Affresh – Household Cleaning Products That Work?


Affresh is the parent company of many of the convenient products that you know and love. This company is responsible for developing a variety of household cleaning items, which are available in stores and online for purchase.

What is Affresh?

Keeping your house clean is much more work than most people believe. While keeping up with your laundry, dishes, and general cleaning, you may not consider how clean the appliances in your home are as well.

As you wash your dishes, for example, the food particles from the dishes accumulate in your dishwasher.

Your laundry is the same, leaving behind bits of everything that you wash away. If you want to truly get the cleanliness you desire, Affresh can help.

Affresh develops formulas that can wash the inside and outside of the machines that you use on a daily or weekly basis in your home.

These formulas are easy to get ahold of from the grocery store in your area, or you can order your desired supplies from home.

Washing your belongings in your home is difficult to do when the rest of your home isn’t clean. The only way to ensure that you truly purify and sanitize your clothes, dishes, or even your coffee is to start with a clean surface.

Cleaning your appliances on a regular basis requires formulas that can both break through the regular surface residue, along with the particles left behind from what you’ve washed.

You can’t expect to eliminate the dirtiness from things safely and effectively in your home without having a clean surface available.

Even if you just want to clean the outside of your appliances, using a multipurposed cleaner doesn’t cut through grease or clear away fingerprints. For true sterilization and surface cleaning, Affresh is there.

Affresh Products

You may not recognize the brand name “Affresh” unless you’ve carefully examined the packaging of many different formula.

This company features many different household products that you can use to improve the cleanliness of your home. Read on below to find out what products are available from Affresh.

Dishwasher Cleaner

Rather than just keeping your dishes clean, this product helps to give your dishwasher a fresh odor to prevent transference of the different smells of your dishes.

It also helps to eliminate mineral deposits, which means that you won’t end up with buildup on your dishes or problems with the functionality of your appliance.

You can purchase six tablets of this cleaner for $5.97 on

Washer Cleaner

Along with a way to clean out your dishwasher, Affresh offers a formula that cleans the washer for your clothing as well.

This formula is mean to break up residue and wash it away with the rest of the liquids. By reducing the odors and residue, you can give your clothes a deeper clean.

You can purchase six tablets of the washer cleaner for $6.97 on

Coffeemaker Cleaner

If you love your coffee, you probably use your machine daily. However, using tap water can leave stains in the basin that can impact the taste of your favorite blends. With this powerful formula, you can clean it completely to eliminate that unsavory flavor.

If you want to clean up your coffeemaker, you can purchase a full bottle for $7.74 on

Machine Cleaning Wipes

The Machine Cleaning Wipes allow you to skip the cleaner and wipe down any leftover residue between loads of laundry, dishes, and more.

To keep the outside of your machines clean as well, you can purchase a package as an add-on item from for $4.99.

Stainless Steel Cleaner

Stainless steel requires a different formula to keep it clean. With this cleaner, you won’t have any streaks, making it easy to clean off fingerprints and other smudges.

For a full bottle of this cleaner, your total cost is $9.79 on

Kitchen & Appliance Cleaner

This cleaner is used to tidy up almost any appliance in your kitchen. Featuring an appetizing and refreshing citrus aroma you can eliminate streaks and residue left on different machines in your home.

This formula is offered by for $5.92.

Stainless Steel Wipes

You don’t have to spray your entire appliance down to get the cleanliness you want. With these wipes, you can focus on each smudge, throwing it away when you’re done.

To purchase a package of these wipes, you can order it for $6.24 as an add-on item with

Cooktop Cleaner

Your stovetop is one of the messiest places in the kitchen. Sauces can boil over, and you can drip as you serve out different foods. This cleaner is strong enough to eliminate the baked-on residue and mess that collects on the cooktop. You can use it to clean off glass, ceramic, and porcelain surfaces.

This formula is available from for $4.46.

Where to Buy Affresh Products

You’ve probably noticed that these products are easily found in retailers near you. Specifically, the website for Affresh states that you can purchase these products from the online and physical stores for Walmart, Amazon, and the Home Depot.

However, if you are unsure if any other stores in your area provide the option to purchase Affresh products, you can use the store locator tool on the website to find the nearest participating store.

Contacting Affresh

With so many different products available to consumers, you may have some questions for Affresh.

Luckily, they have a customer service team that you can speak with the find out more about where you can purchase the products and what you should know about using them. This team can be reached by phone or electronically.

To reach the customer service team, you can call either 1-800-643-0961 (within the United States) or 1-800-807-6777 (in Canada). The department is available to answer your questions from 8:00am to 8:00pm EST on weekdays.

If you would prefer to submit a non-urgent inquiry electronically, you can fill out the online form.

Affresh Review Summary

Affresh is an innovative company, helping you to clean the products in your home that you frequently use or touch, along with machines that clean other things in your possession.

Each formula is carefully designed to help you eliminate the most common causes of filth and mess that are attracted to the surface. To keep your home at the epitome of cleanliness, Affresh is the key.


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