Natural Deodorants – Best Organic Antiperspirant Creams & Sprays


Body odor is a topic most people shy away from discussing because it brings down one’s confident.

The market offers a wide range of deodorants and antiperspirants to help deal with body odor. However, not all products you come across will depict desirable characteristics.

In fact, research studies show that most deodorants use toxic chemicals that have numerous delayed side effects, including cancer and neural diseases.

It is therefore very important to keenly consider the offers you get before introducing them to your body.

Fortunately, there are natural deodorants that can help you prevent odor without risking your health.

Nonetheless, you must carefully review the natural options as some are simply labeled as natural even though they still contain harsh ingredients.

About natural deodorants

There are several differences natural deodorants have when compared to contemporary deodorants and antiperspirants.

However, one major characteristic distinguishes them boldly from all the rest. Most deodorants contain aluminum as the active ingredient masking body odor.

The ingredients are provided in the form of aluminum salts such as aluminum chloride, aluminum chlorohydrate, aluminum zirconium, and aluminum hydroxybromide, among others.

When aluminum containing deodorants are sprayed on the skin, aluminum ions are drawn into cells neighboring the sweat ducts, causing them to swell and close the duct openings.

This prevents sweat from coming out and prevents the odor associated with perspiring. Such products also contain other ingredients that offer a sweet smell, thus masking the body odor.

While these products do a good job at deodorizing the body, aluminum has been associated with various ailments that show up later in life.

Research studies now show that aluminum deodorants increase the risk of breast cancer in women as the ions absorbed interfere with estrogen receptors and other cells.

As a neurotoxin, aluminum is linked with different neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease.

A study conducted in St. Louis University found out that people suffering Alzheimer’s disease had a high level of aluminum in their brain.

The studies also linked aluminum deodorants with liver toxicity and other poisonings. This is why doctors are now advising against popular deodorants on the market which contain aluminum.

Natural deodorants do not contain any trace of aluminum salts. This is the major difference you should watch out for when shopping for deodorants.

It is also important to note that natural deodorants are not antiperspirants; they prevent body odor rather than masking the smell (blocking sweating).

Aluminum analysis in deodorants

Studies on the health risks that aluminum based deodorants cause are not yet definitive, although the fears are strongly supported by a few test results.

It is widely believed that that absorption of aluminum ions is the primary challenge and reason for all forms of toxicities associated with using these deodorants.

Even as research studies continue, manufacturers have deemed it wise to try and find safer solutions and offer alternatives that do not bear related fears. In their efforts, crystal aluminum deodorant stones have emerged as an immediate alternative for commercial deodorants.

Through still chemical-based, this option delivers the most natural form of aluminum made up of large molecules that cannot be absorbed into the skin.

This has been seen as a better way of preventing odor causing bacteria (found in sweat) from forming instead of clogging the pores and preventing sweating.

Although this provides an alternative to the first method, there are still fears about even the least of aluminum absorption which renders aluminum-based deodorants a less popular choice for customers who have come across this information.

As a result, deodorant manufactures have explored the field of natural options to find the best ingredient combination that can prevent bacteria formation and protect users from toxic chemicals that may expose them to different kinds of illnesses.

Using natural ingredients from organic plants offers a sure way to avoid the side effects of aluminum and still achieve odor prevention.

The benefits of using natural deodorants

The advantages of using natural deodorants are quite obvious and straightforward, but only if you find high quality reliable products. Some of the clear advantages of going natural include the following:

a) Aluminum free application

Natural deodorants do not contain the harmful aluminum salts that will compromise your health in the future.

This means you can smell fresh without worrying about breast cancer and diseases like Alzheimer’s.

The number of youths suffering Alzheimer’s disease has been of great concern and choosing aluminum free products can help prevent this number from increasing.

b) Prevents body odor rather than covering up the smell

In place of aluminum, natural products contain ingredients like baking soda which kills odor-causing bacteria before they form.

Since the bacteria are responsible for much of the odor, preventing them ensures your armpits remain clean and free from undesirable smells.

Instead of covering up pores and restricting perspiration, natural deodorants prevent formation of sweat bacteria that cause bad odor.

c) Ensures healthy lymph nodes

It is important to have balanced lymph nodes, not just to prevent breast cancer, but to maintain optimal body processes. Sweating is just as important as any other excretion process in the body.

Blocking sweat pores keeps the sweat under your skin and results in different inflammations and skin ailments.

Natural ingredients allow you to release normal amounts of sweat without the odor associated with sweating.

Your body balances its temperatures through sweating; without it, you may find yourself panting like furry animals do. This is why it is advisable to use natural products that do not clog your sweat pores.

d) Trustworthy ingredients

Unlike contemporary deodorants that include harsh ingredients, natural products contain all-natural soda, essential oils, vegetable glycerin, and non-GMO cornstarch, among other ingredients.

These natural ingredients are all healthy and approved for use. They do not have any underlying side effects like those associated with animal byproducts, genetically modified organisms, and chemical based ingredients.

e) Healthy for nursing and breastfeeding mothers

Natural deodorants may have more benefits for your kids than you know. They ensure less chemicals are passed on to your child during nursing, especially since most of the toxins mothers take into their body are passed on to the baby.

This is the same for pregnant mothers. If you shouldn’t smoke or consume excess alcohol during pregnancy, it is only wise to avoid exposing your body to more toxins in the form of chemical based deodorants and antiperspirants.

Using natural alternatives protects your little ones from absorbing toxins that may hinder their growth or cause complexities in their development.

f) No stains left behind

Chemical-based deodorants such as those that contain aluminum are known for their difficult yellow stains and marks left on your clothes.

Removing these stains requires the use of aggressive cleaning agents and processes which only increases the amount of harmful chemicals in your household. With natural deodorants, you do not have to worry about difficult stains as they are cream based and wash off quite easily.

They also reduce indoor air pollution as basic soap and warm water is sufficient to get all your clothes sparkling clean.

g) Unclogs skin pores

With all the available skin products and oils, it is easy to clog your pores and suffer various ailments. Fortunately, there are products that will help you unclog the pores on your face.

Why not unclog your armpits and skin pores using natural deodorants? Overusing commercial deodorants can also lead you to dry and chaffed skin due to the wear and tear they cause over a long period.

Switching to something more natural can help you prevent such side effects and keep healthier skin.

h) Ensure balanced hormones

Most chemical deodorants are known to contain estrogenic parabens, which can go a long way to the detriment of your hormonal balance.

The body absorbs these estrogenic parabens through the skin when you apply chemical deodorants and they are led into your bloodstream, causing all sorts of problems to your hormone production and balance.

Natural options, on the other hand, are paraben-free and carry no such risks, which is why they are advocated for both pregnant and nursing mothers.

There are many other minor, yet important, benefits of using natural odor preventing products instead of chemical-based deodorants. Natural alternatives contain no animal by-products and are thus cruelty free.

They do not contain gluten, soy, or GMO by-products. If you have issues with skin sensitivities, are undergoing chemotherapy, or want to detox your body, then a simple step like switching to natural deodorants can help you reduce the amount of toxins you accumulate in your body.

Although you may not notice it, applying chemical-based deodorants on a daily basis is never a good thing as it exposes you to several hazardous toxins over the long haul.

What’s more, natural fragrances are simply unbeatable and they smell better than any chemical deodorant you will find in the current market.

It has been said that the alternative to using natural deodorants is to go without a fragrance at all if you want to remain healthy. Otherwise, you will be raising your chances of suffering unknown diseases in the future.

Top natural deodorants on the market

Finding deodorants should not be a daunting process, especially since many retailers offer such products. It is as simple as searching for businesses on your favorite browser.

However, most offers you will get are often purported as the best in the market even though this may not always be true.

Not all natural deodorants you get will meet your expectations. It is therefore advisable to review all the other aspects before purchase if you want to get value for your money. Some of the critical things to consider before buying deodorants include the following:

Reviews and reputation

The only sure way to tell if any given deodorant will satisfy your needs is through reviewing its reputation.

Deodorant brands that have consistently delivered desirable quality will definitely have a good reputation in the area.

The easiest way to gauge reputation involves looking through reviews, comments, opinions, and testimonials of previous users to learn from their experiences. You can also find insights from forums, customer blogs, and expert review sites.

Ingredient list

Although natural deodorants promise aluminum free application, it should not be an immediate pass on the ingredient list.

Make sure you go through each item in the list and find out what it delivers. Some ingredient names are simply fancy yet do not add any significant value.

Others are animal by-products that may have different undesirable side effects. Doing a little research on the ingredients provided can help you determine which brand suites your skin and needs.


Although not often very important, you should still go for products that come with some form of quality guarantee.

If the product does not deliver what is promised, you should be able to get a refund or replacement.

Other aspects to consider include business reputation, approval of usage, customer service, and affordability, among others.

There is no shortage of top quality natural deodorants on the market. Some of the highly competitive brands you can try out include the following:

1) Primal Pit Paste

This is the number 1 choice of all natural deodorants on the market. It is a truly organic, primal deodorant that comes in different packages and fragrances, including primal splice, coconut lime, jasmine, lavender, and mint.

Primal pit paste is one of the brands that deliver every benefit of all natural deodorants. It is 100% aluminum free, 100% paraben free, 100% toxin free, and 100% natural.

It contains no animal by-products, no genetically modified ingredients, and no secret ingredients.

Everything is included in the label and there is a quality guarantee tied to purchasing the deodorant. Coming in the form of a paste, primal pit paste offers 24 hours of odor free freshness without itching or drying your skin.

It is also an approved product offered by a reputable brand that is highly ranked atop all other competitors.

You might expect such deodorants to be very expensive, but primal pit paste is offered from as low as $8.95 for a regular jar to $10.95 for stick/pipe jars.

You can choose any of the provided natural fragrances according to your taste. They also offer a video tutorial of how to apply the deodorant for maximum benefits.

To find more information about Primal Pit Paste all natural deodorant, visit their website at

2) Honest deodorant

This is another top quality natural fragrant deodorant for people who are skeptical about products that need reapplication.

Most deodorants won’t keep you dry all day long like antiperspirants, nor last an entire marathon.

They need mid-day reapplication to stay fresh and dry. However, the honest brand range of deodorants offers one-time application for the whole day.

It is advisable to let it dry first before slipping into any tight outfit. Honest deodorant contain all the citrusy ingredients including tea tree, lemon, aloe, witch hazel, and eucalyptus, to keep your skin soft and fresh until you get back home.

They also come in a classy packaging that is just perfect on your makeup table or even clutch kit.

3) Lavanila

Lavanila is for the sophisticated, stylish personalities who believe in first comfort application. It is the type of deodorant you recommend to those intending to speak to a UN General Assembly or meet the president.

Its comfort twist and swipe applicator oozes cornstarch and essential oils that will keep all the sweat and odor under control.

However, what attracts many to lavanila is the clean, delicate, and powdery smell that lingers all day long.

Its large package means you can purchase one during your typical supplies budgeting and forget about deodorants until the next time you are out of other supplies.

4) Nourish organic (fresh and dry)

If you are not into fragrance and still need all natural deodorants to keep odor at bay, then there is no better option than Nourish Organic (fresh and dry).

Its coconut oil base offers both skin softening and antimicrobial properties to keep your underarms dry and clean at all times.

It also includes cornstarch and yeast to prevent odor. You can choose fresh fig or almond vanilla if you want a little bit of fragrance.

However, the fragrances gradually fade away so you may need a mid day reapplication if you want to continue smelling awesome until dusk.

5) Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant

If you love working with your hands and essential oils or creams, then it is time to deliver your own aromatherapy with the lavender-sage fragrances of Schmidt’s natural odor resistant deodorizers.

It is the best smelling deodorant you can hope to find, unless you do not find lavender and sage scents entirely amazing.

Shea butter allows easy spreading and skin blending while arrowroot and baking powder keep your skin dry and clean.

If you like, you can scoop a pea-sized paste or use the spatula provided before rubbing it between your fingers and massaging it on your skin.

This list of reliable, quality natural deodorizers could probably go on for a good while longer, but these five are the top dealers on the market.

What’s unique about these deodorants is that they contain no animal products and toxins, they are 100% natural, and they do not have GMO ingredients.

There are other natural deodorants that have the same characteristics but are either too expensive for their value or simply offer inadequate protection from odor.

How to find natural deodorants

As aforesaid, finding deodorants is a simple task for anyone who is into such products. There are thousands of shops and makeup stores offering a dozen different brands of natural deodorant on their shelves.

A simple walk across your street may lead you to a few such stores. Alternatively, you can shop online, which is very convenient and affordable.

Primal Pit Paste, for instance, is offered online and you can ship it to whichever state you reside in without a hassle.

If you are interested in purchasing top quality natural deodorants, simply search for their brand names online and visit their websites.

Some brands also make their products available in online stores like Amazon for easy distribution.

It is recommendable to purchase from credible, licensed retailers that are allowed to offer such products within the area.

The market is full of counterfeit entrepreneurs who avail sub-standard products in the disguise of genuine quality.

If you are not careful, you may end up purchasing low-quality deodorants that are not anything close to being natural.

This is why you should only make purchases from trusted stores or buy your deodorants from the official website of the company offering them.

This way, you can be sure of getting genuine, quality products that will deliver all the expected benefits.

The Top 5 Natural Deodorants Review Summary

Deodorants can help you maintain a clean, appealing fragrance all day long and protect you from bad odor.

If you are planning to leave the house for work or any outdoor errand, it is only natural to wear deodorants as you interact with other people.

However, there is no need to use products that do harm to your body. Chemical-based deodorants have been shown to result in varied side effects and diseases not worth their usage.

Nonetheless, you can still find the protection you need from natural deodorants without compromising the health of your organs.

Opting for natural alternatives will have many benefits, both for you and your family. It is also one of the ways to reduce your carbon footprint and keep a clear air quality surrounding at home or in your workplace.

You should strive to find reliable natural products that showcase genuine quality and effectiveness towards bacteria prevention and skin improvement. This way, you can have a healthy life without any sweat odors or skin impairments.

Always remember that the skin is the body’s single largest organ, through which many compounds are absorbed into our system.

Ultimate skin health is important for overall health and wellbeing. Instead of using products whose safety certainty is debatable, choose natural alternatives that will satisfy your needs yet sustain your health.

More importantly, do a little research on all the products you introduce to your body, as this will establish a perfect practice for balanced health.


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