is due to the various helpful compounds contained within bananas that stop the growth of cancerous cells. Another reason to add bananas to your diet is because they are an excellent source of potassium.

#3: Pineapples

Pineapples are an excellent fruit to add to your diet if you want to reduce your risk of developing cancer because of a kind of enzyme contained within them. This enzyme is known as bromelain and has the ability to crack the shield of a cancerous tumor. This enzyme provides more benefits to the body as well. It is capable of restoring the health and strength of the non-cancerous cells in your body, while helping to kill the cancerous ones.

#4: Grapes

I could not tell you how happy I was to see just how beneficial grapes are when it comes to cancer prevention. This is because grapes are one of my favorite fruits that I eat a lot of. Anyways, grapes are effective killers of leukemia due to the fact that consuming grapes can lead to the release of a protein known as JNK.

This protein causes the aforementioned process of apoptosis to occur which eradicates up to 75 percent of leukemia cells in the body. In addition to that, grapes contain a kind of antioxidant known as resveratrol, which is another cancer cell killer. Resveratrol has been shown to kill cancerous cells that grow in the breast, skin, bowel, lungs, stomach, and prostate.

#5: Pomegranate

Pomegranate contains a truck load of two types of antioxidants known as tannins and flavonoids. These antioxidants have many healthy properties, most importantly their ability to halt the growth of various kinds of cancer cells. Thanks to this, eating pomegranate can lower your chances of developing breast, colon, lung, and prostate cancer.

#6: Blueberries, Strawberries, and Black Raspberries

These three types of berries have been found to be effective cancer killers thanks to their high amounts of antioxidants. Research has found that consuming black raspberries can greatly reduce your risk of developing oral, esophageal, and colon cancer.

Blueberries are an incredibly rich source of antioxidants and even include the aforementioned antioxidant resveratrol, which makes them an incredibly potent cancer prevention fruit. On top of that, blueberries have phytochemicals inside of them which are also proven cancer-fighting agents.

Strawberries are another rich source of antioxidants, which is already enough to solidify them as a potent cancer killer. But it does not end there for strawberries. In addition to antioxidants, strawberries are also a rich source of folic acids and vitamin C, which provide a wide range of health benefits including the ability to fight off cancers. More specifically, strawberries will significantly lower one’s risk of developing esophageal cancer.

All three of these types of berries contain a substance known as ellagic acid, which halts the initial development of cancer tumors. This only serves to make them even more potent cancer killing fruits that you should add to your diet as soon as possible.

#7: Kiwi

Much like strawberries, kiwi is another incredibly rich source of the antioxidant known as vitamin C. This is important in the fight against cancer because it shields your cells from harmful free radical damage.

In addition to that, kiwi also contains the aforementioned antioxidants called flavonoids that shield your DNA from any damage that cancer could cause to it. Kiwi’s benefits do not end there. Kiwi is also a rich source of all kinds of helpful vitamins, which makes it the ideal fruit to eat if you want to give your immune system a kick. Kiwi has been shown to be efficient in preventing and treating liver, breast, lung, and stomach cancer.

#8: Oranges and lemons

Citrusy fruits like lemons and oranges are other incredibly rich sources of the antioxidant vitamin C. In addition to that, oranges and lemons have high amounts of dietary fiber and potassium, which contribute to your overall health. The studies have found that these citrusy fruits can help lower your risk of developing stomach, mouth, larynx, and pharynx cancer.

What’s more is that lemons and oranges can also fight off and prevent heart disease, gallstones, and arthritis.

#9: Soursop

This is probably the only fruit on this list that you may not have heard of before. After you read this though, you will wish that you have heard about it sooner because it is absolutely incredible. Soursop is a fruit that comes from a tree in Brazil called the Graviola tree. What makes soursop so incredible is that it has been found to over ten-thousand times more effective in killing cancer cells than the typical chemotherapy treatment.

You heard me right – a simple fruit is far more potent at eradicating cancer cells than our best manmade cancer treatments. And unlike chemotherapy, non-cancerous cells are left completely unscathed. This is probably not the fruit to add to your diet if you do not have cancer, but definitely keep it in the back of your mind in case you or someone you know ever get that diagnosis.

Conclusion – Will You Try These Fruits?

And there you have it. Nine different fruits that have been proven by over 200 scientific studies to be incredible fighters in the war against cancer. I think the most promising fruit on this list by far is the soursop and it would be nice if we could create some kind vaccine or medication out of it to eradicate cancer for good.

And I have a quick tip for those of you out there who are actually planning on adding these fruits to your diet (which I hope are all of you). The most effective diet for staving off cancer would be over 70 percent full of fruits like the ones on this list. This is will maximize the benefits of all of those fruits and reduce your cancer risk to the lowest possible. Also as I mentioned earlier, consumption of these fruits should be accompanied by an effective workout regimen so that you are keeping your entire body healthy and in shape.

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