How to Spell Diatomaceous Earth – Simple Way To Understand It?


Diatomaceous earth is a versatile substance with many different applications. There are, it seems, as many different ways to misspell diatomaceous earth as there are applications for it.

Diatomaceous is a complex word that is frequently misspelled. The most common ways diatomaceous earth is misspelled are as follows:

  • Diatomatious earth
  • Diatamacious earth
  • Diatemaceous earth
  • Diotomaceous earth
  • Diatomicus earth
  • Diattamatious earth
  • Deatameous earth
  • Diatenameous earth

The Etymology Of “Diatomaceous Earth”

The word “diatomaceous” can be broken down into two separate halves. The first half of the word, “Diatom”, is derived from the ancient algae life form from which this substance is named.

Diatoms are single celled organisms that date back to the early Jurassic period, over 185 million years ago.

These organisms are unique due to the fact that the cell wall of the organism is composed of silica, which causes the high silica content of the fossilized remains of these ancient aquatic plants.

The word “Diatom” is a compound word that is constructed from the ancient greek word “διά”, or dia, which means “through”, and the ancient greek word “τέμνειν”, or “témnein”, meaning “to cut in half”.

Diatoms are named thusly due to the fact that although individual diatoms are incredibly diverse in form, they are‎ all bilaterally symmetrical, with the inference from the name suggesting they can be cut in half to create two identical portions.

“-Aceous”, the latter half of the word “diatomaceous”, is a New Latin suffix derived from the ancient Latin adjectival suffix “-aceus”, which roughly translates to “of a certain kind”.

Thus, the entirety of the title “diatomaceous earth” can be presented etymologically as “earth consisting of a kind that can be cut in half bilaterally”. The dictionary definition of “diatomaceous” is “Of, pertaining to, or containing diatoms or their coverings.”

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