Céleste Skincare Products: Luxury Concealer, Finishing Powder and Beauty Brush


About Céleste Skincare

I review health products, makeup and makeup brands for a living and coming across Céleste was honestly a breath of fresh air. It’s rare enough for a new player in the space to come onto the scene with such incredible products, but for it to come from a boutique company whose mission statement is centered around giving back to the community was really fantastic to see.

Through their partnership with Second Harvest, they are providing a meal to a person in need for every single tube of concealer sold. If more companies were community focused like this the world would be in a lot better shape.

Let’s drop the politics though and talk about the products because without a great product nothing else matters anyway.

Céleste Luxury Concealer

The concealer seems to be the brand's centerpiece product and after testing it I can say with certainty that I understand why. It’s just amazing concealer and from both my own experience and the reviews I’ve been seeing online, it also acts as one heck of a foundation.

The coverage is incredible and with most brands when you get such full coverage like that it feels heavy and can look very cakey. That’s where Céleste really stands, it’s light, looks natural and it hides heavy blemishes.

Céleste HD Matte Finishing Powder

The finishing powder is another incredible product in their lineup. What’s amazing to me is how it’s both lightweight, has incredible oil control and just looks so good in pictures. I’m not sure what kind of alien technology they used to absorb flash like that but it’s just a really great product.

The Brushes

The brushes are nice, lightweight and easy to clean. They’re made out of synthetic bristles which is always nice as they last much longer, are softer and are 100% cruelty-free

Céleste Skincare Conclusion

I love the products and I love what the company stands for. Céleste is a newer player in the space and what makes that so exciting is getting to wait and see what products they may decide to roll out next and if they can live up to the quality and reputation they’ve established already since their launch.

If you’re interested in learning more about Céleste you can check out their site here: Celesteconcealer.com

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