Swole O’Clock – Strong Watches For Muscle Body Builders?


Swole O’Clock is a lineup of watches promoted by Ronnie Coleman and other bodybuilders. Find out if these watches are worth the price today in our Swole O’Clock review.

What Is Swole O’Clock?

Swole O’Clock is a series of watches designed specifically for bodybuilders.

Why do bodybuilders need to buy unique watches? Swole O’Clock promises that their watches are stronger and more durable than ordinary watches, which means you can safely wear them at the gym. The watches are designed to match the strength and toughness of those who wear them.

Swole O’Clock watches are also slightly larger than ordinary watches, which means they look better on the large arms of bodybuilders, or anyone who’s “swole”.

Today, Swole O’Clock sells a series of watches for both men and women. Watches are available for sale online through SwoleOClock.com, where you can read endorsements from top bodybuilders like 8x Mr. Olympia Champion Ronnie Coleman. The watches are priced between $150 and $170 apiece.

Swole O’Clock Features

All Swole O’Clock watches come with some common features, including all of the following:

Nickel-Free Steel: The watches are made from 304 stainless steel containing nitrogen and carbon, without nickel, to ensure they have the highest purity, strength, and toughness. Another advantage of the nickel-free design is that it allows the watches to “be completely austenitic microstructure free from ferrite and grain boundary precipitates.”

Non-Allergic Rubber Band: Swole O’Clock’s rubber band lets everyone enjoy the watches without worrying about allergic reactions.

Japanese Movement: The watches promise to be precise down to the nano-second thanks to the Japanese-made movement.

Luminous Hands: The Swole O’Clock watches feature luminous hands that “symbolizes the light carving the path to overcome your limitations”, explains the official website.

Large Size: Swole O’Clock watches are known for being much larger than ordinary watches. If you have a slim wrist, claims one reviewer, then you’re going to “look ridiculous” wearing one. However, if you’re genuinely swole, then the watch will suit your arm perfectly. The watches are sized at 2.25 inches in diameter x 0.62 inches thick, and weight 7 oz (200 grams).

German Glass: Swole O’Clock claims to use only high quality German glass to ensure pressure-resistance and durability.

Stress Testing: Watches go through stress testing after construction, including a water-resistance test, a pressure test, and a movement accuracy test.

Handmade: Swole O’Clock watches are assembled by hand.

Overall, the watch’s features are specially designed to embody the toughness and strength of the athletes who wear them.

Swole O’Clock Products and Pricing

There are currently about a dozen watches in the Swole O’Clock collection. The watches are split into two collections, including The Gods of War collection (for men) and the Goddess collection (for women). Here’s how prices work out:

Gods of War

  • Zeus 3.0: $169
  • Jupiter 3.0: $169
  • Cronos 3.0: $169
  • Hercules 3.0: $169
  • Thor 3.0: $169
  • Vulcan 3.0: $169

The Goddess

  • Venus: $149
  • Aphrodite: $149
  • Juno: $149

Swole O’Clock Reviews: What Do Customers Have to Say?

Swole O’Clock watches are generally well-reviewed online. The main downside to the watches, according to most reviews we could find online, is that they look ridiculous on those who have small wrists or arms: again, these watches are not designed for people with small arms. They’re designed for people who are swole.

In any case, the watches have an average rating of around 4 stars on Amazon, although only 7 reviews have been posted so far. On Bodybuilding.com, the watches have an average rating of 10 out of 10 with 5 reviews so far.

Here are some of the pros and cons we learned after reading through these reviews:


  • Big, light watch that’s ideal for those with large, muscular arms and forearms
  • Sturdy construction and heavy-duty build
  • Looks good
  • Good customer service


  • Some people claim the watch looks ridiculous on their slim, small arms
  • Average build quality; one reviewer claims the band faded and went discolored after a few months of use

Swole O’Clock Watches Review Summary

Swole O’Clock watches are competitively-priced watches designed specifically for bodybuilders. The watches are unusually large and heavy, making them ideal for men or women who have “swole” arms. However, if you have slim wrists and arms, then you might find that the Swole O’Clock watches look a little ridiculously large.

Swole O’Clock watches are available online today at a price of $150 (for female watches) or $170 (for male watches). The watches are endorsed by Ronnie Coleman and other major members of the bodybuilding community.

You can learn more about the company today by visiting SwoleOClock.com.

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